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George has commenced LOLsuit 2016 in a failed attempt to save his house which was foreclosed on and auctioned off back on 10-13-16. George also filed for bankruptcy and said that this LOLsuit is his way out of the hole baby! WOO!
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As one gets older, litigation replaces sex.


—Gore Vidal

GG likes to file lolsuits the same way he devours chips at Nacho Mama's...constantly. In a recent radio show he admitted he had three lolsuits going on. I guess he needs to figure out someway to pay the Takeout-Taxi. :D

Lolsuit (2010 Edition)

An artist's impression of Jean Jack Gibson [1]
Self-representation? Good luck with that GG

As of March 5, 2010, according to Justia, Gorgeous George is filing an internet lawsuit against Jean Jack Gibson, Luis Calex and Harry Benson, three Something Awful Goons in the Federal Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. Serious Business is expected to ensue.

To the honorable Judge and or federal court representative

I'm filing a restraining order on property that I own for non reproducing or non reuploading on the internet. I own the video's in question and haven't authorized them to be reproduce in any style of fashion. I'm contesting these individuals for placing my videos on Youtube unauthorized by me. I'm filing a restrain against any of these individuals to place any material on Youtube that belongs to me or any of my likeness on any video that is represented or produce by them. I'm filing a restrain for my records and Youtube's records with local federal courts against any further wrong doing from these individuals. Thanks for your attention on this matter In ADVANCE George Alexander Yarid


—G.A.Y, written in a childlike scrawl complete with horrible English[2]

in forma pauperis

On the 11th of March 2010, the case was dismissed as George not only filled out the complaint incorrectly [3], but also used the wrong color crayon when doing so. Also of note was that an in forma pauperis (IFP) application was accepted. An IFP is described as a petition filed by a poor person in order to proceed in court without having to pay court costs such as filing fees. [4]. So much for the six income figure.


George, not being content with being a laughing stock on SA, decided that he'd give the court system something to laugh at when he partitioned for the already opened IFP application to be sealed [5]. The honourable Judge, seeing that the bell couldn't be unrung, told George to STFU and start paying for the court costs if he wished to keep his information under wraps when filing frivolous lawsuits[6]. And Again [7]. And again [8]. And again [9]. And again [10]. And again [11] And again, with even more goon names written on a slant.[12][13] Ad infinitum.

If Yarid would prefer to keep his financial or other

personal information private, he may withdraw his Motion and pay the required filing fees.




GG files another LOLsuit (2012 Edition)

A Goon did some private detective work and found out that GG is still doing his show, despite his atrocious behavior. Also, George still wants to give the Virginia Court Systems something to continue to laugh at by filing yet another frivolous lawsuit, this time with all the names on the doc. being professional athletes, actors, or video game characters.

Links to GG's latest court docs and LOLsuit http://ia700200.us.archive.org/18/items/gov.uscourts.vaed.278299/gov.uscourts.vaed.278299.docket.html

It should be no surprise that this case got laughed out of court...again. :D

LOLsuit (2013 Edition)

True to form, GG is back at it again with his frivolous "lolsuits" Also sticking to form, GG has decided to sue more celebrities, athletes, and video game characters. One of the Defendants happens to be the same one from some of his previous "lolsuits" Gordon Freeman from "Half-Life"


Apparently his taxi gig just isn't paying the mortgage on his "mansion" that mommy and daddy gave to him (that is if it hasn't been foreclosed already) and GG is looking for a way to make easy money by suing people, even if they aren't real. Only in GG's delusional mind does he think he has a legitimate case and that he will finally be making a "six-income figure" he always talks about.

The case didn't last long before it was laughed out of court again. The judge citing GG's lack of evidence, class and intelligence. It is rumored in 2014 that GG plans on suing Snake Plissken and Master Chief.

Copyright Fail

"I HAVE TEH POWER!" - Gorgeous George shortly after he sent out his Copyright form.

Since GG has consistently failed with his lolsuits he actually registered his work with the Library of Congress thinking that will give him carte blanche to sue whomever he wants. Not realizing of course that this doesn't protect him from the constant laughing people do when they see him waddle down the street. Also since GG registered his work he unintentionally self-doxed himself. :D LULZ!

Of course GG couldn't do this without some sort of failure. When GG wrote down the date of the work he put down 2012 meaning that only the shows he has done that year can be protected. Since nobody that trolls him upload videos from then it makes the copyright useless. The only thing 2012 was known for was zzz.

