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The Groupboard Demo nearly empty.

A drawing board and chat founded in 1997, to satisfy it's creator's cybersex needs. It's filled with the worst shit of the internetz, such as weeaboos, Role-players, Cho Seung-hui, pseudo-intellectuals, furfags, but sadly, little Anonymous. There is a Demo, and many other smaller and sometimes larger boards owned by random elitist admins. The boards are either set up on some anime fan site by graffiti faggots, or pseudo-intellectual weeaboos. Basically, this is a playground for the trolls.

Groupboard Demo

A pretty popular board, with about 2,600 visits per week. There are a lot of retarded users that come to stay. It's very easy to evade a ban. There's an album with the pictures of the users pictures, approach at your own risk. It's much worse than Last Measure. You can also get ANYONE's IP adress extremely easily by using the IP version of the GroupBoard that shows the IP of anyone that talks. But you can also get someone that doesn't talk's IP by highlighting his/her name and by simply pressing Enter without a message, it's fucking easy.


  • The quiet, pseudo-intellectual weeaboo: Their only words generally are pieces of Japanese "wise" sentences just to show how FUCKING COOL they are, most of the times the faggots just get astonished at their knowledge but in reality they are just obese people, that can't manage to learn a language.
  • The MySpace girl: Coming from the lands of MySpace, these faggots just spam their MySpace around, try to make up some problem just to get attention and finally leave when ignored. They are fucking annoying when they get the attention, approach with care.
  • The admin: Basically fucking assholes, 99% of them. They have a big e-cock for having admin powers, must be because they are never going to have superiority over anyone except in that place. Most of them are gaia users.
  • The pseudo-intellectual: It will tell you about their views on abortion, religion, music, politics, art, etc. They don't stfu and spark dumbass conversations with everyone on the board. They're usually Jew and NEED TO TELL YOU WHY. They aren't satisfied until they've made it clear that they're superior. Usually a patron of Hot Topic.
  • The "Lone Wolf": Much like the socially inept male, but with a hint of Inter-fag. Dates online, is a professional role-player and a Narutard. Confront him about it and you'll get ignored. It needs to let you know that you've been ignored. "OH LOOK, AN IGNORE BUTAN!", after ignoring you it proceeds to talk about you to feel he has superiority above you since you can't actually answer him. With a simple F5 you can happily talk with the victim('s) again.
  • Niggers: The gangsta's of the place, they always try to show off their skillz with the graffiti, and start arguing because they didn't like the kind of fried chicken you just bought. Start answering back and they'll most likely become an internet tough guy, threatening to kill you in the most retarded way a black person can think. (yes, they do think.)
  • The Anons: An inactive lurker who didn't/doesn't bother to put in a name, a faggot who wants to be mysterious, or sometimes is just too fucking scared to put in a name and hides behind the Anonymous identity. They generally try to sound smart, argue with the other furfags that dwell there and leave the board when they are raped by the real Anon.

If you are lucky, they will come back, but with a new name. (Usually Anon)

Typical Groupboard faggots. Notice that they both have massive muscles.
An actual GB admin, not on the groupboard demo.



leave me and everyone eles alone k end og story


—Dante/SLH/Squall LeonHart, and his ultimate comeback.

well 96 obviously u have no sense of securtiy for your self


—Dante/SLH/Squall LeonHart, totally pwning the Anonymous

An actual picture of the elusive user Dante/Squall LeonFag/SLH. A notorious internet tough guy. Notice the hardcore stance, facial expression and of course, Hot Topic wristband. Also, don't confuse him with the tall guy.
  • Dante, SLH, Squall LeonHart (Creative little fuck.): The "pseudo-intellectual" weeaboo. Source tells us he loves Lemonparty and masturbates every time he visits the page but he is in denial and claims that Lemonparty is a site for party hats, etc. Also Dante/SLH/Squall LeonFag hates people that disagree with his opinions, people that ask Chi (Moar on her later) to cyber with you, and people that say he wears a man bra (Fucking lulz). He talks to himself when he is alone, because he has nowhere to go since he is just shit nobody cares about. By the way people, he's fucking mature now so he changed his typing skillz, but don't worry because he is still the same retarded faggot that we always knew. To contact him, we got his MSN:

 MSN: [email protected]

Regular witch that cums here, her wall is adorned with pretty pictures too.



—Celestial Angel, hyperventilating after too much raping (from our side, of course).

  • Celestial Angel, Celeste(C.A) (Alias, "Ana")(Real name "Sophie ward"): It’s the anorexic one, generates drama every time her e-lover Chi comes online. Claims that she knows her irl, that's why she spends all her time at the board waiting for her, instead of being with her. Her IQ is below the level of a Slug's, with a capital S, since she can't remember anything that happened 5 minutes ago. She confirms that she is/was anorexic, troll her with that just for the lulz. To contact her, we got her MSN:

 [email protected]

ive got all of your IP adresses now HA


—Chi, having her fucking win.

