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Googlecash, also known as "Google's cache," is a service provided by Google so that when you search for something, get a desired result, but the link is dead, you can still get what you want. "Cache" means "place where something has been hidden." For example, you notice the exact link that you want: Xyrix's profile on 4chan. Unfortunately, because of Xyrix's faggotry, 4chan is still a bit broken down today, so the link turn out either to be dead or the desired page gives you 404 girl. Then you click on "cached," and you are given what the page looked like the last time the tubes were scrubbed. This is also an excellent and simple tool sometimes for getting past sites requiring passwords. Occasionally you can view the cache and see what you want.

All sites that employ cloaking so they get to the top of the google resuts have google cache disabled for their website. But they're all B& from Google's index anyway.


It is not as hueg and amazing as the Internet Archive, but it works in a nice complementarity. Sometimes one has what the other doesn't.

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