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Thanks Gorgeous George for making 2015 the lulziest year since humanity started trolling you and may 2016 be the same. :D

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<Gorgeous George

This page documents the crologies of GG failures.



GG Goes Through Plane Glass Window

Grand Master Dong...giggle.

For those who don't remember Master Dong was GG's Kung-Fu teacher. He taught GG how take someone out in the trachea which was shown in GG Sux 6 -Big Trouble in Little Richmond-. Even though GG's moves were about as smooth as the pokemon Onix taking a rock shit he got many trophies which he displayed in his videos where he was screaming at the trolls.

George had done a lot of shit to get on Master Dong's nerves in the early 2000's. In one incident he tried to steal a trophy from Master Dong so GG could say he had a brown belt. Rumor has it that GG tried to touch a little boy in showers while he was there. This enraged The Master and supposedly threw him through the dojo window. However according to George this isn't true and what happened was he was mouthing off to a guy in a bar telling him no one tells him what to do and then a group of bikers proceeded to throw him out the window since they disrespected him. It was all because he was hitting on one of the biker's girlfriends. Whatever you want to believe both tales are lulzy and shows the huge indestructible ego GG has.

Grand Master Dong's profile from his website

Grand Master Dong's Facebook Page

Gorgeous George and the Denny's Debacle

Dramatic Recreation of what happened that faithful night at Denny's.

Rumor has it that sometime in the 90's, George became confrontational with a person who he supposedly overheard talking smack about him and his shitty public access show. This is what allegedly happened The G.A.Y. was eating there and he over heard this guy named Matt talking shit about his FAT ASS from a few booths away. Matt was with his little brother and his girlfriend. Fat G.A.Y. Yarid went over and confronted Matt. G.A.Y. then said some SICK SHIT to Matt's TEN year old brother and took Matt's keys! So Matt told GG they were? gunna take it outside!

Matt was walking out the door and turned around to clock the 350 pound douche when the fat pig tried to sucker punch him! Too bad when? he did GG tripped on his FAT GUT and Matt landed a haymaker and a roundhouse kick to the shit's FAT COCK SUCKING FACE! when GG tried to get up, Matt's HOT SEXY EROTIC girlfriend rushed outside and pulled out a can of mace from her purse and PWNED him with it! The cops came and took the fat away, George was crying the whole time. George admitted this happened on the hooker vid, he should remember it as he was the only one at Denny's over 350 lbs!

The Zopilote Era

When zopilote moved to Richmond, the first thing that popped into his head was to go fuck with Gorgeous George. He took one of his friends with him and visited the studio after GG's show, making his best attempt to make friends with Gorgeous George. He pulls a promise out of Gorgeous George to let him be a guest on the next show. Project Georgehem had begun.

A massive effort began on livejournal, some Richmond forums, and on the VCU campus to organize a mob to flood the public access studio during GG's next show. On the day of GG's next performance, several phone-calls were made by interested parties to ensure that GG would actually be on that night. All responses were positive: Gorgeous George's show would go on. Shortly before the show, the crowd gathered outside Richmond's Siegel Center. A cursory headcount revealed a figure around 50 people.

Upon reaching the TV station, zopilote banged on the door and waited for a representative of rva public access to speak to. No answer. He tried several times. Still nothing. It didn't take long for the mob that followed him to begin assisting, banging on all the doors and windows and screaming a frequent taunt such as "COME ON OUT AND FACE US, YOU FAT FAGGOT!" However, inside the studio Gorgeous George was not there to answer their demands. His show had been spontaneously canceled to make way for an interview with the man running as a Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, Michael Badnarik. Given the circumstances, the staff of the public access TV studio came to the only logical conclusion: that a rogue pro-establishment terrorist group had come to assassinate the Libertarian candidate. They called the police, and within minutes there were more flashing lights outside the TV studio than there are at a rave. Faced with armed and angry law enforcement agents, the crowd dispersed.


George Strikes Back

GG will counter you with one flist and elementary school level comebacks

On 30 June 2005, just two days after this article first went live, George sent Weev the following highly erotic e-mail (Note: emails are sic):

That disturbing picture that you sent through e-mail was viewed by others. (SUCH AS AN HENRICO INVESTIGATOR). Keep the shit up and you will end up in cell with worthless faggots like yourself showing you which way is up. All your other loser friends at VCU can rot in hell . If there are any more disturbing pictures that are sent through my e-mail, there will be problem on your hands. You do not know who your fucking with. Your the new poster child to carry the torch for those losers from the joke of a show Wednesday night crap explosion. Just know any vulgar pictures , such of what you sent this past Monday, is consider a felony. Do your fucking homework. Keep the shit up and we will see who gets the last laugh. - teh G.A.Y.


Within the hour, he sent another one:

I know that a bunch of you assholes get off on somebody else's problems. You all are a bunch of pissants that are miserable with yourself. Pushing my hot buttons talking about my girl Sue. Sue is doing fine and is getting the help she needs. I talk to her at least once a week and she and I have made peace with one another. She has a support group that help and she knows that I'm only phone call away. It is true that I had some odd jobs here and there, bartending, doing catering events and working as a D,J for private parties that I do. Also have my own personal business that I'm making a lot of lute and enjoy doing. So otherwords my plate is full. It is true that I have a second house windsor farms that I recently purchased over a year ago , plus my house in the west end. I also buy houses , get them fixed up and then resale them. So once again I have hands in different projects. Lastly, I have worked hard in getting my show in other markets . So I do not need bunch (sic) of compulsive masturbators, such as you turdlings, needing to be concerned with my endeavours - Teh G.A.Y.


Conclusion: (sick)


Gorgeous George 2007 Episode (GG likes to be sexually whipped)

In this video GG displays some sexual activities(around the 7:30 mark) by having a woman whipping him and apparently gets turned on by this. This just goes to show that GG has no problem being the bitch!

GG is also no stranger to Chippendale's

Note: The title of the video is "2010 Show 2 Part 2: The Gorgeous George Show", The part where GG is being whipped is from a 2007 episode.


George Yarid Cleaning Services

On December 29 George applied for a business license. Since GG is so sleek and suave you'd think he opened up a gloryhole club but nope he went in to the cleaning game. For $19.99 George will cum to your house in a maid's outfit and suck you off though a portable gloryhole. Needless to say since his house looks like something straight out of Hoarders his business went under fairly quickly bringing lulz to Richmond and the interwebs

George Yarid Cleaning Services.jpg

A link to GG's "Business License"

Fat fuck strikes back, and gets pranked again

In late 2008, the Gorgeous George show made a low key return to television. Despite the valiant efforts of ED to stir up potential win, the return apparently went unnoticed. An update on the fat man's site ("To all those people looking for insults from the callers and the prank callers, look again") pretty much confirms a lulz genocide, and can only be attributed to Jew. Hilariously, the pig is also charging money for subscription to his blog, and for DVDs of his failure of a show. Clips from the 2008 season are available his site, and show that his show remains a powerful message, and a shining beacon of hope amongst tumultuous times of shallow, uninspired and unfunny television: as well as the fact that George has lost no weight, Kevin still scares the shit out of me, the production values of the show are still shit, etc etc etc etc etc etc. And ultimately, no-one prank called the fucker. Epic, merciless phail has swept Richmond. In more recent news GG has been commenting on various Youtube videos such as Gorgeous George with Hooker. Although he threatens to take the videos down, it's been several months and nothing has happened proving that even Youtube hates Gorgeous George.