Gg dreams.jpg

Proof The Fat One Doesn't Own Any Copyright On His Precious Public Access Clippages

George loves to wave his "flist" in the air claiming he owns all teh copyrights however George is wrong. The problem of his is all public access shows in the US are ran by local municipalities/government. Unfortunately for George all works made with government owned equipment and services are considered Public Domain.

Works of the United States Government and various other governments are excluded from copyright law and may therefore be considered to be in the public domain in their respective countries. In the United States, when copyrighted material is enacted into the law, it enters the public domain. Thus, e.g., the building codes, when enacted, are in the public domain.


However this won't detour teh fat who will claim that he is a special snowflake and why he deserve special copyright privileges and file even moar lolsuits.

Teh Wikipedias definition of Public Domain (Government Works)

Here We Go Again. Another LOLsuit (2014 Edition)

In a decision that shocked absolutely no one George has filed another lolsuit. This time against two people who haven't trolled GG in more than a year and some guy named Roy Gerbil. We all knew that George would sue another fictional character and this time it's Roy. Roy Gerbil is a name that The Phone Losers of America frequently uses to hide their identity.

Considering George has no evidence this case should be thrown out in no time. He claims his copyright is proof enough even though it just protects him for the year 2012 only. All the evidence he has is in his head.

lolsuit 2014 link

GG feeling confident about his chances in court started to throw his weight around (both figuratively and literally). Since GG is a genuine victim of the internet he calmly wrote a message to his aggressors.

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In a recent development is has been revealed that GG is suing the trio for civil rights violations...L-O-L.

Gg dreams.jpg

When a reporter asked GG why he belched "Those goons deprived me of my third snack which is clearly marked as illegal in the Geneva Convention". That was when he waddled back to his coupon sales job. Considering that George is the one has dealt out death threats, false flagged video and invaded peoples privacy so he could baw at his detractors over the phone this case should be thrown out of the court yesterday.

GG Loses again! :D What a fucking surprise!

George reacts to Judge Hudson's decision that his LOLsuit is frivolous

In a decision that shocked absolutely no one GG loses another lolsuit. Judge Henry E. Hudson did take some pity on GG as he waived the court fees due to GG being too fucking poor.

Upon due consideration, the Court finds that Plaintiffs Complaint is too vague

and conclusory to state a claim upon which relief can be granted and it appears otherwise frivolous. - Judge Hudson Telling GG to STFU for the fifth year in a row.


This is the same phrase the judge has used multiple times to GG but as usual he can't get it through his fucking head that being butthurt is not a legitimate reason to sue.

GG LOLSUIT 2014 -The Appeal-

GG suffering immense rage from Judge Hudson's decision has filed an appeal. On April 8 GG waddled in to the courthouse and scribbled out the forms in crayon. Considering George has not submitted any new evidence he should be laughed out of court in no time.

LOLsuit 2015 -Now with 400% extra lulz-

Would you believe this was written by George and not a 6 year old?

George's cases get progressively moar insane and this is a perfect example. GG filed it over his secret man crush shondaebrennan over the most ridiculous thing evars. The defendant made a commentary for Gorgeous George and His TV Show which was a documentary made by Brandon Hardesty and Kenny Johnson. George not only claims copyright for the documentary he claims he made it.

Wait, it gets better. George wrote a plea to the court which looks like it was written by a retard with cerebral palsy. There are all sorts of elementary school spelling and grammar errors and apparently George doesn't believe in white-out. In it he asks the court make him stop making copies of his material of his material on beta-max and video disc, he also asks the courts to extradite this person which is lulzy as the courts only do that for criminal cases and not civil ones, he also asked the courts to try his case super fast because he is special.

Needless to say this got laughed out of court fast. Judge Spencer retired because he had a Canadian style ass load of GG so Hannah Lauck had the pleasure of pointing and laughing at him. In her brutal ruling she basically called GG a liar dismissing the case without prejudice since GG didn't produce any evidence. The lulzy part happens at the end of the where she points out all the previous lolsuit and says "It appears that Yarid has filed similar suits inthis Court, all of which were dismissed for failure to state aclaim upon which relief can be granted pursuant to Section 1915(e)(2) See Yarid V. Harman et al., No. 3:14cvl 12-HEH (E.D. Va. Mar, 27, 2014) (order dismissing case)- YaridV. Harman et al., No. 3:12cv237-JRS (E.D. Va. Oct. 9, 2012) (same); Yaridv. Gibson et' al., No. 3:10cvl43-JRS (E.D. Va. Apr. 2, 2010) (same). Yarid's 2014 case included Brennon as a defendant."

