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There are no words.

Vyond (often known as GoAnimate! and abbreviated GA), is a simple shitty freeware animation website where 13-year-old faggots and retards make shitty animations with the dull, boring characters provided, in a desperate attempt at being funny. These animations are complete shit, and are not decent or funny at all, however there were a few people that had the audacity to sit down and endure this abomination like the faggots who created over an hour's worth of GoAnimate video clips, known as GoAnimate: The Movie. This is the main source of cancer in the GA community, and whoever watches it automatically gets AIDS, and dies a painful, lonely death (However, there are several people that cheated death after watching these cancerous GA videos. For example, MrBeast after watching Officerpoop247's intro on one of Beast's videos). However, if you want to remain cancer or AIDS-free, then take it from us, here at ED: DO NOT VISIT THIS SHITTY WEBSITE, or watch any of their videos for that matter.

GoAnimate: The Movie

A totally legitimate movie made by Cayby J. in 2013 to prove that you really CAN make a movie about anything. It's about as necessary as cancer and twice as painful to sit through. Ol' Caybaby swore up and down like a sailor that this movie was legitimately supposed to be released in 2006 in theaters even though GoAnimate didn't fucking EXIST in 2006, and on VHS even though VHS has been dead since 2005, and is simply a hoax. Not even 20th Century Fox would be a part of something this low-end, despite their logo proudly placed at the start of the movie and how much they want to insist on it.

The movie revolves around this nerd named "PC Guy" with with the most creative name in the world in the land of "Toon-sty", shoplifting an Adventure Time toy from Wal-Mart, with two other fags trying to take it to get him IRL b& while he tries taking it back to clear his good name. Then it leads to some old fart named Mr. Keebler in Generic Evil Castle, trying to throw the balance of the world out of whack and tries destroying the PC Fag and his gay brigade of cartoons and their city. It's up to Eric and the Fag Squad to save the world from- And boring and cliched already. The whole TL;DW movie is also one gigantic ripoff of another kindergartner-quality film called Greeny Phatom: The Movie, which only proves further on how unoriginal and unnecessary this "thing" is. It's got sing-alongs, it's got rip-offs, it's got Google images, it's got voice acting suffering from Down Syndrome, it's got groundings, it's got direction that makes an ADD crack kid look sane, who could ask for more in their GoAnimate opus? Oh, and Keebler gets sucked into a ball like a pokemon in the final fight.

As expected, a few GoLovers loved it and the haters hated it, standard stuff, but for someone to give it a 10/10 is pure lunacy, with the guy simply saying: "If anyone says that this is the worst movie ever, then they're wrong.". Its IMDb page was also recently taken down, but the last screenshot shown that, before it got removed, it got a 3.3, which is mighty generous. Ever since then, people have been trying to copy the copypasta and "claim" more GoAnimate the movies were made, such as this one, with an all-star cast by Universal this time. The whole wikia about this movie is also laughably lame and looks like it was typed by a 5th grader, talking about there being video games for this travesty as well, and mixing companies up to the point of confusion, like the movie made by Fox and the soundtrack was made by Warner Bros., etc. And as if we need any more of them, Caybaby had a sequel planned, complete with getting Fox's help for real to make it, but at first was canceled on April 24th, 2014 because the screenplay was too hard to make. Now it's back on track literally less then a month later on May 14th, and there have been rumors it will be released this summer, now with CGI. It'll most likely just be 100 minutes of Eric and PC Fag discovering the joys of mutual masturbation on their Adventure Time collection.

The cancer of the GA community.
Watch at your own risk. You will get AIDS!

The Community

Most of the GoAnimate community is filled with underaged and 13 year old boys who aren't old enough to learn how to torrent flash as well as having poor grammar, so they use GoAnimate to make grounded videos with Dora the Explorer or Caillou (or pretty much any character they don't like) or make shitty grounded threats to people who don't like GA is OOMG HILARIUS. Below is a list of notable GayFagimators.

  • Llewellen Higginson-Ford/Painless Pentagram: a 13 year old Australian former GoAnimator who previously disliked terry wads and got trolled by followers of Terry, who made a WAD called Llewe's Arena. He used to be a Good User on GoAnimate but when he left, He is now neutral over the GoAnimate community and is not fond of the Good User and Bad User war. He soon came back using Sarra "Moonlight" Disney's GoAnimate account.
  • Igor The Mii: A whining 13 year old kid that lives in Brazil, he goes all apeshit when you vandalize his crappy Go!Animate wiki and decides to make a Go!Animate video out of you.
  • OfficerPoop247: A little kid who is known for making AGK and Grounding videos. He also has a bad intro that MrBeast vomit.

How to spot in the wild

Typical GoAnimate Videos

This is what you see almost every time. Unfunny, and flat-out stupid unfunny shit.

The Only Good GoAnimate Videos

Believe it or not, there were some actual good videos that originated from that shithole. Unlike the shit you already see, plastered across YT by some unfunny newfag, these gems right here have the capacity to be considered funny. These are the only GoAnimate videos you should ever watch:

This made a LOT of Brutal Doom fanboys butthurt.

So did this one.

Not so much this one though.

GoAnimate Explained

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