He is still around, voting down comments but he is too chicken shit to say anything. George, why didn't you show up to the bars.. it's just a fight. Now everyone knows that you're a coward, along with the huge list of other things which make you a piece of shit. Now, he has gotten the Gorgeous George with a Hooker video along with a bunch of other videos taken down. They were quickly re-uploaded making the fat fuck's victory short lived. Though apparently, the youtube staff is rubbing George's dong for him and now almost all the Gorgeous George videos have been removed.

The latest activity from The Large One, comes from a prank call made to his personal cell phone where a friendly individual tried to wish him a happy new year and being the fat raging froggy faggot that he is, GG exploded into a flurry of QQing with much lulz to ensue.


2009 was such a banner year for GG. Barrack Obama got in to office and the fat pig had a extra bounce in his belly. It was such a great year that GG declared that it's 4evar 2009 on his website.

Fat Fuck goes on a tirade

Recently Mr. No-Sense-Of-Humor decided to whine and bitch to YouTube that his videos from his show are being used without his permission (In other words he pulled a DMCA card from the same pocket he keeps his twinkies in) Being the selfish Mama's boy he says "...and what I have on youtube on GG on DVD account are the ones and only ones related to Gorgeous George that are going to be on there." In the same weezing breath he also admits there is nothing he can do about people making videos with his likeness. So apparently if you want to put GG's head on a turd while he does the Cha Cha that's OK.

While watching the videos you'll notice a couple of things:

  1. His desk is cluttered with trash.
  2. He stole a bunch of trophies from Salvation Army.
  3. He still uses Video Tapes which makes sense because his sense of aesthetics hasn't changed since George Michael was in the closet.
  4. He got a dirty Sanchez from Kevin.
  5. He has a mullet.
  6. He put on another 100 pounds.

Unfortunately, GG took down those videos off of Youtube but thanks to the Taiwanese you can watch GG's butthurt again in it's original glory.

Here's The Truth (Part 1)


Here;s The Truth (Part 2)


Pollard Park incident

Sometime in 2009, a bunch of young kids were insulting "The Large One" telling him he's not in shape or fit, but FAT! This caused GG to go Irate and GG proceeded to go on a tirade(shocker)and while he was jumping up and down in a fit of rage, GG's 2 inch dong was exposed to the young children because his G-Unit shorts didnt properly cover his private area. The cops were called immediately, however it is unknown what happened to GG as a result of this incident. But to be on the safe side, its best that you dont allow your kids to go to Pollard Park so they dont encounter this SICK FUCK!

GG on Ebay

Due to GG trolling at its zenith in '09 George thought he could make some money off of his infamy. He created a ebay account so he could sell his "Best of the Gorgeous George Show" DVD. He even made a youtube account to promote his spasticly edited DVD. The problem being that there was no prank calls or GG raging or being butthurt. Just his zzzzzzz comedy sketches. He sold a total of three copies. One went to Kevin the other two went to his muh muh.

The SA goons saw this as a opportunity to troll him further by making their own DVD featuring the prank calls and other fail. Selling hundreds of copies deeply hurting George causing him to shut down his ebay account for good. Not before selling what has to be one of the queerest items evar featured by a lolcow.

So George went to his Barbie doll house and grabbed a ken doll. Then dropping his pants and shooting jizz all over Ken's hair. GG then grabbed his .01 pixel camera and shot pics of it to put on ebay. GG must have been in a rush because he didn't bother cleaning his garbage and clutter is clearly visible. This apparently didn't bother the bidders because this shot up to $200. It was soon discovered that GG had multiple ebay accounts and was increasing the bids to pump his ego.

GG Scams a guy on Ebay

Sometime ago GG had a batman collection he was trying to sell on ebay. Some dumbass bought it and it took GG weeks to ship it out then when the guy received it was mangled and dirty (because it was a figure GG used to shove up his ass). When the guy asked for a refund GG accused him of lying (In GG's world it is everyone elses fault but his). You can read the guys account of his experience with GG here:

"ebay user WARNING: georgey804 (Gorgeous George)"

When asked George had this to say:

GG Admits to Scamming a Guy on Ebay 1.png


Gorgeous George show 1994-2010

The following message was sent out by the fat tranny at sometime on youtube.

ggshowrules 1 day ago "I've currently have decided with long thought and going back in forth to retire from the Gorgeous George Show. It pains me , but it is no longer fun anymore. I might change my mind about this, but for now, there will not be a 6 week season for the show, due to personal stuff that I'm dealing with. I might change my mind in the future and restart the show, but at this time, there will not be a 2010 season."

He`s pretty much saying that he is too butt hurt to do any of his horrible shitty shows and wants to quit.Which means that the goons have defeated G.A.Y and have ended the fats streak of false copyright flagging.

G.A.Y. followed up with this message.

ggshowrules 1 week ago "Sixteen years worth of priceless memories. I will be back, count on it."

Fat Pig Lied, There WAS a 2010 season!

Photos of G.A.Y. from the 2010 season

The GAY recently stated he was retiring from his crappy show due to burnout. In all actuality, he only said that to use it as a decoy so none of the prank callers would call into his shitty show and make it worse(better). Therefore this signifies that George will always be stubborn and host his stupid show, and therefore, The Goons all over the internet should always have their phones ready to prank call the FAT! Here are videos of his 2010 season

The Gorgeousz ZZZZZZ Zhow Part 1
The Gorgeous tl;dw Show Part 2
The Gorgeous...WHO? Show Part 3
Thank god it's almost over show Part 4

Note: George continues to look unkept and looks like he still needs to bathe. Also no surprise he has gained even more weight(no joke) this guy is easily weighing 400lbs! FAT FUCKING-

The G.A.Y. Life

What The G.A.Y. Dreams About at Night

GG has fallen on fat times and is looking for any kind of entertainment work. He is so desperate that he is signing up at all of these entertainment agencies on the Internet like Voice 123 which is a agency that hires voice talent (Obviously, DUH!).

Apparently he can do impersonations of all the current and great celebrities that all of the kiddies go gaga over these days like Howard Cosell, Ronald Reagan and Walter Cronkite. As you can see GG is up to date with all the happenings in our world.

He also says that he provides adult content which is code for he wants to do a video where he “Rubs dongs with your Daddy.”

If you want to hire GG you can go to http://voice123.com/georgeyarid The G.A.Y. profile on voice123.com BALEETED

Back in the spring of '10 he got pranked on his youtube account. GG actually thought he was going to fly to L.A. and shoot a comedy pilot for a show on the UHF channel KDOC & a pilot for a late night talk show. (giggle)

Space Mountain Barges on Richmond radio

GG paying a whole $60 to be heard by no one on teh radio


Gorgeous George got over 45 complaints for his radio show and because of that he is now banned from 1450 WCLM. This was mainly due to a perverted “cover” of "Chestnuts Roasting on an open fire" (He also cursed several times during the show which didn’t help either). For example, instead of singing “Merry Christmas” he sung “Merry Clitmas” (Clever, ain’t he?) then there was a part of the song where he talked about molesting women from ages 1-93. Not only is he a pervert and possible rapist but child molester as well. This all happened within the first 15 minutes of the show.

