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Not to be confused with "Duke Nukem".

Atomic.gif Warning!
Guile is the only physically fit American in history.
Guile's sexy Flat top hairstyle and faggy American flag tattoo.

Guile is probably the only cool character from one of the thousands of Street Fighter 2 games. The first time he appeared his background story was somewhat homosexual but was later then turned into a patriotic epic rivalry with the evil M. Bison.


Guile's most popular limit break is Sonic Boom. An attack that is somewhat supposed to resemble a fast blast of sound but looks more like a glowing boomerang traveling at half a mile an hour. As the game series grew this attack could be whore'd more and more, without comparison to Mugen's faggotry.

Guile's Sonic Boom projectile.

Guile's Theme Goes With Everything


Additional Information

Guile also appeared in the massively shit real-time movie Street Fighter. And was played by the worst person for the job, Jean Claude Van'Dumbshit. (You would think that getting an actual fucking American to play the part would've made it somewhat acceptable.)

Who played as Guile in the live-action movie.
Who SHOULD HAVE played as Guile in the live-action movie.
  • Guile dies in the end of the anime movie.
  • Guile dies in the end of the real-time movie.
  • Guile becomes an hero in the end of the games, even if you win.

Additional Additional Information

McMerikans who grew horny with the one and only fit American decided to join DeviantART and submit fanpics making the character a 'roid enraged patriotic pile of shit. Nerds have forced this character's popularity through the roof so hard that it has become a gigantic turd ready to be sent directly into Eurofag's air conditioners at the most inappropriate of times.

Finally, McMerikan haters decided to retaliate by making a Nemesis Guile on 4chan. Which is most likely a failed Forced Meme created by Soviet Russians.

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