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Because many of the users of the website Golden are crazed ass burgers who can't stand one bit of change to the show, many lulzy quotes have been generated in the five years that the site has existed in its current form. The following is a repository of the MOAR notable ones. Many of these quotes were pulled in from the clusterfuck of epic fail that was the now-baleeted "End of the Golden Road" thread formed in the wake of Roger Dobkowitz's firing. But we don't think we've found all the lulzy quotes, so...


Mario Lopez wouldn't be my first choice, either, but I have to admit that I'm a little shocked by the people who are so quick to say that they'd just stop watching altogether if _________ gets picked to host. Is that a "loyal friend and true?"

I've said this before, folks, and maybe it's time to say it again: if you can't separate Bob Barker from the show, then the show is ending for you this season. Period. Don't put conditions on it...don't threaten to stop watching if one person gets the job over someone else. We went through all that drama over the announcer search. Guess what? I don't know a single person who stopped watching because Rich got the job instead of someone they might have preferred. Some of you will never enjoy the show again because Bob Barker isn't there holding the mic. And that's okay. You don't have to keep watching; you don't have to sit through a show when your heart isn't in it, anymore. No one's asking you to do so. Bottom line: you'll either watch because you like the show, or you won't because you only like Barker hosting the show. Would the show be different if it were hosted by Mario Lopez? Sure. And it would be different if it were hosted by Todd Newton. Or John O'Hurley. Or Rich Fields. Or Marc Summers. It'll be different because it isn't Barker.


—CBSPromoMan circa April 2007

Compare the 1972 Price is Right to Bob's last's like night & day. I didn't see people still wishing Price had brown door borders with an eggcrate one-bid, having Johnny O telling people to "stand up" and lasting a half hour.

From the first show in 1972 to Bob's last, there have been 3 different announcers, the inception of a perfect bid bonus, the creation of the "big wheel" (and later its cash bonuses), the expansion from 30 to 60 minutes, a virtual list of available games to play, and MANY MANY cosmetic changes (that we take for granted, because they've been done over 35 years).

The only reason such an absurd "takeover" theory would be put on here is because a show that ended up taking 35 years to change into what we knew, now only took a few months to make some drastic cosmetic and host changes. You have to consider the possibility that Fremantle was patiently waiting for Mr. Barker to step aside, so they could make some (in my opinion, much-needed) changes and keep the show fresh. Be grateful that there's still a turntable, big wheel, a seemingly happy new host, the same basic themes (just "fresher") and the same great games we love.


—DJImpact1 on Drew Carey's first day as host

Look, junkaholic, I understand what you mean, but I think you are over-reacting a bit.

First of all, I agree with you, that post that you quoted, that was totally out of line. You don't like the man, fine, but at least show some respect. However, there is something in your post that kinda bugs me. You seem to this that everyone here turned his coat on Barker.

There will never be another Bob Barker. He's the reason why this show lasted this long, and we wouldn't be talking about this on this website if it wasn't for him. I will never take away what he's done.

But Bob is gone. He retired. We all have to move on. It's Drew's time now, and I have to say, honestly, that in this day and age, I think he's doing a much better job at connecting with younger people than Bob did, and I'm saying that with all due respect. Times are always changing, and if Drew is still the host in 35 years, and he retires, the new host will also be able to connect more with younger folks. Anyway, I digress...

My point is, junkaholic, I do not mean any disrespect, here, but you seem to be mad at us for not idolizing Bob. I believe that we should be allowed to say that Drew is doing a heck of a job, that we should point out that Bob, as great as he's been on camera, might not have been a role-model off-camera, and that, as legendary as he's been, he was due for retirement (remember all those senior moments last year). All of that doesn't mean that we don't think Bob was the W.G.M.C., we are just able to see it from an objective point of view, something that, judging from your post and several others, doesn't seem to be your case (again, no offense ...).

After all, this is a "The Price Is Right" website, not a "I heart Bob Barker" website. There is more to The Price Is Right than just the host...