Then for the next 30 minutes Gorgeous George got butthurt and whined and bitched about Sara. Basicaly calling her a lying whore (considering how much he loved Sue, that would still be an upgrade). He then, in a lame attempt, pretended that she called the show. The problem is the pod on her channel was so low that it was inaudible. Just like his Public Access show, he doesn't know how to control the equipment (mainly because his fingers were still sticky from eating Popeye's chicken); however, the last time he played it, the audio sounded suspiciously similar to Brenda. She has neither confirmed or denied this, then the idiot at the end of the show took calls and got pranked (what a fucking surprise). You can listen to the show here (5 parts):

It was later learned that GG bought the time to be on the air once again lying that the station gave him the show.

Gorgeous George is losing his "MANSION"

this is what he calls home

Recently, the splooge haired pudgey accidently messaged a goon on youtube with some news, thinking they were PsychicBrenda1. It was about how his worthless ass doesn't in fact make a SIX INCOME FIGURE (Big surprise, right?), and is close to losing his "MANSION" that mommy gave him.

"Hey Brenda, my video addressing this matter will be up by friday. I'm going to rip these a-holes a new one.

My main concern right now is saving my home and there is nothing I can do, just about coming close on having a nervous breakdown. I have to show the mortgage company my income and I have nothing to show them, since what I make is cash in hand with driving the taxi. Though I have to turn around and pay three hundred dollars a week for rental of the cab. Which makes me averaging maybe about 300.00 dollars a week. Even though New's Years eve I made that in one night. Though I can't count on that. So there is no consistency on my income. Plus the internet advertising is a bust. It wasn't as good like what I was doing at Magazine COMPANY I was working for.

I need guarantee income to save my home or if not the writing is on the wall. So as bad as it is in dealing with this internet bullshit from the assholes, it is only a secondary issue. I need to concentrate on keeping my home that I've been living for 38 years of my 42 years of my life.

If I lose that house it will devastate me. I'm desperate and I need to make a steady income and average about 1,000 a week. This is ordeal is draining me and zapping my strength. What I'm thinking about is keeping the taxi job, but get something during the day that is steady and get rid of the internet advertising gig.Making the Taxi job nights only.

I need a win fall of dead presidents, or altogether equaling a 1,000 dollars a week to maintain my sanity.

I was going to get Angela to invest in a coffee house and she has been going back in forth with me and now the guy went up on the price. Now she and I just got off the phone with a heavy argument. Throwing her nasty insults at me about me living in poverty and how I can't do it without her help. Another fucking emotional roller coaster in dealing with her bullshit.

So Brenda, my life is little bit more entangle with angst than you thought. Anyway, the moral of this story, I need any help you can offer with this



Maybe this will teach GG a little bit of humility. Now that he's soon to be cut from his mother's FAT, putrid, umbilical cord and has to deal with the REAL WORLD. A world where coupon sales and Takeout Taxi don't pay the mortgage. Could this be the end of the road for GG? The final nail in the coffin? Did George's entire existence finally DIE?!? I guess we just have to wait and see!...or maybe not because GG still lives in his muhmuh's house. He does this by working 12 hour days seven days a week. Something that all successful six-income-figure people do. :3

GG has multiple restraining orders

In 2010 one of the trolls found GG's criminal records. He probed further and found that he has several restraining orders from multiple women. Just proves that when GG can't get his gal he'll baw, bitch and look at you through your windows while he faps furiously until he gets his way.

The Gorgeous George Restraining Order.png

Source of teh screencap


Fat Fuck Goes On A Tirade....Again!( January 2011 edition)

ArtieTSMITW does a parody of George's disclaimer

You Take The Cake George

Recently "The FAT White Tailed Mullet" observed his 43rd birthday, which to many is a huge shock due to having clogged arteries from always stuffing his fat face with food and still not yet having a stroke because of it.Some of the following photos shows how the Fat Pig prepares himself for eating his meals.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Gorgeous George Show Season 17(and potentially last...nah GG is being a drama queen)

Maybe 2012 is when the apocalypse commences?!?!?

On October 27,2011 the fat came back for a 17th season of his train wreck of a “show” (still on public access only because the people at UPN hadn’t noticed it yet.) In typical fashion GG proceeded to make an ass of out of himself and remind the world why he’s hated so much. Using his single old warty man mask (which now has a bigger cut on the bottom to get gg’s ever increasing chins inside) to make “hilarious skits”, along with Kevin acting as GG’s bitch monkey playing along doing whatever GG said because if he didn’t there’d be spankings after the show (probably would be anyways). George’s quality skits were backed up by a black guy with glasses, nick named “MC Special Ed”, who appears dead behind the eyes.

The poor man's version of the Three Stooges

In the 3rd episode GG was trying to “care okee” What Kind of Love? By Rodney Crowell when his place got lost. Lulz ensued as he went ape shit, started cussing at the people in the back “Don’t like it? Get the fuck out of here. This is bullshit!” and yelling five times in a row to “RAISE IT UP!” in reference to him not being able to hear the song he was ruining.

After the first episode a Goon on YT called “westernestates” decided to make a review of GG’s show. This angered the fatass and he got it taken down. Unable to contain his rage GG then proceeded to use his allotment of snack food money for the week and go to the library to print off black and white copies of several of the goons faces. He then wore them later in the 3rd episode of the season in a segment called “Goon Dating”. After he was done “showing the Goons whose boss” he proceeded to go batshit insane and destroy the pictures with a golf club and pour Pepto-Bismol on them (which was really left over from his earlier 6 hour binge at nacho mamas).

On his 5th episode GG brought in a random cab driver named Bo he worked with (secretly a meth head, Sue’s buddy?) who GG was promoting some music the guy had done. While still lame and stupid the music ability and video Bo made was still over 9000x better than anything GG could ever hope to do. George has since used Bo in skits making fun of the goons (bringing back his black and white goon masks) and ‘giving the goons the spotlight’ even though gg swears he never does this.


Something Awful thinks GG is passe

This coming from the same website that doxed GG as well as released his criminal record. No hypocrisy here at all. :D.

Sometime during 2012 the mods on Something Awful got a huge corncob wedged and abandoned most of the lulzy material on their site including Gorgeous George. People who have tried making posts about him have either been mocked, suspended or banned. Considering the mods have the collective sense of humor of Chris Chan this is no surprise. It just reinforces the point that you are better off giving your $10 to some AIDS ridden meth whore then giving it to lowtax

The Gorgeous Interview

The picture that was shot for the article. Notice how unshaven GG can't close his robe due to his enormous girth.

Back on April 3, 2012 Style Weekly of Richmond did a article on GG's RCAN channel 95 in Richmond. While it focused mainly on Public Access in general GG managed to squeeze himself in to it. A whole three paragraphs of a multiple page article. Even though it barely mentioned him he still acted like his usual pompous ass self. Even though GG thought this was important he didn't bother to groom himself for the picture as he didn't shave and his complexion was greasy as hell.

Arguably the most popular program is "The Gorgeous George Show," a variety show helmed by George Yarid since 1994. Yarid, resplendent in a red satin robe, and his co-host, Kevin, perform skits and monologues, sing and dance, and rarely pick up the ringing phone. Yarid disdains the "idiot callers," most of whom are dedicated hecklers.

"If they had ratings, I know that I would get the ratings," Yarid says. "I don't say that to be arrogant or cocky. It's just that I know." Yet he acknowledges that viewership has declined.

Public access can make you famous, Yarid believes. For 18 years, he's been waiting for the call to move up to the big leagues. Specifically, "taking away Jimmy Kimmel's job."


