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Gossiprocks is a gossip forum filled with old, menopausal bitches who are probably ugly and have no lives. Occasionally, there might be a few 16 year old girls and gay guys that post there too, but most of the kiddies got driven away by the crankiness of old and smelly vagina. They claim they have lives IRL, but so far, there is no proof of that due to the hundreds of pages they've built up on with pointless celebrity babble.

Even the lady has an asshole for a mouth.

Bitter Jealous Fatties

Since having one board isn't enough for these arrogant twats, they had another one accurately named after them. Due to the e-drama the bitches have endured, this board isn't as active as it used to be at least 100 years ago. Created from some gay guy, almost all the faghags went towards Gossiprocks and started doing damage over there. This still hasn't prevented the trolls from creating massive lulz to their precious old-lady community. Some well-known trolls include:

Lolijume: Got a whole thread dedicated to her

Femmefatale: The High Priestess of all Had herpes and the most perfect life. Evar. Created a most lasting impression

Sandcastles: Was a mediocre story-teller, providing the fatties with tales of the life they wish they had. Unfortunately, it was a fake troll from some idiot with another account. Somehow, the mods found out and resulted in banhammer.

Yoyanna: Talked about weird shit like pubic hair and getting horny over your step-brother.

JaylaMaria123: A recent troll that also talked about the weirdest shit, like smelling balls and being a semi-decent looking person.

A notable life coach/former member.

There are also some notorious clusterfucks that lurk around the board 'til this day. Be warned that they will kill and suck your blood for the eternal youth they've been longing for.

How You Can Troll GossipRocks

  1. Sign up for an account.
  2. Make a thread about your untouched vagina (or something along those lines) and wait patiently for the responses.
  3. Keep replying with lulzworthy posts.
  4. ???
  5. PROFIT!!


Latest Photos: The star-stalker part of the board. Where you can find pictures of celebrities every single day, which further proves none of these cunts have no life.

Photo Archive: Used to take pictures of celebrities from award shows and of old photos for the members to obsess over for their sick shrine.

Magazine and Photoshoots: Where magazine covers and photoshoots are posted for criticism and are insulted at. Yeah, like these people should be one to judge.

Hot Guys: The frankensteins these ladies masturbate over when their husbands/boyfriends/poor unfortunate souls are not giving them any.

Hot Women: The everyday reminders of how ugly they look compared to these wondrous beauties.

Latest Gossip: Where they post the latest news about celebrities. Also has the subforum Who's Gay? (hint: it's all of them).


Gossip Archive: Moar gossip shit..

Blind Items: An unimportant forum where they play guessing games with what celebrity went to do coke on some corner of Hollywood, etc.

Miscellaneous: Random crap that goes nowhere. Has the subforum Celebrity Games.

Weight: MAN THE HARPOONS. This is where they talk about their fat asses or other celebrity fat asses.

Just Plain Scary: Which is them, btw.

Famous Style: Another forum where they can criticize the fashion of celebrities. Again, they should be not ones to talk.

Plastic Surgery: What they all need.

Breast Augmentation: BEWWWWBS!11!!11!11

Rhinoplasty: NOES JOBS!111!1111

Lip Augmentation: Talk about Angelina's smackers and how they're obviously fake-looking.

Botox and Face Lifts: How they survive in this world.

Television and Movies: The horrible shows they watch.

Music and Music Videos: The boring music they listen to as old and forgotten as them.

Books and Literature: The trashy novels they read. They even have a book club. LOLOLOL.

Politics and Issues: Talking about stuff that "actually matters." Usually, an epic faggot, with an even more epic e-peen lurks here complaining about Obama and healthcare.

News: Headlines they see in their yahoos and what-not. You can see sports here.

Food and Cuisine: All of their favorite forum where they talk about their delicious curry and lamb shanks recipes.

Life and Living: Talking about their lack of lives and other useless shit. A subforum cleverly titled Parenting and Alcoholism about being parents and how they mentally (and physically) screw their children.

Beauty and Skincare: Where they talk about their beauty tips that never works. Subforums: Products and Reviews, Fashion.

The Little Big World: Better places to visit.

Health and Fitness: How they plain to lose that 500 pounds they've been carrying around inside their homes. They even have logs to record their failed results.

Home and Garden: What they could do to spare the time (and lost the weight), but no one really goes here.

OHHH the HUGE MANATEYYYYYyyyy: Titled name is really fucking stupid, but it's about pageants and other things they will never succeed at.

Love and Relationships: Where they talk about their failed love lives or lack thereof.

Pets and Animals: The furry forum.

Computers and Technology: When your computer suddenly dies or gets a virus from your dumbass, you go here. No one really helps anyways, so don't bother.

High School: Talk about other members here, because you're a grumpy little nobody with a black person heart.

Laughs and Oddities: Need something to laugh about? Just hang around on GossipRocks, you don't really need to come here.

New Members: You can come here and introduce yourself. Not like the bitter cunts are gonna be nice to you.

Help and Tutorials: DEAD.

Announcements: Shit nobody actually cares about.

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