—Franc, calming down an overreactive Junkaholic95; see The meltdown above

There was doubt from the moment when Drew was announced as the new host. You claimed that "a funnyman was the fastest way to kill the show." You are going to just have to deal with the changes they have made, even if you don't like them. We all loved the venerable set that was used for 35+ years, but the show needed to enter a new era with a new host. I don't think some viewers would have liked it if Drew was just walking out onto Bob's set, as that would create more comparisions between Drew and Bob, and viewers would stop watching. Drew has made tremendous progress in the months he has hosted, he learned all the games in months, and it took Bob years to do that (even though not all 70+ games were introduced at the same time when the show started).

Many casual viewers have recieved Drew well, and they make up a huge part of Price's viewing audience. If the ratings slipped by now, CBS would have either regretted their decision and would have hired someone else or have cancelled the show entirely. I'm certain that everyone around here would be disappointed that the greatest game show ever was given the axe after such a long run. People had faith in Drew, and people who never saw the show before when Bob hosted it are discovering it for the first time and they love it, which means we'll be seeing Price for many more years, which was something that was up in the air when Bob announced his retirement.

I feel that so much more has stayed with the show this season than what has been changed. There are still three big doors, contestants row, and the turntable. The format of the show remains intact, most of the games were carried over with minimal or no changes to their sets, and a good part of the staff is still there. Even though you don't see hope for the show with Syd Vinnedge being the EP, at least Drew is not in that poistion and has no control over firing models or other staff members like Bob did. It kind of hearkens back to the mid-'80s, before Bob became the EP and Price had that "family" atmosphere. I feel that a good part of that "family" atmosphere has returned to the show this season, and that makes it enjoyable to watch for several people.

Also, this is 2008, the expectations of a host are different than those from 30 years ago. People will want to see a host get enthusiastic about the show and interact wtih and get excited for contestants, and be laid-back. There's a new and fresh feel to the show now. It's just us game show fans who are critical of a host's behavior and how the show looks, but we are just a small fraction of the audience. If everyone was a game show fan like us, CBS would have made sure the set and music remained the same as when Bob was the host and that they picked a professional MC to please its core audience.

It has been nearly 8 months since Drew was named as the new host, and quite frankly people have moved on and learn to deal with or accept the changes that have made. Some people think the changes that were made this season was for the worse, well that's their opinion. But my point is that by now, one should have just got over this and moved on instead of saying "I don't like Drew as host" or "I don't like the changes they made to the set and music" every time he or she has the chance to talk. If you don't like the show in its current state, you can either take a break from it and hope things will get better for you or stop watching completely.


—Goldroadfanatic, pwning another user

Some reality checks, please:

[...] 3. Fremantle is NOT deliberately trying to ruin the show. That makes no sense at all. If they were no longer interested in doing the show (despite its continuing profitability and all the licensing dough they're raking in internationally), they can just sell the format to another company. That alone would be worth millions. Driving the show into the ground accomplishes nothing.


—Axl. 'Bout damn time someone said this!!!

Remember the Golden Rule of Fandom (and not just for Price is Right): Everything Must Stay Exactly as It Was When I First Fell in Love With the Show. Anything Before or After That is Inferior.


—Another amazing quote made by Axl.

The thing is, Nick, you nitpick. A lot. If you had your way, we'd have the orange & brown set with Johnny Olson's voice digitally spliced, asking people to "Stand Up!" with an animatronic Bob Barker.


—mrbrown2195, speaking the truth and owning Nick in the process.

What do I specifically like about Drew? I like how he went to bat for Roger back in July when Syd tried to fire him.

...wait. Well, okay, I like how he appreciates what exciting, suspenseful games Triple Play, 3 Strikes, and Golden Road are. guess I enjoy the fact that he's allowed the show to stand on its own merits instead of trying to shoehorn elements into it that don't really belong in an effort to mask his own shortcomings as its host.

...huh. Wow. This is a hard question.


—SteveGavazzi, who by deliberately changing the topic of the thread, further proves that he's just a really sarcastic, stubborn, jerk.