—Style Weekly on Gorgoeus George. Obviously the reporter did no research on GG's claims.

Funny how GG claims he is so popular yet his own local news magazine didn't know who he was before this article was written just proving even more that he is a internet nobody. Sort of hard to take away Jimmy's job when his janitor has never heard of you.

Style Weekly article on RCAN

Gorgeous George 2012 Radio Show (June 2012)

George apparently had enough money left over from his taxi job that he decided to spend it on another radio show. As usual GG spent the whole time bitching about people on the internet who make fun of him and threatens them with lawsuits because they continue to upload the prank call videos that he says he doesn't need copyright or need to register them to the library of congress to flag them (in reality its just because he doesn't want people to see what a complete jackass he is in those videos, so if you have them upload them and share them with others. And tell others to do the same) All in all the entire 100 minutes GG spent on the airwaves was him just airing his dirty laundry and being butthurt that people continue to make fun of him.

G.A.Y. the False Flaggot

...and I always thought GG was too busy making a six-income figure or buying women wedding rings that they'll pawn for meth.

Recently George claimed that he was too busy to keep track of what the goons do online. After all the G.A.Y. “has a freakin’ life”. Well on August 23, 2012 one goon challenged him by uploading his videos to youtube non-stop. It wasn’t long before the first ones were false flagged. To relieve his butthurt the G.A.Y. went out for a walk and the whole Eastern Seaboard felt it. The result of George's first exercise in years 08-23-12

After GG’s Earth shattering stroll he went and false flagged even more videos. His typical day looks something like this. A day in the life of George

It was the conclusion of the goons that GG sits in front of the computer all day rubbing his dong as he types his name in to jewtube and jewgle. The only time GG really gets off of his duff is when he sticks a whole box of twinkes down his gullet.

Gorgeous George goes on a tirade against the internet for the 3rd year in a row! (7-23-2012 edition)

The BAAAAAAAW Fest continues
The Crybaby finale

It should be of note that GG uploaded the same videos to three youtube accounts because he's afraid that everyone will false flag them. What GG the false flagging hypocrite doesn't realize is only faggots and cowards do that.

Also GG finally admitted to driving a taxi & selling coupons for a living. Believe it or not up until this point he actually tried to convince the netz that he was affluent, living in a huge mansion with ties to many celebrities. Sort of hard to claim you're shitting out money when you got a huge mortgage and are selling some elderly lady coupons for White Castle during the day and driving methed out trannys to Fieldens at night.

August 2012 Exposing Incidents

There have been several reports that George once again exposed himself, this time to a poor unfortunate young lady. Apparently GG walked into the grocery store (So he could continue to STUFF HIS FAT FACE!) to do more grocery shopping after he ate his 6th trips worth of groceries that day, when he went up to the female cash register and tried to hit on her, which she denied him (SHOCKER!) George then unzipped his pants and as he proceeded to whip out his 2inch dong, George shouted at her "You haven't had the opportunity to see Gorgeous George in the RAW BABY!" The girl screamed and called for management to report what just happened. GG, with his pants still halfway down, became startled and ran out the door with his bare ass still showing for everyone to see, quickly got into his car and before he got the chance to shut the door completely, GG floored it, spilling some of his leftover groceries from one of his stops earlier and left a trail of rice krispies and milk in the entire parking lot.

Then to top the cherry on the fail sundae he was caught doing something else earlier in the month. GG was spotted at a little league game. At some point he had to go to the port-o-potty (Probably because him and Matt were getting hot and bothered at the young boys in their uniform). He was masterbauting with a fevered fury when a person who had to actually go opened the door. That's right, GG was too stupid and horny to lock the door. He immediately became embarrassed and ran out with his pants half off. In his hasty exit he wasn't looking and tripped over a rock on the way to the parking lot.


The Magic Matt Saga

Matthew Tatum giving his sexiest :O face

On July 2,2011. It was discovered that George's former co-host "Magical Matt" (AKA Matthew Patrick Tatum) who he mentions on his website, was arrested on July 9,2001 for AGGRAVATED SEXUAL BATTERY ! Seems like GG surrounds himself with self-loathing garbage and social outcasts.(You know like he says that the goons are a bunch of social outcasts) Once again the irony is mind boggling.

Here's the link showing the mugshot Matthew Patrick Tatum (Magical Matt, GG's former co-host at the beginning of his show)and his charges! This man has been nominated for the huge stud award for seven years in a row.

GG believing that Matt was 100% innocent had no qualms about a child rapist moving in to his home. He defended him to everyone that confronted him about his decision until sometime in 2013 when in another lolsuit Matt testified against him. Apparently child fucking is OK but not the backstabbing in the back. GG bawed, told Matt to pack his kiddie porn and threw him out immediately, once again giving lulz to the masses.

This is the video where GG talks about the incident. He speaks in code but fails as he mentioned that this is the person who he started the show off with in the '90s. Starts @ the 8:22 mark.

Fontaine has deaded

To raise enough money for the operation GG pimped Fontaine on teh cold mean streetz.

Back in early 2013 GG found out that his beloved pet had a tumor in his nose. The vets said his prognosis wasn't good and he should probably be put to sleep. GG being the selfish psychopath decided he would raise the money and prolong his dogs suffering. The first thing he did was curse out the vet that treated Fontaine saying that he donated thousands of dollars a year and he should get special treatment. When that failed GG e-begged on several websites asking for $5,000. He raised a total of $80. Instead of admitting failure GG prolonged his dogs agony for months until (what a shocker) he died. The first thing GG did was buy radio time on RCAN so he could bitch about it.

Bawfest part 1
Bawfest part 2

Gorgeous George The Documentary

Brandon Hardesty best known for his mediocre acting, late night TV appearances and Gorgeous George Parodies made a documentary of the fat pig. It's been something that he planned for years but GG didn't entertain the idea until recently due to his immense butthurt. On GG's last show in 2013 Brandon dropped by and was given the red carpet treatment. It's lulzy because Brandon was at one time GG's archenemy. There are already signs the documentary is in trouble including the fact that GG thinks it's a joint effort. We all know GG rules his image with an iron fist and if Brandon is not careful it will look like the North Korean documentary A Day In The Life. Well the documentary was completed in January and Brandon has been shopping it to various film festivals with zero success so far.

Starts at the 52 minute mark:

George confirms that this 30 minute treasure will eventually be uploaded to youtube. There will be no history of GG being a lolcow (as suspected) and George claims that this documentary is hilarious. There hasn't been a Lollercaust like this since Chris Chan drank his own semen with Fanta coincidentally George's beverage of choice.


New Tactics For Harassment

Under youtube's new rules it is much more easier to win copyright appeal which made the fat one to throw a temper tantrum on the floor of his house causing a small Earthquake. Since GG is not contempt with people having negative opinions of him, George has developed new ways of false flagging videos including privacy invasion, inappropriate content, etc. because you can't appeal those strikes. Thus he wrote another butthurt tirade on his youtube page.

GG Projects Again In 2014.jpg

LULZ :D the irony. George has not grasped the concept that negative opinions on youtube can be avoided if you don't watch the videos. Instead he claims that his detractors obsess over them which is the furthest thing from the truth. Of course GG was projecting as all he does is thinks about how he can crush his enemies with the weight of his fat body. GG even says it "If you love me I will always be in your heart.If you hate me I will always be on your mind.". Well George you must love those goons because they are always on your mind like a plate of greasy nachos.

