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GoneGothic is a place for emo basement dwellers and desperate cumsluts. It's pretty much an imitation of Vampirefreaks, created in 2004 by a couple of douchebags named "Chris" and "Dav" (which coincidentally form the word chav). As the name suggests its chocked full of goth posers that like to cut themselves, write Twilight fanfics and prose about the pains of being young and upper-middle class. Crying about their usual life, these fucked up butt hurting posers like to come together on GoneGothic to rant about their worthless lives. It's a central base to gather lulz so trolling it will most likely ensue the lolcows to stampede and the Lollercoasters to fly off the rails.

Common Users

i dont have any children but i often act like one ive gone on a obnoxis rain of rudeness so what whear u gonna say??? o.0 u want know about me i love music street rock working class type shit i hate nazis i love my drinks and smokes so im not strait edge ohh i like latex like latex custums sexy ones anything else u let me know okay. FEAR SHALL BRING U DEATH!!!!! so fucking hungry ill eat your fuckin brains out your head!!!!


—PukeingOnCops, being a sickfuck

If you do NOT like me, just block me.

I can be super nice, if you're nice to me. I do not have anything against anyone, especially people I don't know in RL. I have many haters, but I also have many sexy lovers! :) I am probably the most random guy you will meet, I enjoy music, its actually my life.. I book bands and attend alot of shows! :) lets talk, thats what I'm here for.


—Typical emo on the site. Surprised?

I'm Arron-Herschel, I have an ego, but its okay I don't mind being better than you. I'm a cheating vegetarian, a social drinker, Catholic but not religious and ridiculously competitive. I've attended an average university as a philosophy major and decided I didn't like it. Now I'm training to be a chef. I heart my friends; Even if their all dumb as hell. I heart Saints; Even before their winning streak. Going to the movies is the greatest thing ever; I see about three flicks a month. I read Starwars books; My girlfriend calls me a nerd I prefer the term Sith Lord.


Panda-Pants,an emo with a fucked up sense of reality.

I'm Steph.I am 19.I'm not going to claim to be unique because I'm not, I'm just like every other fucker.I have brown/red hair , blue eyes.I'm cuddly, NOT fat!I love to drink excessivly! Anything Vodka based is good!!!!!I am also obsessed with Nikki Sixx.I am obsessed with vampires and the supernatural, especially vampires!Music is my life.I love the twilight saga. Best books ever!! I dont think anyone knows more about them than me lol... which is sad!!


—Crazy_Angel_09, some bitch.

hellohellohello. i'm Anne Kirstine. but call me Anne. i don't really want to get into your pants.

so stop being a bitch. pretty please?


—Nobody wants to fuck you.

well lets say im crazy. lets say im mad. well ill tell you what i have a reason for it all and i wont change for anyone anymore OH AND I GRADUATED AT 15 XD


—mythicalwindburst,Liar and emo who likes wolves

Heyya my name is Hayley. I Hang about with a bunch of weirdos and they know who they are, but i love them to bits lol. I am 17yrs of age. I am a complete wacko lol i am either crazy or depressed soooo lol. omg i love to talk and eat lol and sleeping when i get enough of it lol. Yes i am a polyvore whore, as nicknamed by my mates as i spend most on my time designing sets on polyvore lol.


—Polyvore_Whore lol, who lol has some lol major lol problems lol with abbreviations lol.

As you can see, the people on this site are cuddly, misunderstood angels, and freaks that no one really gives a shit about. They come to this lovely website to express their feelings, and wallow in their drama whore shit. They apparently are chick magnets, even the girls. The majority are also furries, Twilight lovers, and faggots who enjoy whining about their lives, and disregarding the English language.

People You Should Troll

Most of these people are gay pussies who only let you see their user page if you sign up for an account, so go sign up and raid the fuckers. You must be careful though, because trolling them may hurt their feelings, and we don't want to hurt anyones feelings... Forget it, make them cry until they sit in the corner cutting themselves. They deserve it for having an account on that site.

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[...and then there was a gay orgy.It was a dark and stormy night...]

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