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Info non-talk.png If you're apt to finding the best (or worst) of NinjaWeasel's online foibles, SCREENCAP THE HELL OUT OF THAT SHIT. Like Zer, She is known to delete every trace of her online existence after realizing what an arrogant, blind dumbass she's made of herself with whatever she's just said.
Totally original character, Whine
Whine IRL
Even furfags can do it for the lulz. Too bad they still fail.

NinjaWeasel is a stupid, egotistical furry who has major fat fetishes and claims she is encouraging body image while smoking. She is basically the equivalent of ZUR, seeing how she is now starving herself because the internet called her fat. Her art gallery consists of the same pose over and over again of nearly dead, recolored Disney or Who Framed Roger Rabbit characters (her fursona is SO not like the Toon Patrol!!1 gawd, you're SO stupid!) and she thinks she is some creative art god or something when she can't draw anything new or original for shit.

She believes she is always right and anything you say is wrong because you are stupid and she is smart. Her fursona is Whine, an anorexic purple weasel who likes to fuck fat chicks. He's a totally original idea and not at all a bulimic knockoff of Sonic the Hedgehog's token weasel character Nack, even if he's bright purple like Nack and (according to his totally original and compelling backstory) an "assassin for hire" akin to Nack (or as much of an assassin as one can get in a kid's comic book). He hates hot girls and makes fun of them for not having a higher chance of dying of a heart attack.

Apparently the idea of big fat fatties getting fucked by bulimic twinks is hot. On the side note, at least she doesn't draw fat inflation art. Whine also likes to end all his conversations with first degree murder or crippling violence because he is too stupid to have a real conversation. To the surprise of no one, given how she acts on an everyday basis, NinjaWeasel's internet friends include the likes of drama whores like Muzz. Birds of a feather...

The confusing part comes from the fact that NinjaWeasel is a chick IRL, yet claims to be straight and have a mate. This makes sense as NinjaWeasel acts like a total cunt online. She denies being female IRL, meaning she needs e-penis to compensate for her lack of having an IRL cock. Her mate in turn is a dude IRL, whose fursona is a diaperfur female fox, that wears faggot raver clothes. What makes it even more interesting is that NinjaWeasel denies being female, when multiple sources that know them IRL say otherwise.

Totally Not a Pussy

A normal conversation with Whine.

Apparently being an insane retard (self-admission) wasn't enough for someone like Whine. No, he had to have over 9000 disorders, because being a legally insane and depressed stoner player of Pokemanz and a limey cuntifornian who suffers from extreme butthurt and unwarranted self-importance wasn't good enough. She bitches the fuck at you if you call her anorexic, claiming she has a fast metabolism. Yet, she orders diet pills off the internet ("to get high"), well why not grab some caffeinated drinks instead? Too many calories, Whine? Thought yer metabolism was fast.

She's an anorexic bitch, and probably wants contrast which explains her "fetish" for fat girls. Or maybe she's just too fucked up and ugly to get a decent girl.


Why does everyone have to have a different point of view when mine is clearly the right one?

Just like Pastrami, everything is "ME ME ME" to her! If you don't stroke her e-cock, then you are a stupid black person and your opinion does not matter. Her way of thinking is "RESPECT MY OPINIONS AND I WON'T RESPECT YOURS!!" You must acknowledge her all the time AND you must think she is awesome. We believe this is how she makes her small, imaginary penis seem big.

She also likes to make controversial comments and comics, yet she gets upset when people argue or gets pissed off. That works out fine.

Her "artwork"

I wish I could spend hours drawing the same fucking shit.

Like most furries, her style is stolen from Disney and she hides this fact by recoloring them and making them nasty bulimic shits in the same pose over and over and over again. Even though this girl can't draw furries she seems to love her bony ass, probably because her style is a mixture of the Lion King and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. They happily draw fanart for her character and love jumping on his AIDS stick. Again, like Bacon Fat, she treats her fans like shit. She'll only talk to you if you drew him fanart and praise him. But if you question her, disagree, or give her any critique, she will call you stupid and hate you for speaking your mind.