The 20th anniversary of The Gorgeous George Show and the cancellation

George's reaction to hearing his show got cancelled

One of the things that George brags most about is the fact that he has been on public access for years and therefore means he's ultra talented. The thing that George always leaves out is all you have to renew your show is to sign a couple papers. For George the act of reaching for his pen and signing a piece of paper is a week of exercise.

RCAN to celebrate George's 20th anniversary on the air has cancelled his show. Due to budget cuts and many complaints from viewers RCAN is closing its doors. This is probably due to the fact that George would frequently eat the stage when the staff didn't buy him 100 McRibs.

Needless to say this crushed George as his show was the only way he could stroke off his 1 inch ego. This hasn't detoured GG from making himself a laughing stock elsewhere as he plans on buying more radio time and making videos for youtube that no one will pay attention to.

GG 2014 Prank Calls

With GG changing his number constantly you'd think it'd be impossible to prank call him but security has been lax at the Yarid residence.

Some nigger confronted GG about attempting to put his cheese sperm into his Girlfriend's vagina. GG acts like he doesn't know who it is but GG using his Playa' hand bitch slapped him off the phone then George proceeded to cry in to his KFC bucket because no one has touched his finger lickin' thighs since Bush was in office.

GG 2014 Prank Call

Since everyone has been calling him lately GG has tried his best to avoid the phone but the curiosity got the best of him once again. Maybe because he thought a can of used KFC grease was on the other side of the phone. Listen as GG tries with all his restraint not to yell at this stranger on the phone.

{{#widget:SoundCloud |id=204149458 |width=100%

"GG Phone Call April 4, 2014"


You'd think with these new wave of prank calls that he'd just unplug his rotary phone. We know he can't pay to change it because he has got to pay two mortgages and his job to drive his precious taxi.

UPDATE - George in a failed attempt at raging false flagged the Youtube video. In his infinite wisdom forgetting that you can't false flag Soundcloud files. FAIL! FAIL! FAIL! FATTY! FATTY! FATTY!

The "Secret" GG interview -The Gorgeous George Show goes bye bye in 2015-

George letting his guard down again revealed many juicy bits about his "life" to the same troll.

The documentary that Brandon Hardesty is making on George has been completed. Thus the most boring film since Ishtar has been thrusted upon the Earth. It has been confirmed that GG's history as a lolcow was not included making it anti-lulz. Brandon is currently sending the film to various festivals. I'm sure it will be shown at Sundance and Cannes in no time.

Also the Gorgeous George Show is finally coming to a end. A sudden ticket tape parade was thrown in new york and people were so happy and excited by the news that a sudden orgy broke out. The station lost all of its funding from George gorging himself at Carl's Jr. George says he will focus on his Podcast (In other words uploading ten hour tl;dr videos on youtube where he just says derp derp derp with plenty of dead air.). Considering most of his videos have 10 views or less I'm sure George will gain great success.

Other than the typical bawing by George he does his usual straw man grand standing. Claiming that all of his haters are secretly attracted to him and or admire him. In one case he bitches about one troll being gay and calling him "that mashed potato face guy". George not seeing the irony that his face looks like it has been through the cheese grater at Taco Bell several times over.

{{#widget:SoundCloud |id=204149524 |width=100%

"GG Phone Call April 4, 2014"


GG 2014 Bawfest

George not knowing when to stfu bawed to another troll who he thought was someone he was suing. In the conversation George said non-G.A.Y. comments such as "I'm going to stuff that pork in your mouth." and "I'm going to fix your fucking ass". Also George reveals his ulterior motives for suing and that's so he can win money from the families of the defendants. George not realizing that once a child is 18 that a parent is no longer responsible for their kids. Derp!

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Bawfest part 2 -A Challenger Appears-

George in his non-stop rage bawed to another troll. This time George didn't know what he was in for as he got more epically pwned than usual. Some dutch guy made a video about George not knowing about his lolcow past. He then proceeded to send a polite message to the fat fuck to see why his video was flagged. This enraged George as usual and accused him of being several other trolls. In GG's universe on three people troll him and everyone else worships the ground he walks on. The troll had some balls as he not only told GG his real name and address but he also gave him his IP address. This leaving GG impotent gave one of the worst comebacks ever.

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The Mass GG Video Upload of 2014

With his upcoming documentary soon to be released George actually has felt comfortable enough to upload some of his old shows. George is more than likely doing it because his delusional ego thinks he still has a shot taking Jimmy Kimmel's job. The problem for George is the videos have prank callers massively pwning him, skits which make 99% of the videos on youtube look professional in comparison, also some of the things he has admitted in videos make him even more vile than he already is. For example in one video George defends a Pageant he held in which many people complained that it looked like child pornography. Which is interesting because his first co-host Magic Matt is a convicted pederast. George used to defend his convicted pedo friend until he backstabbed him in the back at court. Beside that he does a lot of derpy things as usual like claiming to read fan mail in one video when you clearly see it was a phone bill. There was also another video where GG shot a skit video at a conference room of a Holiday Inn, screws up the audio mix of the craptastic skit video then towards the end explodes on camera (editing most of it out). It makes you wonder if GG is wanting even more trolls in his life. :D


GG's 2014 Shows (AKA 20 Years of Crap)

GG finally realizes that he wasted 20 years of his life.
Even Bo has an epiphany about how shit GG's show is.

So GG's 20th anniversary has come. To celebrate his milestone GG actually lost weight but still has the white cum spot in his hair. You would think that since GG holds this show close and dear to his heart that he would do something special and you would be mostly wrong. That's bullshit. He raged like usual. One of the things that he did that was different was a new intro which just proves that GG is still a 50 year old virgin. It would even give Satan douche chills. It's just a horrific Beach Boy's cover of Kokomo where they say different words for bearded clam over and over (DERP! DERP! Clever aren't they?). Also GG and Kevin were both desperate for people to call the show an no one called (as they constantly reminded you of it every few minutes). Just goes to show that the only people who care are teh interwebz, prank callers and trolls.

In other anniversary news Kevin is back in GG's life (see "Kevin Leaves Gorgeous George and his Show"). Even though he said he was getting rid of all the "toxic people" away in his life it appears George sweet talked his way back in (which probably involved a ton of anal ease and Nacho Mama's).

GG's 20th Anniversary Rage Special

To start off the anniversary George prances around in his gay robe and acts like nothing is wrong. However when he sits down the flames of rage burns in GG's souless eyes. He asks Kevin to talk about the news which lasts a whole few minutes before the show derails. He immediately talks about being a victim of a prank call. Then precedes to tell the truth about teh trolls. The anger in his face is very apparent but acts like he is teh winner. The bawfest last for about 20 minutes. He takes a break to butcher a Johnny Cash classic and then baws again. Instead of focusing on the shows accomplisments he spend more than 30 minutes of his show time claiming to talk about people he doesn't care about. He also threatened to false flag every video about him on youtube.

He also admitted to losing weight because of the trolls as well as having a convicted pederast live in his house until he testified against him in court.

The best parts are his delusions of grandeur. In spite of no network picking up his show and TV becoming a wave of the past GG claims he is getting a show. He says because of the documentary that it opened the doors to stardom and justify why his show is the greatest. He says however that he won't do a show based off of him being a "comic book character" but only if the show is based on his true comedic talent.