This hasn't detoured George and claims that the reason that the court didn't rule in his favor was because of a jurisdictional issue. YouTube Favicon.png "Gorgeous George Show" - He went on about in an insane rate on YouTube where he claims more about copyright law than you}}.

GG Reopens the Case With His Perjury Powers

Exhibit A
In his chicken scribble GG claims he knew about the appeal two days before it ended making him a liar.

George lied in court documents to get the case reopened and lied about a bunch of shit. If you don't want to read all the stupid details go to tl;dr below.

  1. The relevant filings and timeline are as follow: (a) the court ordered, on June 10th, that the complaint be dismissed unless George filed an amendment within 14 days (so by June 24th), (b) On June 29th, the court ordered dismissal of the case because it had not received a timely amendment of the complaint, and (c) On July 1st, George filed a motion to reopen the case, claiming that he had been unaware of the filing deadline set by the June 10th order until the day before the deadline (so June 23rd). No other filings or motions are relevant to this sequence of events and George's lies to the court.
  2. The court, predicated ENTIRELY on the idea that enforcing a dismissal deadline about which the relevant party was unaware would be a "manifest injustice," took the extraordinary step of reopening the dismissed case and allowing George more time to amend his complaint. In plain terms, the court only reopened the case because George LIED in his July 1st filing that he had been unaware of the deadline until at least June 23rd.
  3. Very unfortunately for George, he left incontrovertible PROOF all over the internet that he actually knew about the 14 day deadline no later than June 16th. In his very own June 16th video, he talks about the court's June 10th order and how it grants him 14 days to amend his complaint. This means that at latest, George knew of the deadline only 6 days after the order came down, and he had 8 days from then in which to amend as ordered. This is absolute and incontrovertible proof that he LIED to the court in his July 1st filing, knowingly and intentionally misled the court to reopen the case, and has treated the court and the presiding judge (who tried to do him a favor) with malicious and twisted contempt.
  4. If the court finds out about what George has done, he could be in for some serious punishment in the form of contempt (fines, jail time, community service, etc.) or possibly perjury depending on the requirements.


  1. The court ordered George on June 10th to amend his complaint within 14 days (so by June 24).
  2. George knew about the order at latest on June 16th, as he made a video on that date discussing the order (this is fully 8 days before the required date to amend).
  3. George then lied to the court and abused the legal system on July 1st by claiming he had been unaware of the filing deadline until June 23rd.
  4. Judges do NOT like to be flat out lied to and coldly manipulated. No one does. George should be PRAYING he simply gets his case dismissed and does not end up being hit for contempt of court (fine, jail, community service, or any combination thereof) or possibly even perjury if filings are considered sworn testimony.
  5. George has proven himself to be a dishonest abuser of the court system and a very, very bad liar.
GG 2015 Perjury Appeal Gallery About missing Pics
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LOLsuit 2015 - Part 2 - Electric Boogaloo

In news which can be best described as fucking retarded (even by GG standards) he is suing someone over sharing unsealed court documents which are openly available through the court system itself to the general public; proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that he is the literal Christian Weston Chandler of public access television. Said court documents did not even contain any of GG's personal information or DOX. As usual George is sue happy and hopes that the court will act as his mindless mommy figure and do his evil bidding because he wants endless revenge over teh interwebz for exposing what an inglorious, fat, ugly man-child he is. I'm sure Judge Lauck will definitely take him seriously.

New Appeal, New Lulz

Exhibit Lulz
Exhibit Lulz again

George not disappointing us with the lulz filed his appeal 3 days late claiming that "My time is little when I practically have no time for myself working long hours.". He is so busy he did a birthday radio show that he filmed and later uploaded to youtube. Such a busy man he is.

George also stated that his case is based off of "Intellectual property Vs. Fair Use". Claiming that "No one can obtain copies without written permission" which if you know Fair-use law is complete horse shit. Even fucking wikipedia states that "fair use is a doctrine that permits limited use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission from the rights holders." making George full of shit.

George is literally hoping that the judge is retarded so the case can move forward.

Link to the current appeal .pdf GG's appeal spell checked and he can't even spell his own name correctly.

