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Google Translator is a pathetically inept online translator that spits out Engrish more often than not.

Pro Tips

  • the weirder the language the lulzier the result, Korean is a good starter
  • if you translate something to english then back again you can get two different results theres a infinite number of possibilities


The shrub of George is retard. He is a lonely lady of the night over here in Mexico. He desire to perform it in Mexico but he recieve no pay. He is resembled of a monkey that scratches its back end! I is Spanish and I wait and hope I correctly this translation with Google!

Tila Tequila has boobies false of humongo she is a retatded skank. It is an example of which a lady of the night would seem similar. I is Spanish and I wait for I correctly this translation with Google! What you think so about her?

Hello my name is Christopher Walken and I reside at the moment in Mexico. My English is bad so I use Google to translate end that. I enjoy commenting to articles on your site. I taste of the Senorita Murder song of the that. Also amuses an I site! Did I fixed the problem?

The encyclopaedia of the scene of the Internet invented in 2004 by Girlvinyl ( Even if there is no doubt that ArdKorPedia holds the monopoly of the truth. Encyclopedia Dramatica, or ED (acronymone which does not mean Eating Disorder, a pseudo-pathology), is the exchange on all the phenomena of the Internet. Of course you must speak courrament English and to be a netrunner confirmed to include/understand. If you are not it, afflicted, but be not connected to you, even if have you an Internet at home.(Not strictly Google, but online translators are all the same)[1]

Marc is not in the even classifies that we. Marc, one meet again at the exit. One will go to take a jar together. "To take a jar?"

The first one of Isabelle is a class of natural sciences. The laboratory resemble a lot to the one of Longville High. Jenny finds that this is a strange coincidence, the lesson of today, this is the dissection of a unlucky! The history class is difficult to understand because the professor speaks very quickly, but this is a lesson of American history! Jenny finds that it pronounces the names with a horrible accent... Especially <Massachusetts>... During the class of mathematical, Jenny discovers with astonishment that in France: 1.000 in English, this is 1,000 and that 8,5 in English, this is 8,5!.. But the most astonishing one, this is that to divide, by example, 4,510 by 31, it is done necessary 4.510/31 instead of 4,510/31! Really, they are dumb these French, thinks Jenny.

Do not want

This is today July 14. This is the French national party. This morning, Isabelle and Jenny look at the military parade to Paris. A military parade? Does i; there have not any music and of majorettees? "IF there is music, but this is very serious. This is military music. "That are all these people, over there in the tribune? "This are the country citizens. Look at, the President, the mayor of Paris, the Prime Minister. "In fact, this is humorously serious. Look at, there are even tanks!

Greetings. I name me supernatural noise by which it does with its teeth in my mouth and it? What it it with lt above that thing goes? I see, that it has no any dogs within the limits of its empire to live, and it bears, the tiny nude ease named by a room or a bathroom does a bath also in University or that it wishes to name it. Item to all it - that this, which I want, when to I to be grown up - the person of medicine or behaviour of animals of the person who rescues some animals with illness and malice and undereating.

Conan of Brien - the owner of a good exposition of conversation of the big benevolence. It funny extracts also a mouse of the person when of and it talks about the good negotiations of things, that I entertain and costs to extract, represents and on the contrary natural knowledge of all universal things. It is directed, when does - a manner that is in my opinion, because - the funny person of the big benevolence, and I - that his possiede of true television of the happy program was pleasant that I am tailored every night!

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