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Police.gif They will infiltrate EDF2.0 and try to shitpost the shitposters. Expect crying and suicide.


D.O.A. contemplates NGINX & Cloud hosting
Legendary Fuckwad originally known as sickfuck. Dethroned moderator hipster with a tiny dick, butthurt faggot. His powerword is Jesse Geisleman. Can be found delivering pizzas in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area.
best served dead with a salad.
99.3% of GoreGrish users would still hit it. You know you would.

Closely monitored by the FBI, GoreGrish is a gore forum started last thursday after a lot of oldfags and newfags alike were banned or unable to register at the then private ogrish forums. Uncoverreality had fallen into the hands of an aspie (no shit he has tourettes) who bought the forum for a ridiculous amount of money off a britfag still owing money on his BMW and supporting a heroin addict he met online. The new aspie owner started banning all the good members right before announcing it now costs 5 bucks to join a gore forum that steals its content from others, like they all do. Luckily some Australian guy was on hand with a forum already populated by tumbleweeds and closet fags, and more people started showing up.

Humble Beginnings

GoreGrish started with around 16 admins and 27 members. Using vBulletin. Of course, this didn't work. The site moved over to a forum software called xenforo, which is kinda like a broken facebook. Many of the oldfags complained the new software was too new and longed for the days of 56k modems and simpler times, circa ogrish 2004. New effects and features such as inline popups scared the older folks away, probably back to rotten and it's table based HTML structure. Jquery is scary to anyone over 35 years old apparently.


This image of C_R was known to cause her much strife. Thankfully, it'll never be made public. Wait, shit.

A Stalinist purge by the fucking kikes who run the place seen the admin staff number reduced to three and the overall membership go up by thirteen people. Nine of whom committed suicide on hearing they were demoted, thus some e-cred was seriously raped. GoreGrish now contains over 9000 images of dead fuckers dumb enough to have their photo taken with their pants around their ankles and brains painting the ground. Most are dead azns who wear plastic motorbike helmets.


Someone reported GoreGrish for hosting child porn to the sites datacenter host, the hosting company in turn responded by accidentally the whole child porn section, but pics of dead raped babies are okay thanks. The CP report on goregrish was traced back to the infamous ass-rapist flaglerchat, AKA internet cancer.

In other words they were trolled by a 60 year old man.


The flame section of the forum ("the forum anus") was shocked by the sudden removal of key moderators and also several high ranking contributors. This created a domino effect that seen a large number of FLH regulars leave goregrish in disgust for a newish forum who's URL is one typo off a large gay video streaming website URL. There was no confusion regardless.

Some "trolls" from ED forum manage to infuriate a retarded old lady with pics of someone from her family, lulz ensue when ED members learn she is a ex-member from GoreGrish, inspiring ED users join and post pictures of Wilkins Coffee. Meanwhile, no one cares about ED since Girlvinyl stopped posting pics of her vagina for teenagers on a fixed income who spam coffee advertisements in the vain hope that someone, anyone, will be converted by the rich fulfilling taste.

DOA was later called out by Wilkins operatives but he refused to leave his hugbox, as he was well aware his IP was new on ED forums and would count as a click those cash starved ED admins could monetize.

The Future: Bleak

The site is now awash with oldfags again, forum rivals and other assorted faggotry. The admins are rarely seen, as they are usually too busy sucking each other off in the Mod/Admin sub-forum to give even single 1 fuck about the site. A frontpage was started with articles and video, however it soon became apparent no one could write and the talentless hacks discovered cut/paste has a detrimental effect with SEO and the Google. Every time something goes wrong they just fire more staff ban everyone.

It is believed the site will eventually become an even bigger pile of shit than of all the other spin-off gore forums combined, and in record time. Even so they still don't ask for jew gold donations because the website isn't owned by minimum wage Americunts.

New, newfags flood in daily reposting cool stuff from Rotten.com. Other new newfags gee whizz themselves over Porsche girl and Efukt links believing they have just suckled at the virgin teat of the ickies. Same new newfags will have ragequit by last year.

Very Jew friendly, the site has flushed most Nazi sympathizers but hillbillies and retards replaced the Nazis. Jews prefer to deal with Nazis. A tardsnami is planned for cleansing the shabby sharts. Date TBD

The Nazi sympathizers have surfed back in on the wave of filthy Muslim immigrants flooding Europe, back into the welcoming bosom of mein forums.


forum rules and guidelines as of January 1st, 2013 2014

want to register? B& for alt. account

joke at a members expense? B& for trolling

can't use the forum software right? B& for DOS attack

disagree with a Mod? B& because fuck you

can't speak english too well? B& because fuck you

come from another gore forum? B& because fuck you

register date before 2012? B& because fuck you

hate nazi bias with your news? B& because you're a nigger

want a sig. bigger than your thumbnail? B& because fuck you

"Ban yourself" forum feature activated for convenience because fuck you (self banning recommended)

Evolution of Gore


Notable Members

GoreGrish 2012 Meetup.
100% bleach free anus in its natural state.
  • simkin -resident Goatse sensei
  • Decadence - Trolliest of trolls; Left many members butthurt B&
  • Ubee - Dutch
  • Heads - Dumped B&
  • p4irs - Full blown azn B&
  • snatch - lending machetes to intellectual thickets
  • aRyan - Iranian born Goregrish ambassador to Israel and Saudi Arabia.
  • Dr Acid Avatar - Supports up to 8 bits per pixel in MONO sound
  • Your Mom. - Sad looking tits B&
  • Blaine (moderator) - Mommy issues. Habitual rule 1 & 2 breaker. Genius millionaire cool guy. B& happy faggot. - Demodded
  • DNR - Like Voltron but made of cats.
  • DirtyDiamonds - Axl Rose's last living fan.
  • KingFate (moderator) - a pillar of the white community, he is actually a spic with boots and a shaved head. B& happy faggot. His powerword is Travis Lynch. - Demodded due to history of being buttfucked by family members
  • C_R (Admin) - Artistic pillar of the white race, married for love and became Kingfates Significant_other. This was in no way an attempted at getting a greencard for 'Murrica. Left her duties to go prepare for the arrival of the potato baby of convenience. Her Powerword is Maria Pascaneanu

Links & Shit

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