ADAM (or whoever creates these lineups) again, do you even have a clue as to what you're doing?!?!? Seriously. Freeze, Squeeze and 1RP all in the same show?!? 1RP and Squeeze back to back to end the show?!?!? That's just ridiculous and not needed. I said it yesterday and i'll say it again today--my 14 month old son could do a better job putting together lineups and slot these lineups better than this. Good grief. They should have gotten a clue and played Line 'Em up 5th sandwiched between 1RP and Squeeze Play. Ending the show with two straight quickies is a horrible way to end things with and Roger most of the time avoided this (except on rare occasions--but we've been seeing this more and more this year so today was not a rare occasion). So please enough with these quickies 5th and 6th nonsense. Please.


—rob79 and one of his many really lengthy, nonsensical, and incoherent rants about an episode's lineup. So please enough with doing nothing but complain about the lineup in recap threads. Please.

The lineup once again today was P-I-T-I-F-U-L.

Adam, ANY of us here could do a better job with these lineups. Adam, two quickies back to back to end the show is an awful way to end the show. Adam, the car game 4th has lost all of its appeal, please cease and desist. Adam, could you please give us some good games last again, please. Adam, you worked alongside Roger for years, surely you learned something from what he did.

These pitiful lineups are almost making me consider turning the show off. It's downright pathetic and in no way can these lineups be excused (of course i'm sure some here will come on and say that Adam is doing his best when it is clear that he is overwhelmed and clueless when it comes to putting these lineups together.


—Yet another ass burger-ish post by rob79. Seriously, how the hell is this guy married? Another hilarious thing is that he describes his son as his "pride and joy," when in reality, his "pride and joy" clearly is endlessly complaining about an aspect of the show that only 0.01% of the viewers even pay attention to.

I think the show is trying to find its identity in this ever-changing world. And whoever's gone through puberty (or in this case, menopause) knows- sometimes it aint pretty.


—A perfect, sane, and reasonable description of Season 37 by urbanpreppie0004. If only most of the other members weren't complete asspies who constantly moan and bitch about how they miss Roger, they would realize how logical this comment is. If they would only stop living in the past and realize that Roger's not coming back, whether they like it or not, they could then join the elite group of urbanpreppie0004, mrbrown2195, Axl, imhomerjay, isucgv, and several others as the only sane members on the site.

I knew there was a reason you were my best friend. We have to get you using AIM, bud.


—Nick's response to rob79, who agreed with one really nitpicky opinion of his. Is anyone else surprised that the two biggest asspies on this site are best friends?

Okay, Nick. We get it. No matter how well Drew hosts (and he did a DAMN good job today), you're never gonna like him. Can you please start talking about something else now?


—SteveGavazzi actually making a sane and reasonable post.

Concerning Roger Dobkowitz's Firing

When we got this call earlier today, John and I were shocked, devastated, and didn't know how to react...

The show that I have spent nearly my entire life watching and enjoying isn't as enjoyable to me these days, and my fear is that this "new direction" will only put the show in an unrecognizable state. I grew up watching Bob Barker -- he's gone. John and I developed a great friendship with the man behind so much of the show's success and creativity -- now he's gone. The pillars supporting the reasons why I decided to build & continue maintaining this site are no longer in place.

The future of this site is uncertain. John and I will be getting together in the coming weeks to decide what "new direction" we want to go in, if any at all.


—Marc Green, announcing the bad news.

...all I can think is 'why would they be firing the one guy who's been there since Day One if they weren't planning on driving the show completely differently'? Roger was the only thing keeping the show in the 20th century, really. What Fremantle/Syd/whoever's behind this doesn't get is that's precisely WHY the show remains so popular to this day. We don't want a show with all the modern trappings of every other show out there. If we did...we'd be watching those other shows.


—PriceFanArmadillo, being an ass burger.

There is one mantra that comes to mind: If it ain't broke, don't fix it! I'm sure Fremantle knows of this, so I assume something was broken? I find it very hard to believe anything is broken with a 35+ year formula!


—From Corbinq27. On Golden, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is an even older old meme than All Your Base.

