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Chris proved MC Hammer wrong

On the Great Western Highway, a long stretch of Australian road, resides one of our greatest friends: Popo the Great Western Highway Pole. This harmless sweet pole has a couple of specialties, of which supporting power cables and killing bogans are the most notorious. That's correct! His pole-ness stands erect, watching over society while eliminating one to three bogans at a time. Theories have it that Popo is a distant relative of the late Mill Park Tree, another great addition to society and nemesis to bogans.

How Popo got recognition

On the seventh of february 2010, a rainy sunday afternoon, the 19-year old bogan and P-plater Chris Naylor was driving some friends home in his beautiful XR6. Bobby Vourlis (17), Kelsie Coleman (15) and two other girls aged 16&17 joined his ride on the Highway to Hell. Sadly enough, Chris lost control over the car around 3.15pm due to the heavy rain, resulting in him crossing 2 lanes before crashing into our friend, the massive pole. Bobby Vourlis, the front seat passenger, died at the scene, and Chris and Kelsie died later in the hospital. The two other girls survived the crash and were spotted working the streets again the next day. Popo luckily survived the crash, standing erect "over the dead mangled bogans" (Quoted Froggy Wengacourting)

Multiple facebook groups got created to mourn their death which, of course, got trolled from the start. Because Popo shouldn't be forgotten, a group in his honour also got erected, a place to share feelings of love - contrary to the boganic pages of hate.

The trolling

From the start, a few dedicated trolls uploaded some lulzy images, causing great stir in the bogan community. Soon, many death threats were received by fellow trolls and since we don't take kindly to criminals were successful, the trolling reached a whole new level: In no time there were more trolls, more pics, more lulz and more attention. As a reaction, the bogans also took it to a whole new level: they had news coverage of their story, resulting in even more lulz (more trolls and bogans joined in).

Thankful for the free publicity, Facebook created a huge b&wave on monday the 15th, a week after the trolling had started. Pioneers with glorious additions to the news reports such as Chloe Pope (Highway to Hell-pic), Froggy Wengacourting (quote + other pics), Kevin 'Tank' Gerrard and many more active on the memorial pages got banned, causing all their win to be deleted off the walls.


Because bogans are such great detectives seeking for wrath, some decided to aid them. Here are a few steps to think about when luring:

  • Where do you want to lure them to? - Since google maps/streetview and online whitepages, it's easy to find places, but it's even easier for the lured ones to check what they are. If you lure them to a shitty Kebab-place, chances are they'll know. Also make sure there are no obvious dox if you google the address.
  • Place bait - Tell them your approx location and that they'll never find you, then provoke hard, make them rage.
  • Aid them - Create fake clues or dox with your address on, but don't make it too obvious. Another method is telling them the address, if you can make a good story about how you got it (see image).
  • Keep them angry - Make sure your target has a deep hate for you for more success
  • Your 'location' has been found! - React how you would react if it was real, but make sure you piss off the target even more. Ignoring them when they tell you about the address is best, while publicly causing more rage (don't make any personal attacks anymore, unless the target is the stupidest of all bogans).

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