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Stephen Marshall doing research for his book
Look at my hair, I like the Design

The Guerrilla News Network, or GNN, is dedicated to giving 13 year old boys and hairy militia lunatics a place to feel at home[1].

While it has been a playground for trolls, it has also been a haven for fringe loonies and Internet drama. This thread is an excellent example of multiple sockpuppets going at each other.


GNN was founded in 2000, when Anthony Lappe and Stephen Marshall met. A whirlwind romance developed into a long-term relationship, and with the financial backing of some other people a network was born, aimed at 13-25 year-olds, thanks to Lappe's experience with MTV.

GNN is Ded

The site died four years later, when Lappe left Marshall for Jizzy "Neo" White-Sinus, a pretty pretty princess, and created the Version 2 beta. Sinus is also the Jew responsible for converting the site to teh ev0l textile. Sinus enjoys sunsets, cappuccino mocha semen lattes, and Computer Science III.

The site lives on as a sort of unholy Zombie, featuring blogs, user-submitted articles and headlines, and a forum to troll.

A favorite pastime in the forum is to obsessively watch the thread where you claim you're never coming back:[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9].

GNN Hates ED

Once upon a time, ED wrote an article about a right-wing neo-Nazi fucko named Feltcho. Feltcho wasn't happy at being outed as a Jew-hater, and his attempts to get ED to remove the article culminated in a series of frustrated telephone calls to ED members including Weevlo, who called him up and got him to admit to being owned by Bantown.

This upset the Gay Nazi Network, which called Weevlos a "Jewish punk" and descibed his actions as being "Despicable (although very Jewish)" [10], because obviously when you're trying to convince people that you're not a Nazi, it's best to align yourself with a group who throw around the word "Jewish" as an insult. Well, we do that too, obviously, but we're special.

To prove how racist they are, the GNN also plan to shut down the upstanding Gay Nigger Association of America [11]. This plan consists of drinking Mountain Dew and making threats buried under several tons of mixed metaphors and run-on sentences:

We assure you, what is being set up is a steamroller that is not going to be lost. The clock is now ticking on whether you wish to do what is right and eliminate these people and lock down their IP addresses to prevent them from slipping back into their predictable stalking and harassing activities.


—30 Nov 2005

Over two years later, the GNN steamroller appears to have gotten lost.

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