You chose wrong. News like this is exactly why so many fans of the show have come here today, only to find a severely limited opportunity to discuss the matter because you made a specific and unnecessary decision to shut things down. If at some future date (maybe even near future) you decide the site's not worth running anymore, that's certainly your choice to make. Meanwhile, the only people harmed by the essentially symbolic action you've taken today are the very fans who share your disappointment, fans who've already been dealt one nasty blow, only to come here and get a second.


—MattOttinger, trying to talk some sense into Marc Green

Today we saw the end of another era to Price. The one man who knew the show best; how it worked and what made it special. This "New direction", is well, uncharted waters as some might say. No one knows how the show will change. Will it become The NEW Price is Right, so it will distinguish itself from our beloved version? Or will it be the same, with a few minor tweaks? Perhaps we have less contestants in Contestants Row. Or maybe the Big Wheel is done away with in favor of something different. We don't know. No one knows. For all we know, Fremantle doesn't even know what exactly this "new direction" will be. But it's happening. And all we can do, short of rioting, is show or dissatisfaction with Fremantle, or CBS, or whoever made this decision.

But stick with the show.

Did we all say "ABANDON SHIP" when Drew took over? No. Some got out. Some showed their anger. But for the most part, we hung in there, and we had a great season. Now Roger Dobkowitz is gone. How many of you are willing to abandon ship now? Are we angry? Yes. Is it warranted? Yes. So we take our anger out on the show? I won't.


—TPIR75, truthing

Way way overreaction here, folks. Did they fire Fingers too? And everyone else on the staff? I mean. I love Roger but I highly doubt we're talking all new direction here. Shutting down the website based on this is completely ridiculous. There's no other word for it. Let's actually wait until we see the changes before assuming the worst. I used to think this site was special in that it wasn't a "typical game show message board". God was I wrong.



Look for a video wall at the beginning of Season 37. Expect possible changes to the six pricing game format. Don't be surprised if the "Come on Down" format is changed.

All of this is a part of the "direction" the show is willing to venture into. I respect all of those who have made the show a success and a genuine treat for me as a fan for more than my entire lifetime, and I appreciate the willingness of the Staff of the show to allow Marc and I to bring the production aspects to the fans.

I can safely say with certainty, that much of the information obtained from this site, as well as the behind the scenes photographs, will no longer be available or be something that we can bring forward.

To those who have misunderstood Marc's commentary, please understand that this entire site would not be possible without the kindless, friendship, and guidance of The Price is Right's BIGGEST fan: Roger Dobkowitz. Anyone who knows him, knows what I mean.

I understand that Kathy Greco will be assuming the role as the Producer of the show.

I have not felt so much sadness in a great deal of time; I am sad for the future of The Price is Right, but I am also sad that the person who has expertly guided the MOST SUCCESSFUL, longest running, network daytime television show has been removed from the helm.

Let us enjoy a safe and happy 4th of July weekend before any ideas about the 'demise' of this website are entertained.


—ClockGameJohn, pulling a Scott Jarkoff

What some of you may not be able to comprehend is that for some of us who are of a certain age, there was COMFORT in knowing certain things would remain unchanged in our lives. For most of us, that's what this show was for us. A complete total lack of, and resistance to, change.

Since [Bob Barker's] retirement, there were changes made, such as the new host, the new set (which I still think was "created" by an Easter Bunny who crapped all over the walls of S33), etc.

But Roger was INSTRUMENTAL in trying to make sure that the format basics of the show did not change. First four, five more, etc. As I watched from my television at home, and my seat in TBBS33, I noticed something which in some ways made me happy and in some ways made me cry: It really didn't matter who was holding the microphone, when a person heard their name, it wasn't "I'm gonna get to play Plinklo with Bob!", you could tell it was definitely "I'm gonna get to BE ON THE PRICE IS RIGHT". It was the institution itself that would persevere through the host change. And yet, some of us started to drift away as certain things did start to change.

When a change of this magnitude is made, those of use who are old enough to have actually WATCHED A FIRST RUN HALF-HOUR SHOW start to think about what exactly "different direction" entails. Is it on the magnitude of what John said to the point that the phrase "Come on Down" will have no meaning anymore? I shudder at the thought and am sure to have nightmares in the coming weeks as to what that might mean.

