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Another masterpiece of the internets

Gondola is a meme consisting of a head sitting atop two legs that allegedly originated on the Ylilauta /int/ board back in 2015. Though at first it seems to be a crude corruption of Spurdo Spärde (which is itself a crude corruption of Pedobear), the creativity and depth that lies behind the former is far more self-evident. Gondola may be best described as a meme that captures a sublime and indescribable state of being. He is placed in scenes either abstract, absurd, or beautiful, yet always maintains a distance and seldom interacts with the scene itself. Indeed, Gondola functions as an observer. His role is simply to let himself exist within the world and let time pass by without interference. The inclusion of calm or atmospheric music is often used to elicit a similar emotional response from the viewer. Viewing a static image or animation, we too are drawn into Gondola's role, witnessing a scene and letting it pass by. Gondola helps the viewer understand how a passive attitude to the world can facilitate an ethos of contentment and inner peace. In this sense, Gondola may be the most important meme in recent memory through its encouragement of us all to pass away our worries and anxieties and just experience life for what it is.

Gondola shouldn't be the artistic focus. Gondola should be a vessel for the viewer to enter a scene or atmosphere. As a result, it's important to emphasize the neutrality or passivity of Gondola rather than a outward display of emotion. He can usually be seen with a red and white soda can.

Gondola has become a thing on /wsg/ to make Gondola webms and add shitty video game music or make it emotional so they can relate to him. This is a corruption of the meme: fuck that shit.


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