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Major Boards/f/, /g/, /s/
Epic Winsowners getting v& 20 times, making their own IB software where all the variables are "deadloli"
Websitehttp://gurochan.net Now and http://gurochanocizhuhg.onion/

Do you have a hankering for doing the hanky-panky to a little boy getting his dick cheese-grated onto a pizza? Do you dream about making a human centipede, but aren't man enough to do it? Does the thought of eating a fetus, shitting it out, and eating it again make your mouth water with excitement? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, gurochan™ is for you!

The thing that just won't die

Gurochan has mysteriously disappeared twice in recorded history, for "unknown" reasons. Most believe it was because the first admins were serial killers and the second ones were pedos. However, just like any cockroach, it seems that no matter how many times you kill this site, it keeps coming back.

The current admins are enclaved and ryonaloli. Little is known about enclaved except that he lives off of his mom's disability check in a studio apartment in russia, and stays on irc all day high on heroin. Literally NOTHING is known about ryonaloli, except that he is so fucking paranoid he wears tinfoil around his dick so the NSA won't monitor his dicksignals and that he seems to be pro google. Or at least he's against an irrational hatred for google.

On this site, expect to find boards literally DEDICATED to shit (/s/), bugs fucking amputees in the ass (/f/), and fat guys gang-raping a loli's eyesocket (/g/).

Oh, and one more thing...

..they have a /fur/ board.


The official IRC channel is not even owned by gurochan at all, which is not surprising considering enclaved blows all his money on krokodil and ryonaloli blows all his money on tinfoil hats. The embarassing part though, if someone who owns fucking gurochan could actually FEEL embarassment, is the owners of the site only have +voice on their shitty channel... The actual owner of the channel, animone, wants to be king of the freaks and will NOT give up ownership of this channel to the actual admins, which is predictable since they are beta losers anyway. Animone is also known to somehow lurk for months on irc without saying anything, meaning "she" is obviously the FBI.

How to troll

  • Go on IRC claiming to be the feds, and tell ryonaloli his CP stash will be confiscated.
  • Remind animone that being a tranny just makes you a faggot, NOT a gurl.
  • Remind enclaved he fails at life He's constantly too high on da krok to care.
  • Post reaction pictures to everything.
  • Use TOR to evade bans.


Use eyebleach... About missing Pics
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See also

  • trippin-resident whore of #guro.Telling her she's a dumb slut will get you b&

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