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The Glory Hole Foundation is a browser hijacking shock site. It is particularly lulzy as popups appear even with popup blocker on. When you go to the website, it presents a page that looks like some non-profit organisation for preserving the forest. It has been well used in raids on Twitch streams, where an unsuspecting streamer will click on the site, thinking it is a removal tool for the System32 virus. In reality, when you click on Enter Website, the image changes to the above image, and spawns a bunch of pop ups, with really loud gay moaning sounds.


It started early 2015 and was an invention of Prank Call Nation. It was originally used in prank calls. The premise of the calls was to make the victim think The Glory Hole Foundation was a charity/christian church/golf club. They would go there and lulz would ensue.

4chan seeing the potential started using it in all their twitch raids.

The same makers of The Glory Hole Foundation also came up with The Horsey Cat and Negro Assassin.

Corporate IT Help Desk

GHF moar professional looking site

Corporate IT is the sister site of GHF and is believed to come sometime before it. It's basically the same thing created by the same people to troll professionals and other people who work in various businesses. They go to the site thinking they will get some sort of technical, computer or other kind of help. Same lulz happens when they click that button just with a woman that has a shit eating grin.

Corporate IT Help Desk


Skip to 4:44 for the Glory Hole Foundation part.

GloryHole Foundation - Welcome
The GloryHole Foundation
Gloryhole Foundation - "I was at the end of my rope..."
Gloryhole Foundation - "I survived on what I could find in the garbage..."

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