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Google Dropping is the act of posting articles or forum threads on the Internet with the intent of a target person or group to find them later via a Google search. This is often done with online aliases usually as a joke or to get revenge. The dropper reaps the most lulz when the target discovers the anomally by doing a search and finding it all on their own.

Google Dropping 101

So you want to Google Drop somebody. Follow this guide to make sure you're not Doing it wrong.

  • Find a target - This person can be a fag or annoying piece of shit, or maybe they fucked your mom. Maybe you just know they'll whine like a little bitch when they find it. Any way you look at it, this person is asking for it.
  • Determine their aliases - Finding the right words to use for their alias can be tricky. If their alias is Levithican or Fragboy or some other faggy non-original shit, odds are Over nine thousand people already use it so Google Dropping it would be pointless.
  • Find a place to drop - Find some sites or forums with a high Google Ranking. Sign up either as their nickname, or post something you know will offend them with their nickname in it. "Bob is such a fag", though unoriginal, will likely yield a response. You can even be clever and put a link to their favorite website or similar in your signature to make it look authentic and also making it easier for them to find. It's more lulzy if you don't put any of that in and they still find it.
  • Making the drop - If you're unsure whether or not the site you're posting on gives a shit, use a web proxy so it can't be traced back to you. Since it's just trolling some noob, it won't be investigated because anybody important doesn't really give a shit. Don't go overboard with real names or frivolous threats. We all know you're too pussy to go through with them and it might alert the Internet Police.
  • Sit back and wait - Patience is the key. Wait a week or two, a month or more and check back to see if they have found your drop. Sometimes they will reply or you can watch them get all hot and bothered in IRC when they realize they have just been pwned. Tip: While you're waiting, you can leave multiple drops on multiple sites to increase the chances of being found.
  • ??????
  • PROFIT!!!!

Google Drop Score Card

Answer the questions and add up the points. The higher score means more lulz.

  • How long did it take for them to discover your drop: (2 weeks=3pts) (2 months=4pts) (Greater than 6 months: 5pts)
  • How did they discover it: (You spammed the link to them=-2pts) (A friend told them who found it on google= 2pts) (They stumbled across it on their own google search=4pts)
  • What did they do when they discovered it: (Add all that apply) (Whined on IRC=2pt) (Replied to the post=3pts) (Blanked their ED page=5pts) (Blanking this page=5pts) (Laughed, and said good joke=-2pts, you failed at trolling)
  • Bonus: Is is on the first page of their search: (Yes=2pts) (First result=10pts) (2-5th Result=5pts)

Tally up your points 5>10 GTFO noob, you fail at trolling 10>15 Good job. >15 You're a google dropping pro, bro.

Examples of a successful Google Drop

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