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The original thread guriin starter. Veterans immediately click on "Hide thread" upon viewing this image.

Guriin/Green/Gureen/Aoi/ao/midorii is a rather new tripfag in 4chan's /a/. He came to /a/ during July, spouting off about an /a/nime club, and general newfaggotry. What makes Guriin different then the other newfags that visit /a/ is that he hasn't stopped with his retarded ideas. From a thread linking game, to his views on Anonymous, he is always posting his retarded ideas. Every day. Since July. He hasn't let up once.

Recently, the faggot has gained a friend. Or, at least, another tripfag who helps him. Red !18kDYAChPE, adopting the color scheme that Guriin wishes Anonymous to use, has been more or less the faggot's yes-man, supporting and bumping every one of guriins threads so they hit front page. The recent support hasn't gone unnoticed either. Now Guriin is on a retarded rampage, trying to convert every tripfaggot he sees into his color brigade. However, he's not the brightest tool in the shed in that he openly posts the tripcodes for people to mimic (shoujouhi#scarlet, for example).

Some argue Red is the same person as gurrin, as gurrin often roleplays and holds entire conversations with his other personalities. (Red even calls him guriin-sama). Others believe gurrin is just the most persistent troll ever, since it's really hard to believe someone could be so stupid to the point of not being able to take the hint that you're unwelcome.

Note: Red is now banned. His tripcode is Red#Pokemans. Put it in the name box for lulz. He now goes by Rojo !0iQzFUmOxI

How to spot a gurrin thread 101: Haruhi, incomprehensible grammar, desire to turn /a/ into Animesuki.

No matter what he does, he'll get at least 20 sage replies per post he makes. It doesn't matter what the post is. He could post a cat and get sage bombed. He infuriates all of /a/ for purely existing. Red has made their anger double. Guriin quickly took over Tonberryking as /a/'s most hated Tripfag, and arguably, /a/'s greatest troll right after food anime and anime_expert.