To top the cherry on the fecal sundae GG claims that a child with cancer was the biggest fan of his show. Need I say more.

Gorgeous George Commercials

GG is such a valued customer at Insurance Doctor that they bought him store cake. (Notice how GG doesn't even tuck in his shirt for the picture)

I shit you not. GG was in commercials. Back in 2002 he did two commercials. One for Insurance Doctor and another for a porn store. In the first commercial GG claims is great and has his two BMW's insured with them which is lulzy considering it would take him two years of saving back then just to afford one. The second GG commercial was his dream come true. The store greatly appreciated the ad and they allowed GG to cum on all the use porn VHS that they sold there. Starts at the 25:34 mark.

Gorgeous George Lays It on the Line Show Discussion (AKA GG Disclaimer 2015)

George who is still convinced has fans who think he is talented and believes what he says is the truth made another video to address his detractors (Just proving once again the trolls control him). Filmed by Kevin at a whopping 360p. WATCH OUT!

It starts out with George looking at the manbla website on his PC and doing the some of the worse acting to coming along since Chevy Chase "talking" to someone on the phone about bringing ladies on the next season of his show.

The first thing you notice is his sink full of dirty dishes and cupboards are open which is a step up from his last tirade where his fingernails were covered in feces.

Once again George baws about random people on the internet as if anyone cares. He takes the lulz factors up a notch when he tells one troll to get raped by Jerry Sandusky because for more than 10 years George deafened his friend Matt who was also a sexual predator. George still doesn't comprehend that he is the biggest hypocrite on the planet in the same way he doesn't understand that in order for a double dildo to work you need two people.

Gorgeous George Show DOES RULE

In a rare occurrence GG made a second disclaimer video. You'll notice that he sort of cleaned up in this video but George tries to justify the glasses being on the sink saying that they are for the guests. If that is the case I wouldn't drink out of them because shit gets in the glasses. They call it a cupboard for a reason George. Other than that George does his typical raging, lying out of his ass and being a hypocrite. This time George is threatening to be a troll by reuploading videos no one cares about. This is hilarious as he spends 23 hours out of the typing his name in to jewgle and false flags all the sux videos.


George has been raging at the same goon for the past month. GG trying to change his image has been trying to be a life coach with a bad inspirational video called the "Laws of Attraction". So the same fag made a video calling GG a malignant narcissist and GG threw his life coach act out the window. You can see George has an unhealthy obsession with homosexuality as he mentions once every ten seconds in the video. GG really loses it towards the end and clearly needs psychiatric help and lulz was had by all.

Did you know that no matter where you pause the video George looks angry? - The Moar You Know

Note about these videos: George keeps taking them down and reuploading them for fear of them getting false flagged.

GG Challenges Goon to a Debate and Immediately Pussies Out

First Screencap of George Issuing a Debate and Backing Down
Second Screencap of George Issuing a Debate and Backing Down

Since George constantly loves to throw his weight around he issued a challenge to a goon on Facebook. It looked something like this:

alright you bastard i've got a little deal to make with you. live on one of my radio shows lets you and i have it out on air. uncensored and unedited. time will be mentioned. under one stipulation if you make this known too any other troll all bets are off. no show. i'm going to rip your ass a new one. date will be set soon. no mention to anybody else. once and for all i'm going to silence your ass at my terms. so if you're not a pussy. i'm going to expose you. on my terms only. bring it. - teh G.A.Y. who still doesn't know that you are suppose to capitalize the first letter of every sentence. Derp!


So the goon heard from a mole that he was going to have Matt Wilson on. When he confronted GG with that suddenly he packed up his tampons and toys and shuffled home.


You tell anybody there's no show. You are so fucking typical and predictable. BTW who's the mole. You are so full of shit it ain't even funny. If you had the testicles you would go under my terms. Just like I figured. You are a fucking pussy. Going to three rooms of your house proofs nothing. Who was holding the camera? Easy when your parents leave. Own it you are a bonafied liar. - teh G.A.Y. who says this "proofs" nothing. :D


GG Issues Death Threats

So he's bawing to the same troll on facebook and of course tons of lulz was had between his usual GGisms and typos. As usual he was being pwned when GG decided to step it up by threatening to write ED pages on the goons and issues several death threats.

GG Issues Death Threat 1.png
GG Issues Death Threat 2.png
GG Threatens to Make an ED Page About You.png

GG Starts Making ED Pages

Since the only emotion GG has is revenge he had rovestyakuto write a page about the troll he hates the most. Shondaebrennan is page that was made out of sheer butthurt. It is funny in all the wrong ways for many reasons. 1) That is not the trolls name. They purposely changed the name because they thought it was lulzy. 2) 90% of the info on the page is a flat out false. Rovest interjects himself by claiming he was a furry that is also in to women (SPOILER: HE'S A FAGGOT). 3) When his masterpiece was completed George contacted him and proceeded to make everyone lulz with his threats.

GG Makes a ED page out of butthurt.png
GG Threating an ED edit war.png
GG Threating to Rage Delete his ED Page.png

Moar Lulzy ED Threats

George claims his ED page that he made for Shondae was a success and claims he'll make it for other people who troll him like people on here care. George sees himself as a victim (which is fucking funny because in the screencap below he also claims he is strong) and won't stop bitching until he gets his way. He claims he will destroy his enemies with ED as if by making a page it will summon every troll on the interwebz to do his bidding. As he says he is determined to destroy those who troll him. lol The delusions.

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GG Strikes Fat (Summer 2015 Hand Full of Crisco Edition)


George didn't strike it big (get it?) with his documentary. This is the greatest injustice GG has endured since McDonald's told him they couldn't make 9000 Big Macs for a evening snack. Instead of finally taking the hint that he is about as talented as a room full of Carrot Tops he has been striking against the trolls because after all they ruined his opportunity to take over Kimmel's Job (Like anyone still fucking watches late night TV).

In one case he challenged one to meet him at his house to fight him. When the troll accepted the challenge but wanted to do it in a public area so he wouldn't shoot him George immediately chickened out.

In another case when a troll uploaded one of his videos to Youtube he threatened his life which is hilarious considering they live in opposite sides of the country. George also told him that he would be famous by now if he had the right agent he would be famous by now AND TYPED IT IN ALL CAPS!!!!!!!!!

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Gorgeous George Insane Rant #...I lost count

George points to the general area where he lost his marbles
George shows us constipation causes anger
Remember to always spit on your 1 megapixel camera

Since George lost lolsuit 2015 he is even more mad than usual. It starts out where George says he is not going to mention names and then proceeds to mention a name he wasn't going to talk about. He then gets more angry that he lost the case and says no one has a right to critic him. Then the pot calls the kettle black when he claims that the person is obsessed with him when George frequently visits this site every minute. He then claims rovestyakuto (who was a GG white knight) wasn't real. Then he talks about his new job and claims he manifests positive things in his life shortly before he loses his shit for the 9000th time. For the next five minutes he baws about how Fair Use is not a legal defensive and he has Carte Blance to false flag everything. Speaking of he claims he made Gorgeous George and His TV Show. The documentary that was made by Brandon Hardesty and Kenny Johnson. George then goes on a paranoid rant about how everyone is calling him even though he produces no evidence as such. The put a cherry on top of the shit Sundae he calls someone out to kick his ass all the while spitting on the camera. :D

GG has just declared war

In GG's effort to show the world his progressive loss of sanity he has declared war. The video starts off with GG bawing over the same fucking troll he has been butthurt by for years. GG talks about how big and fat his chin is which is fucking hilarious since GG's chin put's Jay Leno's to shame and is ten times as fat. Speaking of GG's fat chin notice how he purposely does not film it. He then goes off on a insane tirade about how he is going to war against people who criticizes him and youtube (what happen to all that positivity you claim you exude George?).

