Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

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GTA: Liberty City Stories

In GTA: Liberty City Stories, you play as Toni Cipriani who is the Capo of the Leone Family. Like, Vice City Stories, there is nothing too much different than that of GTA III. Liberty City Stories takes place 3 years earlier and you play as a different character. The game is only available on the Playstation 2 and Xbox.

With an overall goal to suck up to the Don of the Leone Family, Salvatore Leone, you will often find yourself bored as fuck whilst playing this game because the missions are all the fucking same.

The protagonist of GTA: LCS, Toni Cipriani.


Toni Cipriani - The protagonist of the game. Still lives in his mother's basement and runs a shitty restaurant. Nothing much to say other than he is just one big suck-up.

Salvatore Leone - The Don of the Leone Family. A fat old man who does nothing but repeatedly fuck his wife in the ass every day, and sit around while his men do the dirty work.

Maria Latore - Primarily known as the Boss's bitch. Salvatore's supposed wife in which he hooked up with while he was in San Andreas for "business" reasons. She is a free-loader and was only after his money. Surprisingly, he was stupid enough to believe that she was "interested" in him.

Gameplay Footage

Is this Grand Theft Auto or Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

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