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"I'm not a dictator. It's just that I have a grumpy face."
- Augusto Pinochet

Last Thursday, an image of a cat appeared on the Internet, admittedly not an uncommon occurence. However, this was unlike any other of the myriad depictions of feline quiddity already available to the discerning connoisseur, in that the animal in question, named "Tard" (an abbreviation of Tarder Sauce), doesn't want your damn cheezburger; she doesn't have time to ride an invisible fucking bike and she seriously harbours disdain for any funny business.

There are two kinds of people in this world...
... and I don't like them.



— Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat Meets


Grumpy Cat Garfield 1.jpg

Grumpy Cat met Jim Davis, creator of the comic Garfield on June 9th, 2015 at the annual Licensing Expo convention in Las Vegas. Grumpy Cat was notably less than enthused with the encounter, especially after being visually molested by the presence of a giant fursuit wearing replica of the fat orange comic cat.

Oscar The Grouch

Grumpy Cat Oscar.jpg

Grumpy Cat met with Oscar The Grouch on November 12,2013 on the set of Sesame Street where they proceeded to have a "Grump vs Grouch" match. It was about as anticlimactic as you can imagine... really, you don't even need to waste the bandwidth to watch the video for this one.


Grumpy Macros

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Grumpy Art

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Grumpy Holidays

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Smiling Grumpy Cat

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