96 go get a life and you to 100


—She's been waiting for years to say this.

  • Chi: It loves the cock. (Real name "Katherine Hemmings") It’s always up for the cybersex but charges in Pocky currency. The best e-pal of celestial angel and they are obsessed over each other but can only communicate via the piece of shit. She seems to also love people that draw cute pic's on the white board. She had a romantic relationship with Ahed, of course you see she doesn't have the basic intelligence to differ someone normal from a faggot as Ahed but the sad truth is that nobody normal would give her attention.

Her vocabulary is almost as big as her dick, which is very big. This of course means that using any every-day word, like "oyster", will result in great chaos and lulz. As a big side note, chi is currently living in wolverhampton, England, and her school is here:

 Wednesfield school
Lichfield Building
Lichfield Road
WV11 3ES
 Tel: 01902 558222
 Fax: 01902 558200
 E-mail: [email protected]

Pay her a visit. To contact her, we got her MSN:

 [email protected]

Katherine Hemmings sees a U.F.O:
The flying object was spotted over Halesowen heading towards Stourbridge on Wednesday at around 7pm.Katherine Hemmings, aged 13, of Beechwood Avenue, saw it at 4pm over Wednesfield High School in Lichfield Road. She was walking home with friends Tasmin Jones and Chelsea Smith when the three felt compelled to turn around. “It was weird because it wasn’t making any noise but for some reason we turned around”, Katherine said. “We all saw this big thing with lights in the sky.

"We didn’t tell anyone other than our families at first because we thought everyone would laugh at us. Our families didn’t know what to think until they saw it in the paper. I have never really believed something like that would be real."

if i play like...resident evil 4...and i'm real could put your tits...between my penis...and move them in a circular motion



Every warrior has a weakness...and I will find yours...and kill you


—Ahed, facing his online enemies.

if i masturbate too much, my hands will shake


—Honesty goes a long way. Sometimes.

*crack's neck*


—Self explanatory.

I only got one friend


—Ahed feeling lonely.

Ahed, preparing himself for the party on 9/11
Ahed Jehad, showing one of his nicest jumpers.

  • Ahed: Suicidal; Naive; Retarded; A Warrior; A ventriloquist; Ahed is the only sand-nigger in Sweden (Living in "Kristianstad"). He's incredibly naïve. It only takes a simple compliment to win over this fucking retard. He has little to no confidence, role plays, and is a fucking weeaboo. It's funny when he fishes for compliments or sympathy, since it what keeps him going. He's also handicapped, when he masturbates his hands shake and his muscles grow slower than normal people. He also can't walk straight, which according to himself, makes him look like a drunk. Approach with care. He's dramatic, literally retarded, and dated two different twelve year old weeaboos, one was Chi and he's still hurt over that. On 7-20 (who the fuck knows anymore?) different occasions, he has been trapped, and tricked into dating with an undercover male. Lulz was insued , and many Groupboard mini-memes were formed. He has a great theater fetish and especially loves Monty Python. If you want moar fucking epic lulz, (beware, he opens up real deep if you're not careful) add him:

 MSN: [email protected]
      [email protected] (discontinued account)


 <ahed (> i have a tricyckle too
 <Anon_52 (> LOL hahaa
 <ahed (> but it's for my handicap
 <ahed (> and it's not funny anon 52

Sakura, the disgusting Wiccan weaboo.

  • Sakura: A weeaboo in denial. She's also a Wiccan, so you know she's fucked up. She looks for any opportunity to tell you how unique she is. She likes to spam the board with pictures of her crappy Hot Topic rip off plastic jewelry. She loves role playing, as you would have guessed and when confronted, she'll tell you about all of the friends that she has. After that, she'll proceed to tell you how Vegeta would protect her if he was here. She also looks like an obese man.

  • Jarad: Another of the many weeaboo's, he always likes to show how big his e-cock is by showing his @ next to his name, thinking he'll be FUCKING COOL like every other admin. He thinks that he's Anonymous, raping every meme that exists. Practically shoving the lulz up his ass. He likes to dress up as a woman and pretend he's feminine when in reality he's just a fat ugly emo retard. He's also a Gaiafag which is implied by the fact he browses 4chan. He believes 7chan is weeaboo homeland, which is probably because he spends all his time on 4chan's /a/ and is in denial. Also, he has a e-girlfriend that goes by the name Zephyr, he drove across the whole country just to see her. You'd think that she'd have to be inexplicitly hot to make this faggot drive hundreds of miles to lose his virginity, but sadly... No. BTW, they're supposedly expecting a child. I pity the child that's born to these two fat retarded weeaboo's. Jarad's pictures to the left and right are after his swordsmanship Class Graduation, and also his senior pictures, he says.
The quiet intensity of a wannabe /b/tard.
Jarad, just before he killed himself. Last known photo.