Happy Abortion Survival Day...OMG HE HAS A KNIFE 2015

I'm a Cancer.


—George finally comes to a realization about his talents.

GG has a Knife.png

To revel getting poked with a wire hanger one too many times GG celebrated by having a radio special. George had Kevin, random black people come by as well as some delicious cake. For some bizarre reason GG felt compelled to film the whole thing in three parts which were edited in the usual GG style on his semen covered camera. George showed up in a striped undershirt and a jacket with a busy pattern which doesn't clash at all.

The video opens with gg looking despondent and browsing his phone (no doubt to see if anyone was uploading his precious clippages). George then does a disturbing bit with a knife where he talks about sacrificing women. The female constantly disses GG through out the show and makes fun of the fact that he has paper plates with the Dallas Cowboys on them (proving GG is a perpetual manchild). Shortly after that they have cheap store cake and GG cuts it by putting his grimy paws deep in to it and cutting, then serves it to everyone. Yummy! GG then proceeds to eat it and get cake all over his face like the true slob that he is. As usual GG talks shit about them faggots and proves how manly he is by playing the Pet Shop Boys. Also George finally admits he stole his whole act from Rick Flare. GG actually takes calls during the show but a suspicious event took place that he actually filmed. Earlier in the show GG got a call from a strange phone number and wouldn't answer it however he conveniently gets a guy calling who kisses his ass. At one point GG says that Matt Wilson was calling later and the caller got excited about it (even though it was his first time calling and never hear of Matt before).

GG Gets Caught Green Handed About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

George made an announcement during the show that he gave up on Sue. Claiming that she was with a Hell's Angel Biker. GG's natural enemy. Even more shocking GG claims to have a new squeeze. Hopefully they don't spawn because if they do they'll create Super Mega Hitler Satan.

It should be of note that GG the usual professional breaks a lot of in studio etiquette like 1) eating food in studio 2) not fading out music properly and in some cases stops it mid song 3) Doesn't back announce the songs he played 4) Makes a lot of visual jokes because you know that works well over the radio. 5) Dead Air moments 6) Touches the equipment after he gets his fingers messy with the cake 7) Playing with the mics. etc.

The lulziest part of the thing was GG decided to dance and much to his detriment his bottom button popped open (probably due to GG eating all the cake) exposing part of his belly. lol

Get Ready to Fap to GG's Buddha Belly About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Toward the end of the show everyone couldn't get wait to run from that studio that now has GG stink. Even Matt Wilson ditched GG's fat ass in the end. At the end of the video GG sulks in his chair showing to the world that he is not as happy and as successful as he claims he is.

GG's wants to sacrifice some bitches with his knife
30 seconds of professionalism
This shit is two hours long. Get your cyanide capsules ready.

A GG's Guest Challenger Appears

The female who appeared in the Birthday abortion saw a response to GG's documentary and left some juicy comments. She said the only reason why she went to see GG on his birthday was because she got paid for it. You can see her in the video always looking at her phone she was so bored. She also said GG was talentless. Proving all people who are "friends" with GG talk shit behind his back.

Female Guest Talks About GG 2.png Female Guest Talks About GG 1.png Female Guest Talks About GG 3.png Female Guest Talks About GG 4.png

I think Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is missing a patient

The look of sanity.
GG claims he has ties to the Mafia.
I got more talent in my tiny pinky than you do in your entire existence.


—George being delusional as usual.

George is definitely having signs of being a lunatic. Unshaven, unkempt and smelling of Jack Daniels and Twinkles. George starts talking about his favorite troll because he submitted court documents proving that George lied in his appeal against him. He is also mad that all the lulzy stuff about his birthday was being posted to ED. Specifically finding out that his female friend said that GG wasn't talented (The death sentence in GG's book). Since she wouldn't lick his smegma covered cock, he blocked her off of facebook. Claiming that he did everything for her and how dare she say GG is not funny. George then blames the troll for the demise when he was the one that ended it for no good reason. GG then talked about what a "hard worker" he is and why he is better than you (which apparently involves checking youtube all day to see if anyone uploaded the sux series). He also baws about the fact that youtube won't take down all the videos of his enemies. George then tells everyone how copyright infringement really works even though he hasn't won one lolsuit. To top the cherry on the shit sundae George claims he is being harassed by all the videos the trolls make (the ones he voluntarily watches) and says he'll get revenge by spamming the comments (OH NOES!).

Wait...it gets better. George is mega butthurt by one troll named Shondaebrennan. George claims that he is going to California to file even more lolsuits against him and says he's got people watching his every move and once he gets the money that faggot will be whacked. Which is interesting considering he has three figures in his bank account. All hit men in Virgina definitely work that cheap. George claims the entire reason this person is trolling him is because he thinks George is hawt.

Ray Stretch Eppleman

GG's ground breaking trolling account
Gorgeous George Ray Eppleman 2.png

Ray Stretch Eppleman is George's lame attempt at "trolling". He has a youtube account with said name (that he uploaded the previous butthurt tirade to) and a facebook account.

In his facebook account he uses memes that were last relevant when the Alley McBeal dancing baby were teh rage. He claims he studied "Secret Intelligence Officer at the University of Nebraska at Omaha". He's not trying way too hard at all. Even though George claims it is a trolling account all his friends are women which just goes to show George is more attractive in the eyes of women when he doesn't show his fat face.

In an facebook group about the hairy beast a discussion was had about George's filthy nails (because he learned hygiene from hogs that sleep in their own feces). One of the goons mothers made a comment about what a pig he is. George who was lurking couldn't hold back his butthurt anymore and let out a tirade that Hitler would have been proud of.

hey susan before you judge anybody worry about your sons aspergers disease and how much of misfit that he is and how he can't hold job in a minimum wage burger joint.


His he product of rape or having sex with a fucking ape? Perhaps maybe a trucker who had casual sex with you in his pickup truck. He was found in dumpster and the authorities hand him back to you because he was mistaken from your fecal matter. They told you to flush your fucking waste or next time you would be arrested for deficating in public.


Needless to say GG's tough guy routine didn't last long and he easily got pwned by everyone in the group. I thought George was teh epic troll. What happened GG? =(

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GG's Ray Stretch Eppleman Facebook Account

Ray Stretch Eppleman Youtube Account

Another Radio Monstrosity -August 26, 2015-

George is wearing an outfit that was designed by Oompa Loompas

WARNING - If you watch this tl;dw video you will die of boredom. ED will not assume legal responsibility for you being dumb enough to watch it

One of the things that makes George forever a lolcow is the fact that he never learns his mistakes and this video epitomizes it. Just like his last "radio show" he does the same unprofessional crap (e.g. stopping music mid song, not back annoucning, etc.), not cleaning his spoolge covered camera however one thing he did do different was wear loose fitting clothes making him look like 10 tons of crap in a 100 ton garbage bag. This was an major improvement since his clothes were so tight that his buttons were flying off his shirt like .357s.

