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The sex tape in question.
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A fake excerpt from the dossier, although it's hardly distinguishable from the real thing.

#GoldenShowerGate (a.k.a. #GoldenShowers, #PissGate and GoldenShower 007) was the salacious scandal that would have brought down President Donald Trump and save America from 8 years of peace and prosperity. In 2013, Future-President Donald Trump went on a vacation to the wonderful land of unicycle-riding bears tasked with a divine mission from God – to rent the presidential suite in the Ritz Carlton Hotel where Barack and Michelle Obama had previously stayed and defile the bed that they had slept in by employing several Russian prostitutes to piss all over it while he watched and probably babbled on and on about how much he hates blacks and Mexicans.

If you believe that the proceeding paragraph sounds like pure fanfiction bullshit, then you aren't a complete retard. In reality, GoldenShowerGate is the single greatest act of trolling in the history of ever and began when the denizens of 4chan's /pol/ decided to send erotic fanfiction to anti-Trump Republican political strategist Rick Wilson and pass it off as being fact.

Pissing in the Ocean of Piss

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Rick Wilson still believes that he should be taken seriously after stating that all Trump supporters are basement-dwelling weeaboo virgins.
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Failed presidential candidate John McCuck.
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Jeb! was behind it all.

Much to /pol/'s surprise, Rick Wilson actually ended up forwarding their amateur fanfic to professional cuck and former presidential loser, John McCain, who in turn forwarded the info to ¡Jeb! who forwarded it to numerous security agencies that included the FBI, the CIA and motherfucking MI6, who ultimately decided that the accusations were totally not made up and were at least 100% worthy of being included in an official dossier on the "Russian hacking" of the 2016 Presidential Election.

On January 10, 2017, completely reliable non-fake news source BuzzFeed paid an MI6 agent named Christopher Steele nearly $300,000 to obtain the entire, unredacted dossier. Not wanting to admit that they had been scammed out of $300,000 and despite knowing full well that the dossier was probably complete and utter bullshit, BuzzFeed still decided to go ahead and publish it – their "reasoning", of course, being that people should be free to read the information and make up their own minds on whether to dismiss it as more fake news bullshit or to be retarded and actually fall for the most obvious act of trolling since the Jews made up the holocaust.

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Steele, Christopher Steele

Christopher David Steele is a 55-year-old MI6 spook turned slanderer-for-hire who was paid by Jeb Bush to dig up dirt on The Donald prior to his inauguration as the 45th God-Emperor of Everything.

Nobody cares, Moby

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90s has-been musician Moby.

Musician and professional has-been Moby is now claiming to have information on Donald Trump's ties to Russia and claims that the dossier is 100% real.


Actual Photograph of Trump's Whores Pissing The Bed


What Happened?

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