BTW, If you say that MCR, Panic! At The Disco or Fall Out Boy are emo, he'll rant about how it's not "real emo" and get pissed off. Same thing happens if you talk about his loved one, or even just talk to her at all. He will often brag about how he's never offended by anything. When confronted by the fact that he pisses his pants every time someone disagrees with him, he'll claim that he's just "angry". Ask him about his engagement to Wendy/Zephyr. He'll evade the question or ban. To contact him:

 MSN: [email protected]
 AIM: iamnamedjarad
 Yahoo: just_anotherguy87

The social life is un-existent.

Also, his MySpace is:

The corpse bride.
  • Zephyr: She laughs at every shit Jarad says and agrees with him on anything, even if it means raping a kitten. Never insult her. Jarad has to play the hero and ban whoever insulted his e-girlfriend. Nothing that you wouldn't expect from them. Zephyr thinks the "romance" they are having (None) is true love, but we all know love through the internetz isn't forever, especially that of a pair of weeaboos. It's understandable why she'd lie to herself. When weeaboo's find someone, they cling to them and convince themselves of dumb shit, as to keep the fantasy alive. Nonetheless, they are still going to marry and try to have children. Also, Zephyr's real name is Wendy Marie and attends to the Wells College located in 170 Main Street Aurora, NY 13026. Be sure to pay her a visit. She also has a MySpace, expect her to delete it though.

The Butthurt

Dante, on his lonely board after reading his profile on ED, he posted a message on his positively beaming board named "Dark Hayvin". He tried to get an army/legion of "hackers" to fucking pwn this article, but altogether it's obvious that Dante's friends can't even turn off their own PC's. As you can see, he means serious business.

Dante knows how to handle things.


Just to show how fucked up this people are.

 <Gary> i talk on pokemon dream
 <Misty> kool
 <Misty> me to
 <Misty> i go on pokemon dream as-mew,umbreon,lucario,misty and pikachu
 <Gary> *blushes*
 <Misty> what?
 <Gary> i go on alo of people
 <Gary> *alot
 <Misty> really?
 <Misty> huh?
 <Misty> o.0
 <Misty> lol
 <Gary> uuuuuh misty
 <Gary> nvm...
 <Gary> *blushes*
 <Misty> heheh..............yeah........*blushes to*
 <Misty> .................................................
 <Misty> so,
 <Misty> my favorite pokemon is mew...
 <Misty> ..
 <Misty> ...
 <Misty> uh..
 <Misty> -_-"
 <Misty> .........................................
 <Misty> *sits on the ground with azurill*
 <Gary> *blushes pink*
 <Misty> !
 <Gary> *sits next o misty*
 <Gary> *to
 <Misty> hi^^
 <Gary> hi
 <Gary> *blushes light red*
 <Gary> *sweatdrop*
 <Misty> *blushes * ^^
 <Misty> hehe!
 <Gary> *sweatdrop*
 <Gary> *blushes*
 <Misty> *looks at gary*
 <Gary> *kisses misty*
 <Gary> *blushes  hardly*
 <Misty> !!!!!!
 <Misty> *blushes bright red*
 <Misty> *kisses gary back*
 <Gary> now thats how i like it
 <Gary> *kisses back*
 <Misty> ^^
 <Misty> huh?
 <Misty> oh no!!
 <Gary> *what?
 <Misty> my azurill!!
 <Misty> she's gone!!
 <Gary> team rocket?
 <Misty> oh no i gotta find her!
 <Gary> umbreon look for azurill!
 <Umbreon> umbre!
 <Misty> !
 <Misty> azurill?
 <Miroku> so anyother dumb words? or comments.
 <Anon_86> I'll leave that to you.
 <Anon_86> Bye
 <Miroku> Oh i'm sorry did you say something cause your ignored :/
 <Anon_86> Lulz.
 <Miroku> later moron.
 <Light Dragon> someone earlier was saying he owned the whole internet, and i told him i did,
 <Light Dragon> i told him al gore own the internet
 <Light Dragon> that shut him up


Typing in,

in the URL bar while on GroupBoard you get to see the ban list but not change anything in it. Fucking kewl.

Typing in,

in the URL bar while on GroupBoard you get to see the drawing log (see who's drawing what). Fucking kewl.

Recently (which is a long time ago), a fellow Anon was informed that Jarad had found out about this "hack". Jarad whined about this to the owner of the GroupBoard, which then resulted in this anon getting permanently b&, Jarad in fact, not being a legitimate admin.

It's uncertain, but it's obvious it was the only purpose of Jarad's sad life. And sadly, it's the only achievement he'll ever make.


The admin Board page for the GroupBoard "Demo" can be found here

The password is yet unknown.

Whilse on a GUI board, use this command in your URL bar to manipulate the size of your pen


Switch the 10 for any number of your liking.

Groupboard Wall of Fame

The community of GroupBoard is a furry place. Here, anime fucktards can breed and share thoughts with one another. It's painful, but try to enjoy the agony:

Attention! Publishing your own pictures here will make you famous!