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Guess the Gender is an old forum game played by members of the Anti-Emo Federation, started by Mission: MySpace. It started in 2006, then became inactive for a period, and is now back up and running. It's a source of lulz when emo fags find it.


These are the actual game rules.

Every day, I will post the images of some emos or scene kids. Your job is to guess the gender(s) of the individuals posted.

Each emo has one primary gender. The four primary genders are: emofag, emobitch, emodyke, and hermie (hermaphrodite/androgyne). No emo has multiple primary genders.

Some emos also have secondary genders. Valid secondary genders are tranny and whale. For each secondary gender you identify correctly, if you got the emo's primary gender correct, you get a point. However, if you call a non-tranny a tranny or a non-whale a whale, your response will be marked as incorrect. Remember: not all emos have secondary genders.


Some rounds, I will leave some sort of hint as to the emo's gender - a puzzle, a URL, a bulletin (add me to get these), or something of that nature.

The "me factor" is also going to play into it - some rounds, I will guess the emo's gender. I may use my other profiles. Sometimes I will guess correctly, sometimes I will intentionally guess incorrectly. It's up to you whether or not you trust me.

If you get five rounds in a row entirely correct, you will get an emo link. If you get ten rounds in a row entirely correct, your score will be tripled.

Posting this game in an emo forum is a great trolling tactic and a source of many lulz.

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