While I cannot speak directly for them, try and understand that John and Marc's love for this show is only eclipsed by the man who we lost today. Running a site of this magnitude takes a lot of effort and time and when the last of what you loved about something "dies", your love dies with that. It's along the same lines of my decision to give up running the FPG for S37, which may be a moot point anyway. I wish I could take the credit for it, but it was John and Marc's relationship with Roger that turned the FPG into something much larger than just picking games becasue he would intentionally create lineups for a Friday show for the roughly 24 regulars who played the game. That's gone now no matter who rund the game and it flat breaks my heart to know that. Just try and understand that a very very long time loved friend may have died at approximately 545pm on Wednesday when they taped the last show of S36.

As to anyone else who might think we are overreacting to this change, try to take into account what I wrote of and understand that we might have a different love for this show than you do and we are due a fair amount of grieving time in our own way.


—FPGWillyT, defending his ass burgers and being a fucking stupid-ass drama queen in the process



—HMTripleCrown's avatar

A lot of you guys made utter fools of yourselves by saying the show would suck with Drew Carey as host. What do you have to say for yourself now?



WOW is all I can say, but at the same time I am not surprised at this point. Fremantle has brought this on themselves.

Holly, Janice, Kathleen, Dian, Sherrill, Linda, Sharon, and yes ladies and gentleman....Bob Barker was fired too, this has been a pattern since Fremantle has aquired the show.....and their words to the entire staff. "We are happy to have aquired the show and we are happy with everyone and we are not going to change a thing" said in 2001-2002 and a small time later the firings started to happen!

Anyone who has worked in the "business" know that when shows and stations are aquired promises are made that everything will be "fine" and everyone gets to keep their job, well......

I bet Jonathan Goodson is regreting that he ever sold off the company. Plus Mark Goodson and Bill Todman are turning over in their graves with what Fremantle has done to their baby. Good Lord we should pool our money and buy the damn show from Fremantle and turn it back to what Goodson had going.

From Season 22 (after Goodson's death) is when this sh** started to happen.

To the member who talked to Roger, thanks for talking to him, in my opinion the show has lost its "family" fun friendly element.

Drew has done a decent job wit the new duties. That is all I will say! Last weeks pizza party story should have read. "Drew Carey orders pizzas for end of season party firing of long time producer Roger Dobkowitz"

I am sure that Drew had nothing to do or had anyknowledge of this. But still I wonder what he thinks.

To Marc and John, Thank you so much for your dedication to us and all your hard work and money spent to make this a wonderful run. I agree with Marc when a show I have loved and idolized for so many years does something like this. I can not do this anymore, The Price is Right I have known, loved and grown up with is my wonderful past and I will cherish the friends I have made on the show, and love the memories I have. I am done with Price is Right.

Syd Vinnage should be smacked, ever since the show where he took the mic from Bob I did not like the man. He is arrogent (sp) and totally has no knowledge of the show, or its history.

I will be and encourage everyone to write l letters to Les Moonves at CBS and Fremantle and begin a boycott of the show! That CBS should aquire the show in order to keep their ratings they need to get Dismantle out of the picture and keep Roger as EP and let him and the others do their freaking jobs.

I am sorry my friends, but I doubt that Price will even make it to 38 years. It may last through season 37, but I see CBS dumping it from the line up and Fremantle trying the syndication thing, but that will be all.

I am sorry they have ruined TV game shows for everyone, Family Feud is not, nor ever will be the same....

For Kathy Greco, Stan Blits, Scott Robinson...please watch your backs....this is surely not the end of the firing carnage that will be happening.

You are all good at your craft and that company needs to realize that.

God Bless all of the show people lost and those uncertain of their futures.


—This really stupid, dumb-ass quote from MissesJanice is the reason why this article even exists to begin with!!! Why does he think Bob Barker was fired? Can't anyone at that site learn to let go!?! He's fucking RETIRED, goddamn it! He worked in TV for over 50 years; he's earned his rest. Also, Bob Barker fired most of those people mentioned, not Fremantle. Does he also think Jews did WTC?

