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A jamethism in use since early 2005 used to denote early participation in a legendary or memorable thread (compare First comment). It is thus the Internets equivalent of both saying "I was there!" and a Miss Cleo-esque prediction that there's drama a-brewing. However, since a ground floor (sometimes rendered GRND FLOOR or FLOOR GRND due to the most popular associated image, seen at right) comment does nothing to advance the higher purposes of drama for drama's sake in and of itself, a Ground Floor post is often viewed as annoyingly hanger-onish, particularly when it has been appended by some n00b to an un-memorable post.

In fact, Ground Floor became painfully, soul-crushingly old meme within just a few days of its inception, and is now used almost exclusively ironically by those in the know. An example of acceptable use would be when appended as a comment to an accidentally-posted unfinished entry, comme ça:

* Jameth: Dear Internets, today I

The FLOOR GRND image itself was later used to spawn all new lulz when it became the object of one of jameth's patented Anti-user hotlinking switcheroos—in spite of the fact that he had previously invited people to hotlink to it. This rendered a lot of really lame comments in older threads far more interesting and revealing than their posters had originally intended.

Christopher Reeve was added to the original Ground Floor image by CelesMaxwell, one of LJ celebrity Jameth's flist. A series of photoshop images of Christopher Reeve spread over Jameth's LJ shortly after the actor's death.

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