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Season 1

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Season 2

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Season 1

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1. Tourist Trapped

Mabel finds a new boyfriend, whom Dipper suspects to be a zombie. The "zombie" turns out to be a bunch of gnomes, who hold her hostage in the forest and nearly ræp her.

2. The Legend of the Gobblewonker

The twins, accompanied by Soos, spend all day trying to snap a picture of a sea monster in order to win $1000 bucks. Shit hits the fan when it's revealed that the "sea monster" is a huge robot being controlled by a fucking redneck.

3. Headhunters

Mabel sculpts a wax replica of her Great Pedo Grunkle Stan. Said wax sculpture pisses off the other living "wax-people" in the Mystery Shack, so they decide to behead it. Dipper and Mabel lose their shit and launch an investigation into the "murder", discovering the alive wax-people and getting into a lame-ass fight with them.

4. The Hand That Rocks the Mabel

Mabel falls victim to another psychotic boyfriend, this time; a wealthy, autistic sick fuck named Li'l Gideon (of course, he HAD to be voiced by that pedo Thurop Van Orman, the same bastard who voiced Flapjack). Gideon forces Mabel to participate in activities she is not comfortable with, insisting that she become "a permanent soulmate". When Dipper intervenes, Gideon becomes a Sith Lord and uses the dark side of the force to try and kill him, but of course, he gets his ass handed to him and emoquits like a pussy, swearing ultimate retribution on the twins.

Gravity Falls Anything's Legal.jpg
5. The Inconveniencing

Dipper lies about his age so he can get a chance to fuck hang out with Wendy and the Kewl Kidz. At dusk, everyone explores an abandoned 7-11 store, which is haunted by the shopowner's souls who happen to hate black teenagers and rap music. Dipper saves his friends by cosplaying as a lamb and doing a retarded dance almost comparable to anything Chris Chan would do for his own entertainment.

6. Dipper vs. Manliness

Dipper's family make fun of him for being a weak manlet, and cause him to run away into the mountains with a group of Minotaurs for several days while no-one in the Mystery Shack raises any concern whatsoever.

7. Double Dipper

Dipper makes a dozen clones of himself so that he can grind Wendy on the dance floor, the clones turn against him and engage in Bukkake.

8. Irrational Treasure

The twins discover that America's 8th president was in fact a paranoid schizophrenic named Quentin Trembley, and that the "founder" of Gravity Falls is some random nobody who covered up a whole conspiracy.

9. The Time Traveler's Pig

Every cartoon needs an obligatory episode centered around Time travel, amirite? This one happens to be one of the most generic ever conceived, involving Dipper repeatedly traveling back in time to try and impress Wendy. Reminds you of that one episode from another show, doesn't it?

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10. Fight Fighters

This is the episode with a shit-ton of video-game references, desperately trying to appeal to the "younger generation". In this episode, Dipper brings Ken Masters from Street Fighter into real-life, and commands him to pwn Wendy's boyfriend, Robbie, for being an all-around dick. Instead, Ken goes out of control and nearly kills everyone in Gravity Falls with his retarded shenanigans.

11. Little Dipper

Dipper BAWWW's over his sister standing a millimeter taller than him, and invents a shrink/grow ray to fuck around with the Mystery Shack. Remember L'il Gideon? Yeah, he returns in this episode and uses the Raygun to shrink the twins down to the size of an Azn wang. Gideon then performs zoosadism, macro-fetish roleplay, and force-feeding with the shrunken twins. They escape from Gideon's residence and fly back to the Mystery Shack (because fuck logic), getting caught by the short-statured assclown once again. Gideon nearly shrinks Grunkle Stan before Dipper and Mabel tickle his armpits and forcibly distract him for good measure.

12. Summerween

In Gravity Falls, Halloween is celebrated twice a year. The Mystery Shack is greeted by a tall, faceless, freak named "The Summerween Trickster", who demands that Dipper and Mabel earn him 500 pieces of candy before the last Jack-O-Melon dims. Dipper makes an epic fail by accidentally knocking the candy into a river stream, which leads the Summerween Trickster to enter his final form. Soos kills the beast by eating it. This is the only situation where a fatass will ever be useful. Ever.

What's going on out here, dudes? I heard a ruckus. Heh-heh, that's a funny word. "Ruckus".



13. Boss Mabel

Stan, being the biggest Jew in Oregon state, challenges Mabel to see who is a better boss. Stan goes on vacation, giving Mabel 72 hours to make a profit. Doing so, she slowly turns into Stan and becomes a selfish cunt.