Look George, You Need to Let It Die (George can't let go of LOLsuit 2015)

Judge Lauck back on August 4, 2015 decided to dismiss the case AGAIN due to lack of evidence AGAIN. Most people would go back to living a normal life at this point but not George. He huffed and puffed and consulted a 3rd grader who has better knowledge of the law and English than the fat did. With his help he wrote another appeal to the judge which could be best described as an modern art abortion. Three pieces of paper filled with typos, mistakes, poor grammar, etc. Even though we live in an age of the computer & spellchecker George still hasn't grasped the concept of an dictionary and White Out. While reading you can smell the tears of how desperate George is for this case to move forward.

GG 2015 new Appeal Gallery About missing Pics
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LOLsuit 2015 Verdict (SPOILER: HE LOST...AGAIN)

George just can't take a hint and Judge Lauck told GG so by pwning him again. Saying she gave him multiple chances to show new evidence and George was staling. The lulzing thing in the verdict was she kept telling how George failed. No where in the verdict does it mention anything about jurisdiction which was the reason George claimed he kept on losing. Believe it or not the judge gave George another 30 days to appeal this which shows that she is probably the biggest troll of them all and waiting to see what illegible mess George sends next.

LOLsuit 2016 SAVE GG'S HOME Edition

Error creating thumbnail: File missing
The Defendants "stealed" my material
Error creating thumbnail: File missing
You better not make this an Jurisdiction Issue BIATCH

Filed on September 12 This LOLsuit was GG's last ace in the hole in regards to saving his home (which he has had issues with his mortgage since 2010 which interestingly enough was when his LOLsuits began).

As usual he's suing for copyright as well as harassment "For spreading lies and placing various falsified information about me." Isn't that the legal definition of slander? George is also asking for the court to not make this an "jurisdiction" issues even though in none of the verdicts of the past have even hinted that was the reason why it was dismissed. You could tell George was desperate while writing this because he kept asking the court to do everything in an "expeditious way". As usual it looks like a 6th grader wrote it last minute even making GG sound more amateurish than usual.

George's Copyright Suit

A Challenger Appears

One of the trolls that GG is suing wrote an Motion to Dismiss to the court as well as to declare George Alexander Yarid an Vexatious Litigant. If the court sides with the troll it would mean that George would not be allowed to file anymore frivolous LOLsuits. In his motion he shows that all the other previous LOLsuits had zero evidence and his copyright was illegal since he paid for a single work and submitted every fucking thing. He also showed how he was stalking him and leaving him death threats and trying to slander him.

George saw this motion on Youtube and literally waited at the courthouse to open Monday to file a counter claim. As usual his argument is poorly written and thought out and funny enough doesn't deny the death threats, his illegal copyright claim, the slander or anything else the troll said and basically lied his ass off which I'm sure the judge will love.

The Trolls Motion To Dismiss & Declare George Yarid a Vexatious Litigant

George's inarticulate attempt to strike down the Troll's Motion to Dismiss

George's tl;dr Desperate Pleas to the Court

Since George is losing his house he has been in overdrive trying any pathetic attempt he can to make this case to move forward. On November 7th (which George has dated the 17th in the document) speaking down to the judge as if he's a stupid retard and doesn't know what copyright means. Now he's say the defendant is making money off his precious clippages and as usual doesn't provide any evidence of it being true. In George's own words says in regards to the defendant slandering him, "Using my material to spread falsehoods." If it is his material then how is the defendant lying? Doesn't make any sense does it George. The funniest claim George made was he claimed the defendant said he smelled and is a child "molestar".

So you may wonder how much money in damages George wants for all these years of harassment and copyright infringement? $10,000 :D . Come on George, go big or go home faggot.

On the 14th which was three days after the judges deadline to send evidence George claimed he spent a whole half day looking up cases which show why this case should move forward. F. Lee Bailey is a idiot compared to Baby Maker's legal expertise. As usual he fails because the cases he brought up were against two multi-million dollar companies and the guy who is suing is a poor asshole. George also failed because one of the cases he used was in relation to music and not TV.

George also perjured himself by saying he mailed out both documents to the defendants who never received said letters.

George's November 7th document

George's November 14th document

GG's Being an Whinny Beta Bitch To The Judge About missing Pics
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Gorgeous George Criminal Record "What's causin' all of this?"

Update: as of 12-30-2010 Gorgeous George criminal record. Behold the immense criminal record (I had no idea they stacked shit that high!)

The 9th one is GG's fathers criminal record, proving that his dad did indeed shoot a dog for crapping on his lawn.

In addition to his criminal record George has multiple restraining orders. =)

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The Gorgeous George Restraining Order.png

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