Folks, they are transition to HD-ready. You can expect some changes. We've already seen the whole production area disappear, which isn't a bad thing, IMO. It appears they will close that vertical wall during periods when there is a chance they'll be caught on camera (i.e., Plinko introduction, Triple Play intro, etc.). But, for other points, I'm sure they'll leave it open, like during onebids, etc. We can still get a rare glimpse of the area, which is how it always used to be. Seeing the production area EVERY DAY kind of ruined that element of mystery on that wing this season.

One of the first changes that I predict will be the onebid displays. Face it, folks, it is outdated technology. Keeping the show "old-fashioned" appears to be a rule they don't want to live by anymore. Not in an HDTV-world. Those will probably be replaced with plasma screens, and I'm not so sure that's a bad thing. Back in '75, I'm sure if we were around we would be up in arms about going to the current onebid displays. We would have protested and argued that the all-orange displays were the best thing. But, look at the onebids we've seen for the past 33 years. They've been great. I think that plasma screens (or ANY other screen in contestants' row) will be an adjustment, but we'll grow to like it.

Also, the light border was already replaced this year. The first few days and weeks, I didn't like it. But over time, I have grown to love it, and now I like it more than the yellow-frame light border we'd seen since the 80's.

Change is inevitable, especially with this "rumor" that Fremantle wants to change things. We can speculate all we want, but until we see things with our own eyes, it is unwise to predict failure. Otherwise, you risk looking like a fool in September.



First of all, just like most of you, I agree that this is very sad. Roger has been with the show since Day 1, and is the main man who made the show what it is today. I have been watching TPIR ever since I was 9 years old back in 1994, and it was always the same, for the most part. I remember being very upset last year when I heard the announcement of Bob's retirement. Even then, I thought that the show was completely going to change, because I remember a lot of people saying that, "Bob Barker 'was The Price is Right.'" But Drew really has done a good job with the show throughout the year, and except for the host, the format of the show really isn't all that different. But now, with the Dob gone, I do fear that major changes will be made. I would not be surprised if all of the scoreboards, eggcrate and vane displays were all replaced with LCD screens, just like they did on Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! (Remember that one April Fool joke I did?) And they very likely could have a video wall for displaying the prizes, and they wouldn't have them on the set anymore. So, of course, I will give Season 37 a try, but if the changes are too drastic, I'm not so sure.

But as someone stated earlier in this thread, this is all about dealing with change. Change is hard, especially for people like me. I have Asperger's Syndrome, which is a mild form of autism, and a number of autistic people have a lot of trouble accepting change. I had to deal with something very similar to this. As much as I love TPIR, I am also a true fan of old school Sesame Street. It, too, has gone through a lot of drastic changes over the years, pretty much to the point where the show is not anywhere near as good as it used to be. I basically got used to the changes, and grew to accept them. But does that mean I'm happy? No. Anyways, I'm not gonna go on and on about Sesame Street, since that's kind of off-topic. However, the whole situation with Bob retiring, Roger being fired, and Fremantle wanting TPIR to be going in a different direction, is very similar, and I basically feel the same way, and I can see that everyone else does, too.


—ssetta admits he has Ass Burgers. But, in reality, the entire site has it.

If there is even the SLIGHTEST change to ANYTHING that will alter the enjoyment of the show I will NOT watch. Fremantle and Syd Vinnedage have been NOTHING BUT TROUBLE to TPiR since they took over. A classic show will be coming to an end in the near future. THANK GOD FOR WHEEL OF FORTUNE! I think I'm pretty much DONE with TPiR!


—...Wait. What did PriceFan14 just say!?!

Why can you accept the drastic changes of Wheel of Fortune, but not Price? I mean, Wheel has undergone SIGNIFICANT changes, including but not limited to: plasma contestant screens, toss-up rounds, digital letter touch screens, bonus round changes, wild card, theme weeks, etc. Nothing like old-school Wheel. Yet, I find it enjoyable to watch as well. So you're saying that Wheel can get modern and you have no problem, but if it happens on Price you'll give up watching?


—Ah-HA! PIR85 catching PriceFan14 on his hypocrisy. 0wn3d.

