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A small country in central America.

Why the USA hates Gutemala

Elected in 1951, Guatemalan President Jacobo Árbenz launched a land reform program, Degree 900, by confiscating almost 400,000 acres of unused United Fruit (now the Chiquita brand) land for redistribution to landless peasants. At that time, “only 10% of the land was available for 90% of the population, most of who were Indians. The United Fruit Company complained to the Eisenhower administration, claiming that Guatemala’s power of eminent domain had been used to unfairly seize its land, particularly infuriating United Fruit by the fact that Árbenz was only prepared to pay the U.S. corporation the artificially low price that United Fruit had assessed its own land for tax purposes, proof of the “evils of communism". He enacted minimum wage laws that further hurt the American fruit company (Dole,Chiquita), they then cried to the president and congress that the Gutemalans were commies and so began years of genocide and war funded with your ta moneys.

CIA Advisers want to kill all the Indians

Chiquita,Dole and the USA kill 200k for banana slaves