14. Bottomless Pit!

Stan leads everyone into a bottomless pit, where they prepare to remain for the rest of their existence. Everyone gets bored as fuck so they start telling stories. First story is about Dipper's voice being transformed into David Attenborough's and scaring the shit out of everyone. Second story is about Soos and the twins getting trapped inside a Pinball machine because he got the High Score. Third story is about Stan winning a game of foody with the aid of his robot 'son'. Last story involves Mabel getting pissed over Stan's constant bullshit she has to deal with. That's it. That's the whole episode. What a fucking brilliant concept, guyz.

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15. The Deep End

It's hot as hell in Gravity Falls, and The Pines' family decide to take a splash in the local tub. Dipper applies for assistant lifeguard so he can get into Wendy's fanny, only to fail repeatedly. Meanwhile Mabel falls in love with some half-Mermaid half-degenerate spic who lives his life trapped in the pool. She goes as far as to break into the pool at night to escort the disgusting piece of shit back to it's home, in the Gravity Falls' Lake. Mabel's actions cause her brother to lose his job.

Mermando: Hola!


Mabel: Whoa! Are you from Australia?


—Mabel can't tell the difference between spics and bogans.

16. Carpet Diem

Dipper and Mabel fight each other over a hidden room in the Mystery Shack which contains a carpet that can "swap" bodies. Said carpet ends up swapping a dozen random nobodies until Dipper confesses that his sister is an annoying little shit.

17. Boyz Crazy

Mabel and her lesbian friends discover that the One Direction singers are all genetically-cloned entities who spend their lives imprisoned in a giant cage, forced to pump shitty autotuned earrape into the music industry at the hands of their fatass, Gold-guzzling Jew-boss, Ergman Bratsman. Mabel decides to free the cancerous faggots and brings them back to the Mystery Shack, where she forces them into slavery. Some time later, Mabel decides to be a cunt and pulls out the ban hammer on her only friends, and it's only until the douchebags sing a song for her that she snaps out of her possessive behavior and releases them into the wild, where their cognitive abilities rapidly deminish.

Meanwhile, Robbie plays a song that hypnotises Wendy into obeying his every order. Dipper flips his shit and teams up with Grunkle Stan to stalk Robbie while he's trying to get laid. Long story short, Wendy snaps out of it and BAWWWWs because she believes that males are instinctively aggressive and are out to dominate the social hierarchy.

18. Land Before Swine

Waddles the Pig gets abducted by a pterodactyl when Grunkle Stan carelessly throws it outside. Mabel has a bitch-fit over it, and the whole family goes on an adventure into the deep underground to save the pig. Old Man McGucket is also thrown into the story, for reasons unknown.

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19. Dreamscaperers

First part of a double-episode. Gideon summons Bill Cipher to retrieve the passcode for Stan's secret fetish vault. The twins and Soos enter Stan's mind where Dipper gets butthurt over the stupid shit that has been said about him in the past. Some random fight involving the power of imagination ensues, which Bill decides to emoquit for good measure. Regardless of these events, Gideon bombs the Mystery Shack and makes the Pines family shit themselves.

So I'm gonna let you off the hook this time. BUT KNOW THIS! A darkness approaches. A time is coming in the future where everything you care about will change. Until then, I'll be watching you!


—Bill Cipher

20. Gideon Rises

Continued from Dreamscaperers. Gideon goes full Dr. Robotnik and tries to kill Dipper and Mabel using his giant robot lookalike.

Season 2

1. Scary-oke

Dipper tries to convince the government to believe in the Journals' bullshit by causing a zombie apocolypse that could only be stopped by 3 people singing for some reason.

2. Into the Bunker

Mabel tries to pry Dipper out of the Friend Zone but pries a shape-shifter out of its cage to wreak havoc.

3. The Golf War

After Pacifica beats Mabel at the one thing she's good at: Miniature Golf, Mabel gets her to rematch her at midnight. Before the rematch the Pines twins discover that every Mini Golf hole is manipulated by tiny golf ball people. A pact is made with said people to kill Pacifica when she arrives - which is exactly what happens.

Pacifica dies. No jokes.

4. Sock Opera

Mabel's crush of the week manipulates her into making him a sock puppet opera and abandoning her brother. Desperate, Dipper offers one of her puppets to Bill in exchange all of Gravity Falls' secrets but Bill just takes his body to tries to destroy the journal with it.