I've hestitated writing my true feelings about the Season 36 changes. But, now it's time. Drew Carey was a terrible choice to replace Bob. I have to admit, I stopped watching the show completely several months ago. Carey's robotic, lackluster performance was the beginning of what will surely be the end of The Price is Right. Video Walls, no come on downs, whatever.....the show is on it's way out thanks to Fremantle. They will eventually destroy what's left of an iconic television program. There was no bigger PRICE fan than me. I've watched it since 1972 and for 35 years didn't miss an episode. Now, the fact that Fremantle would let Roger go only speaks to the incomprehensible decision making process at Fremantle that surely signifies the end of PRICE as we now it.


—Tealuxe still holds a grudge over the loss of Bob Barker. Fremantle's laughing its ass off at him right now, prolly.

If you really think that the proposed "changes" aren't for real, I ask yo uto look at the NUMBER of people "confirming" these changes. It all falls in line with what CGJ hinted to in his post. can prolly kiss the following games goodbye in their current form forever:

Double Prices Most Expensive Switch? One Right Price One Wrong Price and of course, the inevitable elimination we all knew was eventually coming, BBB

prolly a whole slew of other games too.

I mean if I were Syd, and I was going to make the drastic format changes I was going to try and make, I would eliminate as much of the original show from people's minds and hearts as I could, so it might be we have seen the very last of ANY of the games we have come to know and love, YES INCLUDING PLINKO.

I've decided to go back again...I feel that I'm gonna get extremely sick being there on the 20th but I've always wanted first hand knowledge of any changes, which is why I went to all but one of the three audition rounds and went to the very first DC tapings.

I'm sure I'll see some of you there.


—FPGWillyT being a jackass. And probably proving Robert Searcy right!

Outside Golden, of GRN

And, lest we forget that the last major change to the Price is Right happened about 37 years ago when Bob Barker took the reigns of the show from Bill Cullen and Mark Goodson added these thing called “pricing games.”

So, let’s all relax. Let’s get ready for the new season. Let’s judge it based on its merits. Maybe they will make good changes. Maybe the changes will bring in new viewers, new viewers that will add to our community. Maybe the general public will ease up on Drew. And if Fremantle screws things up? Then we have 36 amazing seasons of one of the greatest game shows of all time to think back on. GSN could pick up the old episodes and everyone would be happy. So, in the eternal words of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “Don’t panic.”


—Cory Anotado on BuzzerBlog

The other half of the blame goes on the enthusiastic online fans of Price. It was seriously like the world ended to them. When you read about people literally in tears or close to tears (no joke) about a producer on a game show, it makes you really question the priorities of people. Questioning of priorities also came from the fact that we got an ungodly amount of emails angry at us for not publishing a story about this on July 4th. Were people that distraught over a game show that it couldn’t wait a day or two? I mean there are some people who have a close relationship to Roger and were upset, and I can understand that. The people who were just fans of the show and were in tears over this news shock me a bit. They are more enthusiastic over a game show than I could ever imagine.


—Alex Davis on BuzzerBlog

For whatever reason, Golden's collective fanbase is so deathly afraid of change that, back when Bob Barker was hosting the show, they would flame anyone who proposed even a tiny change, and the mods would lock the topic and ban the user. They don't do that anymore, but the question remains: Why do they hate change so goddamn much!?! Why, to them, is it such a crime for game shows to update themselves and look modern!?! Why do they want the show to remain exactly the same for the entirety of their lives!?! Wouldn't that get boring and stale after a while!?! These people are fucking idiots!!!

I am an artist. Specifically, I'm a cartoonist. And I was taught from a very early age that keeping something the same day in and day out like TPIR did when Bob hosted is a cardinal sin. DeviantArt reinforced that notion via Snapesnogger, MDetector5, and those two users' assorted faggotry. also reinforces that notion. And, believe it or not, The Price is Right is art! It's classified as a "performing art" because it's a TV show...and because it is art, it's not exempt from these rules. We've already seen the first stages of what could be some big changes to the show...the set is different-looking and Bob Barker's not hosting anymore. I think it's time for the show to COMPLETELY dissociate itself from Bob and make a few more changes...believe it or not, there's a lot of stuff that can be changed about the show without destroying its classic look and feel.