Her Fans

Like every other furfag artist on the internet, Ninjaweasel has legions of unwashed losers so caught up on fapping to her picture fat chicks that they don't realize she treats them all like shit. Also like every other legion of furry art whores, the second their equally retarded leader gets a mild case of butthurt they must go SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARTAAAA!!11!1one on the offenders' asses. Luckily for Anonymous, these fans are just as eloquent and intelligent as everyone else in the fandom. It must also be noted that they like to think that deleting fucking everything in this article will bring their twig savior Whinge back. It will not.

NinjaWeasel on SL

The infamous Whine, Bruwin, Midol Photo from Tacocky Shitty
Everyone will need this

NinjaWeasel actually plays Second Life and owns the furry avatar creator, NinjaWeasel Studios. This whole business is a main source of income because of the fact that they are one of the top 5 makers, next to Aventity, Mutation Industries, Exterminatus Labs, and Luskwood. This is all in spite of the fact that she has a virtual revolving door of scripters and managers who have either incurred her wrath on a bad day and been sacked, or who have quit before she can kick them out. Under the name Whinge she sells dragons, canines, rats, sperm whales, and tentacle monsters. Her avatars take after her love for Disney, and look cartoonish themselves. So far few new avatars have come out because of Whine constantly making herself new bulimic avatars. In addition, most furfags can get a better-looking avatar for 800 to 900 Linden dollars, thus her business is failing.

On SL Whine goes by many names, including but probably not limited to: Whinge Languish, Whinge Dagger, Whinge London, Boomer Rockin, Brighteyes Warren, Twitch Misfit. Her mate is Alairan Scissor, who, like Whine, sees the need to hide herself on many alts such as Vissen Jezebel, Daydreamer Dancer, and Alairan Kaiser. During her time on Second Life, she released an avatar known as the "Chibi Fox". These avatars were favored among the babyfurs of SL for their small size, and cub-like features. Whinge ultimately got tired of the babyfurs using them, and sent an announcement to her group, explaining she would no longer sell the chibi foxes because of the "sick fucks" and babyfurs using them. This caused much butthurt in the babyfur community, and they BAWWWWWWed their eyes out.

Of course, some time later he went on to release the so-called "Feral Foxes," which were 99% identical to the chibi fox--they were 'spikier,' which somehow means they were less cute apparently. They were quickly adopted by the babyfurs he so hates for the same reason they adopted his old chibi fox, despite his attempts to make them less cutesy (an attempt that he failed at miserably).

After Whingfaggot spread her dyke seed to the Second Life community, people began to dislike her tomfoolery. A plan was crafted from the most elite of internet masterminds, Nuclear Apocalypse, to take a picture of Whinge and Bruwin (Whinge's man bitch) with a bottle of Midol. This became known as the infamous Whinge Bruwin Midol photo.




On 12/05/07, NW came across a fapchan thread (now deleted) and got all butthurt. She cleaned her entire gallery and claimed to have left forevar (despite clearly going back to read her comments). Like every fur artist of her caliber, she would come back in less then two days, when she found out no-one in the real world loves her.

She's baaaaaaaaaaaack!

If NW left the internet forever, who is left to kiss her ass (since she has no friends, fans, or people to love her IRL)? However, time will only tell when she decides to delete her SUPER SPESHUL gallery again. Studies have shown that NW is secretly a Zer clone in disguise, as she's shown many of the similar dramawhore tendencies.

She's opened a new account on FA as paranoidstripes. Figures. Disregard, closed.

Gallery of HAET

Hey kids! Whine fucking loves it when you give her free art of her totally awesome and original characters - especially when they're drawn with her bestest BFF and devoted asspatter Muzz. Have at it, fair ED reader! Any lulzy contributions are welcome!

Shouting you stole my Style

Whinge has always been known for ripping off someone's style then turning to someone else and shouting about how they stole her style. Pretty much, if you draw anything skinny/purple/a weasel/striped, you are ripping off her glossy-finished style and she will summon her minions to harass you.

In fact, if you say you're similar to her in ANY WAY she has an autistic freakout and blocks you claiming you ripped her off.

Contact Info

AIM: DopeWoozl
AIM: biteywoozl
SL: Whinge Dagger
SL: Nuka Clawtooth
SL: Whinge Languish

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