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Gunz: The Duel

Gunz: The Duel is a Korean game that has no story or any plausible explanation as to why you and a whole bunch of people are trying to kill each other. Played by mainly anime fans, the game has grown into a huge cult with followers from Brazil to Europe and has even begun to infect the minds of our poor American youth.

The people who run Gunz

At first there was a fag named "Venister" who at least 100 years ago was born to create his gay little game. After spending his gay Korean adult life as a shitty game programmer and Pokemon episode animator, he decided that the world REALLY fuckin' needed another shitty MMORPG. After determining that a Viet-Cong MMORPG was very necessary, he took immediate action, hiring "Guntrix" to be the official 'Fag-scot' for Gunz: The Duel. It is to be noted that Guntrix uses a girl character in-game, even though in real life he is, in fact, a dude.

The people who play Gunz

People who play this shitty game usually have no real friends except for their equally lame clan mates who together enjoy sodomy over the interwebz, muddy dicks and gay pr0n. That and azns, who spend hours "perfecting their K-style". Most of the people who play this game think they're actually pretty smart, but unfortunately the entire community's IQ combined isn't greater than that of Obama.

What this shit is all about

In Gunz, one of the main strategies was formed by some dickhead last Thursday who realized that by canceling the in-game animations, you would perform many actions without any delay at all. This technique is called K-style. Another well-known (albeit LESS-USED) strategy is to NOT exploit the tons of glitches and bugs in this shitty game. The name of this strategy is "Losing", usage of this strategy is unrecommended as not only will you be instantaneously raeped, but also by being an honest player you, your family, your friends, your grandparents, your third cousin twice-removed, your dog, and even your mail-man will be labeled noobs and be told to GTFO. To be the most 1337 person on Gunz you need to waste all of your hard earned money on "Premiums". Premiums are unbalanced game items that you buy with real money (which automatically counts you as someone with no life) and you need to be able to hit keys faster than a spastic monkey on speed, as well as having the required 1337 H4><oR 5Ki77z that can only be obtained by graduating from Computer Science III.

It is a known fact that female characters can perform K-style moves better than male characters can. This is because the female characters slash their swords like complete attention whores, thus making for easier canceling and K-style.

Trolling Gunz

Gunz is a perfect source of Lulz, and vitamin D:. Thousands of Weeaboos, furries, and other faggots gathered in an online game where hacking and other bullshit is easily pulled off. Egos are easily bruised in the land of Gunz...

  • KSing: No, not kissing, you fag. Kill Stealing. A trolling technique that will provide many lulz in any mmo, especially one like this. Simply watch two fags "Duel" for a while (JUST LIEK IN ANIME, LOLS!), and jump in near the end and kill the weaker one. Or kill them both, whatever...
  • Hacking: This game has an anti-hacking shield thing, but it really doesn't do anything. It's like AOL anti virus, or God. Scary to fucktards, but altogether useless. If you really need help, go here. When using hacks, be sure to remind the other players what talentless fags they are, and insult their style/moms/face. Don't worry about getting kicked, though. In order to kick you, they'd first have to hold a vote, and then a majority must vote yes. No one on Gunz knows how to start a vote though. Fan-Fucking-Tastic.
  • Marcos and Vulgar Language: You can make Macro's, and only a few curse words are blocked. Even the blocked ones can still be used, you just gotta use a 1 instead of an i or something like that. Keep the Gunz fanbase in mind when you make a macro, though. "Yiff in hell, Furfags" won't be as effective as you're used to. Try something like "SWORDS ARE FOR FAGS!" or "THIS GAME IS FOR VIRGIN QUEERS!"
  • Use any type of machine gun, be labeled a "SPRAYR111!2!!!one" and have fun.

All caps, damnit! CAPS LOCK!


Dantastic is the descendant and the result of incest. He has his degree in Computer Science III and applies his 1337 copypasta skillz in real life(Note, real life=online, because in reality he has no life). He came into the Gunz hacking scene out of nowhere in a spaceship launched from his father's vagina at over 9000 miles per hour. His natural habitat is inside a cave located in Africa which he inhabits in along with other black person. Along with GunZ, Dantastic is a great source of lulz and is known to be a grammar nazi. This practice is known to be brogramming. Grammar, bro. However, he fails at being a grammar nazi, which ultimately causes epic lulz and butthurt-ness.

   #include <mac.h>
   #include <stdio.h>
   #include <superman.h>
   __int64 godmode;
   void GunZCheatZ( )
              /* Copied diassembly from GunZ.exe goes here */
           if (1)
               __asm nop;
           __asm jmp GunzCheats;
           if (GetAsyncKeyState('C')&&GetAsyncKeyState(VK_ALT))
               __int128 hackison = 0;
               if (godmode==0)
                    hackison = 1;
               if (godmode==1)
                    hackison = -1;
               godmode = hackison;
           main( );
   int main(void)
      /* Mike Sandy's basehook (C) 2010 Dantastic */
       int i;
       printf("I Take computer Science III, I know what I'm talking about\n"); 
       CreateThread( 0, 0, GunzCheats, 0, 0, 0 );

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