—A-l-e-x-99 on LiveJournal

I look forward to Season 37. If there are drastic changes, I'll continue to watch the show. I have been watching it since I was 4, and I have seen many turntable designs, pricing games, models, announcers, and the color of Bob's hair come and go.

And let's face it, even afetr 37 years, as Bob put it way back on episode 1, it's the same game that gives away great rewards for good shoppers.


—crinos43, commenting on one of A-l-e-x-99's LiveJournals. In another comment, he claims to be a GRN user.

So, at first, when Golden went up in arms over Bob's retirement, I was content to let the site realize its own way through the ordeal. However, I have unwittingly been forced into the fray by Marc Green and ClockGameJohn, who are pretending that they are the ONLY ones who care about the show.

They're wrong. I care about the show too. I care enough to give constructive criticism of its fanbase through the tough-love tabloid site known as Encyclopedia Dramatica.


—A-l-e-x-99 again.

It's never fun writing an Encyclopedia Dramatica article. I mean, when you write the article, you're essentially legally blackmailing your subject matter! Likewise, when all those GRN users finally find me out, register for this site, and start commenting on this journal, they'll likely say of me what Snapesnogger's fans have been saying of me on DeviantArt (even though they don't know they're criticizing me). So, before I begin justifying the article, let me get one thing straight: I AM NOT ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA. I AM NOT WRITING THIS ON BEHALF OF ED, AND I DID NOT WRITE THE ARTICLE ON BEHALF OF THEM. I'm just a Loyal Friend and True™ of The Price is Right who happens to disagree with the consensus of the fanbase, and I'm letting out what I've seen.


—A-l-e-x-99, pointing out the cold, harsh truth. And regretting that he has to do it.

But Alex...The Price is Right got to be where it is today because of the LACK OF CHANGE! Because everything stayed the same for so long!

Not so! Here's the whole crux of the, TPIR ISN'T the success it is because of the lack of change. As has been proven through Season 36, and as has been proven by Wheel of Fortune since 1981, as long as the core of the show remains the same, you can change everything else about it, and it'll still be enjoyable. Look at Jeopardy!. The Alex Trebek version, when it debuted in 1984, was radically different from the Art Fleming versions. And today's Jeopardy! is different from the 1984 version. In fact, Jeopardy!, with its modern, high-tech look, and its video wall, may very well be the first show to stray away from the "professional" look that all the fanb01z want and towards the "modern", "casual" look favored by today's game shows like Deal or No Deal and Million Dollar Password. But the actual core game of Jeopardy! has remained unchanged since Art Fleming first hosted it in 1964. And look at how successful Jeopardy! is.

Likewise, look at today's Family Feud. Different hosts, different set, different theme music...same game. Whammy: The New Press Your Luck? Ditto. Million Dollar Password? The old game, 10,000× faster! (Which, for a fan of cheerleading and dance music like me, makes it 10,000× better! The old versions of Password (except Super Password, which I have never seen and therefore can't form an opinion on) were big-time BOOOOORIIIIING!!!)

Bottom line: The Price is Right can change a lot more than it has while still retaining its look and feel.



The reaction of the fanb01z on Golden further proves to me why I'm a Star Wars geek. All these incredibly dipshitted right-wing Asperger's girly-moan bitch fits I've been reading on GRN are proof positive why George Lucas teaches us, through Yoda, that attachment to something is evil. To quote Yoda in Episode I, "Fear is a path to the Dark Side. It leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." In this case, the Golden fanb01z fear that their precious game show will make a big change. That leads to anger over a change, which then leads to hatred of the company they THINK is behind the change (note how they always blame Fremantle Media for everything and not CBS!), which leads to more moderate fans like me suffering. I actually feel embarrassed to be a Price is Right fan because of Marc Green! ._. ;_; x(

They need to detach themselves from the old days of the show, open their goddamn minds, and appreciate the show for what it is...not what they want it to be.


—A-l-e-x-99, using the Force