A boring sequence of events that doesn't matter leaves Mabel with the ultimatum of ruining her opera, or letting Bill destroy the journal. She chooses the former and her crush is revealed to be a sick fuck.

5. Five Nights at Ha-Hoo Owl's

Soos realizes that girls don't like him so he becomes a Basement Dweller and dates an anime girl on a dating sim who turns out to be a l33t haxxor. The l33t haxxor terrorizes Soos with the cringe of the FNAF fandom until he melts the dating sim and kills her.

6. Little Gift Shop of Horrors

You find yourself greeted by Stan in front of the mystery shack. After boring the shit out of you with tales of amputations, abominations, and animations; Stan poisons you for wanting any of his cheap shit.

7. Society of the Blind Eye
8. Blendin's Game
9. The Love God
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They actually tried to do this.
10. Northwest Mansion Noir
11. Not What He Seems

Grunkle Stan snatches a version of Rick who's his brother back from the Nightmare Realm.

12. A Tale of Two Stans
13. Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons
14. The Stanchurian Candidate
15. The Last Mabelcorn
16. Roadside Attraction


17. Dipper and Mabel vs the Future

Mabel has a mental breakdown about having to grow up like everyone else. Bill Cipher exploits this to trick her into kick-starting his absolute rule of the world.

18. Weirdmageddon Part 1

Bill Cipher turns Gravity Falls into 4Chan's /b/.

19. Weirdmageddon Part 2 - Escape from Reality

Dipper and the gang find Mabel in a safe space designed for her by Bill. Complete with rainbows, all the creatures on her sweaters and in her acid trips, and "Dippy Fresh". Dipper tries to convince Mabel that everything about safe spaces and not growing up with the rest of us is fucking stupid but she has none of it.

Until she has some of it, and her safe space integrates into 4Chan's /b/.

20. Weirdmageddon Part 3 - Take Back the Falls


Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained

1. Candy Monster

The twins chase this thing throughout the Mystery Shack until it becomes a full-blown American; getting brainwashed by the television and devouring whatever it can get its hands on.

2. Stan's Tattoo

The twins try to figure out the meaning behind Stan's secret gay tattoo.

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3. The Mailbox

Dipper and Soos discover a random mailbox possessed by the Akinator, and ask it questions until Mabel comes out of nowhere and fucks everything over by depositing a video-tape of herself shoving gummy-worms up her nose. Said mailbox is shocked and appalled by the video and self-destructs.

Your gummy-worm video has disturbed and insulted me. You fools are unworthy of my great knowledge. The error of human enlightenment shall never come to pass.


—Mailbox is srs bsns

4. Lefty

Dipper stalks some random dickhead who always faces to the left. Turns out, the right side of his body exposes a network of small amoebas. Upon revealing the truth, the amoebas commit mass suicide. Entertainment for children, Disney!

5. The Tooth

Dipper and Mabel go for a paddle into the lake in the middle of the night only to discover a giant underwater beast who keeps losing its teeth, probably as a result of eating shit food all the time.

6. The Hide-Behind

The Hide-Behind Slenderman torments Dipper until he loses his sanity.

Mabel's Guide to Life

1. Mabel's Guide to Dating

Mabel teaches us how dating works; through a tl;dr quiz with OVER 9000 questions to answer. It is revealed that Soos is the god-emperor of mankind, scoring a 12 out of 5 on his quiz.

2. Mabel's Guide to Stickers

Mabel shows us her "Sticktionary", and also abuses the power of video-editing by altering everything in the clip through the click of a finger.

3. Mabel's Guide to Fashion

Mabel and her friends use the power of Feminism to physically restrain every male in Gravity Falls and dress them up like autistic cosplayers.

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4. Mabel's Guide to Color

It is revealed that Grunkle Stan hates color and has never seen a rainbow in his entire life. Mabel and her lesbian friends unleash terror on Stan by reflecting a rainbow into the Mystery Shack, exposing him to the horrors of gay pride.

5. Mabel's Guide to Art

Mabel's Jew-impulse takes the turn for the worst when she invents the "cat-icature" and ruins society by selling cringey DeviantArt bullshit for $10 dollars a piece.

Fixin' It with Soos

1. Golf Cart
2. Cuckoo Clock

TV Shorts

1. TV Shorts 1
2. TV Shorts 2

Mabel's Scrapbook

1. Heist Movie
2. Petting Zoo
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