The show itself as mentioned before was dull as an emo trying to cut himself with a butterknife. He spends the first hour stroking Donald Trump's cock and wrestling. This is beyond hilarious since GG is an extreme leftist but this make sense since he hates dem queers. The second half of the show he shits all over hip-hop claiming that none of it contains a message or melody. He then talked about how country is the greatest gerne EVARS. George then claimed that Richard Marx is the greatest singer of all time. To review George loves trump, Richard Marx, wrestling, country music and hates hip-hop...yet democrat.

The only lulz to come from the video is when talks about a goon (which happens at 1:02:00) while pounding back beers. George says he will continue to do his show no matter what guaranteeing lulz for generations to come. He then called the goon self-loathing which is hilarious since George looks bummed half-time drinking teh beers. George then baws about lolsuit 2015. George claims that the reason his case isn't being heard is because of a jurisdiction issue when Judges have told him multiple times that his cases are frivolous. George claimed that if he had a lawyer the judge would take him seriously failing to realizing that if they thought George had a case they'd work for free. Being a delusional malignant narcissist doesn't halp things either.

In addition to bitching about that George whined that we call Vince Random Black Guy. Not realizing we call him that 'cause it is fucking random for him to have black people on the show. Speaking of George got a call from a woman who later turned out to be a relative of random black guy. George actually thought that she might be a goon (this proves btw that the calls ae screened and he only takes calls from people he knows because George is a gigantic pussy).

For some random reason Geore decided to play a video on teh youtubez of women farting. This should be no surprise because farting is one of George many fetishes. He was caught making a comment shortly after GG made his first youtube channel (GEORGEYARID) on a Frau Jablonski video saying how hawt that was. The goons saw his comment because GG was too dumb to turn his history to private and a ton of lulz was had at his expense. Even Psychic Brenda tried white knighting him and failed.

The only comments left from the fart video after GG rage deleted that Youtube Channel.

George Actually Has a Fan and Treats Him Like Shit

Would believe he actually has a fan that goes by the name YouTube Favicon.png piss4400? He actually thinks Gorgeous George is funny. So he made a video showing his fanboyism which quickly got negative attention. George seeing the video demanded the comments be removed for no good reason (which he did) and then demanded he take down the video (which he did). The reason GG did this was because he thought piss4400 was a troll. This didn't settle well for piss4400 and then made a video discussing how petty George was. The shocker was George demanded that video be taken down too. He then made a new video showing one of the PMs he had with George claiming that if he did what he said like a good puppy dog that he'd be on his next radio show (and like clockwork he baleeted this video to). piss4400 said he sent George other messages but never responded back.

George saw this and made a short video responding to it claiming the reason he hasn't responded back was because his high school friend died in an "armormobile" accident. He starts off the video saying "I'm going to say this as nicely as I can." showing how angry George is. This first thing he does is baw that piss4400 dissed his appearance (which makes you an automatic troll in GG's book). The reason GG said he wasn't responding back was because of said death which is funny because they only had responded to each other for only a couple days and yet GG is so busy he has time to make a video proving George is full of shit as usual.

Comments From the Video GG Demanded Be Taken Down About missing Pics
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GG Baws Yet Again 11-25-15

GG and Kevin are dressed as typical Southern hicks.

So GG whines from his warm & cool backyard (probably because he is still going for the World's hoarders record in his house). The first thing he baws about is how the trolls are uploading his videos and getting away with it now that Youtube is wising up to GG's crying bitch ways. George then mentioned how he works non-stop and that he is miserable Boo-Hoo, poor GG. He primarily spends the video bashing piss4400 who is now GG's enemy #1. In addition to calling him a retard (project much there GG?) he gives him hilarious film tips. George tells him to film his face not to film your legs, etc. All the things GG was doing himself in the video. George can't stop being an hypocrite even while trying to insult someone. LOL! In addition to that he was full of his usual empty threats including having people do stuff in Cali like anyone cares. George claims through his "detective" sources that he will dox you all mother fuckers and gets his revenge by sitting on each and every one of you and crushing your faggot ass.

The Merry Trollmas Campaign

Gorgeous George Wrath is Cuming.jpg

THIS IS WAR!!!111!!1!11!


—George, not raging.

During Christmas week there was a bunch of trolls making videos under the Trollmas name just to experiment to see how soon he would baw and George didn't even make it until day three when he uploaded three videos on the same day (which is hilarious as George claims he has no free time to do this shit). Needless to say the experiment was great success. All are lulzy for different reasons

Basic overveiw Gorgeous George Show

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In One "Flist" We Trust

In this generically titled video George baws about the same shit. He whines that youtube won't false flag all the videos that make baby cry anymore. He also baws that the courts won't take his lolsuits seriously. GG also said he filed restraining orders out on trolls failing to realize that only apply to IRL stalkers and not online trolls. Speaking of fail George talks about his legal definition of Fair-Use claiming that can only be an legal defense for educational purposes only.

George then takes his fury out on the usual trolls but GG does it really classy by attacking a guys sister who died of cancer. Did I mention that said person hasn't actively trolled GG in quite sometime? :D

Gorgeous George Show Simple Reply

George recently asked Kenny Johnson (The Guy who produced that abortion of an Gorgeous George Documentary) to false flag videos on his behalf because his plea to the bahnchoads of Youtube support in India has fallen on fat ears. George made this fail of a video to convince everyone that Kenny did it on his own accord. Claiming that anything negative that is said about the documentary will be flagged.

George still claims he owns copyright on the documentary even though no where in the credits of it and the Library of Congress says it, showing how full of shit he is again.

FUN FACT - If you pause the video when it first plays you get to see what a dirty slob GG is. He has a sink full of dirty dishes and keeps his clean glasses just above it (Because George is too lazy to put it in the cupboard.)

Time for a heavy dose of ones medicine Shon Brennan style.

I don't make empty threats.


—George making empty threats

The last video is where GG baws about main masturbation material, shondaebrennan. George being a master comedian does a commentary about what Shon said about him using some witty comments like "Go suck a dick!", "FAGGOT!" plus a fuck ton of "HUR!" and anything a retarded freshman would say after getting his ass kicked by the football team (something that happened to GG IRL BTW). George for someone that calims to be straight say some really gay things like wondering what Shon would look like with a dildo in his mouth and he also wondered if his friends would stuff him when he went to a Thanksgiving Day Party. Obviously these are completely "hetral-sexual" thoughts.

George also has an unnatural obsession with the shape of heads and keeps whining how Shon has a weird shaped head. You know because people with oval heads are members of the Ariyan race. I don't think George has seen himself in the mirror because George's head is anything but round. It looks like basketcase with hemorrhoids.

Other than his typical fails, he threatens to hire a hitman to kill this guy. Claiming he will use his savings to do it. Who knew that you could hire a hitman for the same price of a McDonald's Value Meal.

Gorgeous George The Stalker

Remember how in the previous butthurt tirade that George was going to get restraining orders from the court to make the trolls stop stalking him (even though they did no such thing)? Well, George is being an hypocrite again! Huge fucking shocker I know. George went on to Craigslist and actually looked up every ad and found Shon Brennan who was looking for some action. George used an e-mail address Elenore Blythe when stalking him (probably George's trannie stage name). During George's bawfest he insisted that all California homes have a basements because that is always a great place to be safe in during an earthquake. Once George figured out he was being trolled again he ran away to Kevin's arms like the little bitch that he is.

GG's love letter to Shon About missing Pics
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