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Goth_Macros was a liveJournal community set up in June 2007 and was the home of many funny pictures taking the piss out of goths. It was mostly populated by goths who actually have a sense of humour and a highly enlightened approach to how a community should work:

NSFW cuts just encourage whining retards. If siani_hedgehog is in a bad mood, a really good mood, or drinking, she is likely to delete anything under one. BECAUSE SHE HATES YOU.

How to get banned:

• being a dickhead • deleting comments • pissing off the mods

The moderators are bastards and will rule precisely as they see fit. It's our ball, and if you don't like it, you can fuck off."


Infamous images seen on goth_macros About missing Pics
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Dncingmalkavian Drama

macro of controversy by Clintiskeen

On April 25th, 2008, the livejournal user Dncingmalkavian entered into a whole world of butthurt and infamy. Someone found a series of pics of her on the Gothic Babes camera-whore community. Initially, dncingmalkavian "claimed" that she was being "a pretty good sport about this whole thing" until the infamous livejournal user Clintiskeen posted his walrus macro, unleashing the wrath of a Gothfatty.

Dncingmalkavian believes herself to be an E-lawyer, and due to her vast knowledge of internet law she made the following decree:

Legal decree.JPG

Sadly for her argument proceeded to fail epically, with this being the precise point of pwnage:


To clarify the low res picture, someone copy/pasted the TOS for photobucket where her pictures were hosted. Photobucket's TOS says that once you upload intellectual property to photobucket you abandon all copyright and it essentially becomes public domain.

Someone else then said PWNED!

Needless to say the quiet and reserved members of the community resisted all temptation to make further macros of her pictures after her repeated sobs of misfortune:

dncingmalkavian vs. internets About missing Pics
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But wait! That's not all!

Then the secret was revealed- She Is actually an Amazonian! (and not just a Gothfatty)


Monday the 28th came and went, with not a hint of the LJ-Abuse Gestapo in sight. Where have all the internet lawyers gone? Was goth_macros finally safe from the long hard tusk of the law? It seems the answer is NO. Dncingmalkavian was a very sneaky walrus, and had planned her attack for Friday the 2nd to spread confusion!

This is the e-mail to a member of goth_macros from the LJ Abuse team, in regards to livejournals harpooning and fishing laws.


And then... Nothing happened. Bitch fucked off. Go Team Evil!

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