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Atomic.gif Warning!

Remember that one girl who couldn't do anything right and got extremely emo about it? No? Well, meet Guruubii, the only Gallery Director whose immaturity rivals that of Delya.

Guruubii's Stance on Anime

As stated here and here. As you can see, your beloved Anime And Manga Gallery Director doesn't even have faith in what she's moderating!

As of June 26th, 2007, Guruubii has barrel rolled into the gallery director position of traditional art. What a slut.

As of late 2007, Guruubii has ass kissed her way into the position of Gallery Director of DevianTART Film. Her own films have been loved by the tartlet community because they are full of win.


Once upon a time, Guruubii, now to be called Gooby, decided she would put two Daily Deviations (which were entirely shit) to one deviants' name a few days apart from each other. This was a breach of Gallery Director Etiquettes, along with Gooby's own guidelines to DD selections. But she doesn't give a shit about that as long as she can continue to keep getting finger fucked by her sister. So, the now permabanned ShadowGamers decided he would call her out on it in his usual nonsensical full cap reply.





What a horrid reply

Gooby, rather than settling the matter like a mature, sensible Gallery Director would do, went batshit insane over this, and cried by deleting her journals, deleting her CSS, hiding comments and stating some bullshit that ShadowGamers was a horrible mean person, not before locking ShadowGamers out of her page to write a valid reply back to her.

Overreacting much?
Overreacting too much?
Oh god lol
Gooby may or may not know what "yiff" means. WHAT!?

ShadowGamers got pissed off at Gooby's complete immaturity as a Gallery Director and as a person, and on deviantartSnark, posted an entry, which also highlights many DeviantARTlets concern over her actions, posted a journal with ACCIDENT RETARD in full-caps bold, and then leaving the internet for some sleep.

Apparently nobody told Gooby, but unless you are asking to be baited for trolling or are completely retarded, you cannot accidentally select Daily Deviations. Such a thing would be a giant crock of shit.

Realitysquared permanently banned ShadowGamers some hours after the incident, stating to him that;

This is the last straw, your ban will not be lifted


—RealitySquared to ShadowGamers

Yeah, deviantART is an awesome community.

BadFurDay and Guruubii

Badfurday, heard of ShadowGamers Dilemma and decided to note Deviantart-favicon.png Lolly and two other core members of Gooby's ungodly acts, as well as commenting on Gooby's journals and page outlining her immaturity and un-Gallery Director'y actions she was taking. He also submitted an animated gif of Gooby's journal with PARTY HARD neon, which can still be seen here (omg so offensive, isn't it?!) Realitysquared permanently banned him also.

Lolly will investigate

Accident Retard

After ShadowGamers got banned, a few deviants decided they would copy his sig at the time and replace their current one with ACCIDENT RETARD ACCIDENT RETARD ACCIDENT RETARD ACCIDENT RETARD ACCIDENT RETARD ACCIDENT RETARD ACCIDENT RETARD ACCIDENT RETARD ACCIDENT RETARD ACCIDENT RETARD in an apparent attempt to piss Gooby off for ShadowGamers' banning.

Aftermath of "Accident Retard"

Immediate Reactions:
After the "Accident Retard" Incident (and follow up) Guruubii returned to her hugbox, she then proceeded to delete her journals and hide all comments on her user page indiscriminately to prevent any deviants from challenging her power, which is at least over 9000
Guruubii is alleged to have also handed Daily Dev powers to her co-gallery director, Deviantart-favicon.png aeterne.

Where's the journals?
Hides ALL comments


Faq equals journal deletion.JPG

Gooby came back, with a brand spanking fucking new CSS and a journal that tries to debunk anything Shadowgamers has said as so far with this golden line

Please keep in mind also, 2nd hand information is about as reliable as the enquirer. ;)



I was SO bloody lost with my journals, i tried to find my little FAQ to edit, and got so frustrated i just deleted all my journals.



Guruubii's Stance on Anime (revised edition)

Wait, i thought you didn't like anime?

As previously stated Gooby clearly loves anime.

So in a totally unexpected move Gooby declared it was truly an art form and once again godly.

It is alleged that this was in fact a barrel roll executed to save herself from her rabid anime freaks who were turning on her.

Guruubii's Rise to the Top

Guruubii owes her current modly position almost entirely to the efforts of her twin sister, Kitty. 'Twas Kitty who recommended a rather craptacular piece of Guruubii's to a mod that she'd been ass kissing for quite sometime. When, surprise surprise, that submission became a daily deviation, Guruubii was more than happy to bask in the glow of praise and attention. There are some theories however, judging by the shoddy marker work BUHLETED, that it was actually made by a blind monkey with the shakes. Alas, that poor monkey will never get the credit it so richly deserves. We salute you, Mr. Giggles.

Hmm. What's that licking sound?

Stalking Gerard Butler

In spite of being a (rather loudly) self-proclaimed lesbian, Guruubii has an obsession with the actor Gerard Butler. When he was filming in Vancouver, she made psychotic fangirls worldwide proud and stalked him with a camera. Apparently, she felt it was imperative to document her entire trip across the street to him. This makes her a psychotic self-proclaimed Tart.

On her birthday Gerard made the unfortunate mistake of walking into her place of work, where she whined until she got a kiss. After this, she proceeded to go to and gush like a hormonal teenager about the event. The fangirls got annoyed, and questioned her sexual orientation. Guruubii was quick to reaffirm that males are diseased creatures unworthy of her love tunnel and compared the actor to a 'Good dog.'. This remark can only lead one to wonder exactly what the holy hell she's been doing with dogs.

Oh Madeline! You Twit!

Ever notice how the ones that talk in that retarded cutesey way on the internet are usually the nastiest, meanest people in private? Gooby is no exception to the rule! Take into consideration the situation with the artist 'Madeline'. Once, in a friends-locked entry on her LJ that has since been deleted, Guruubii angrily bashed both her art skills and her general intelligence. She called her, among other nice things: 'the DUMBEST person on DA'. Apparently what spawned this seething hatred was the fact that Madeline DARED to not accept critique given by the god-like and all-knowing Gooby. Surely, she shall suffer in the burning Prisma-colored flames of art hell.

Yet, recently, Guruubii featured a piece of Madeline's work and had only the nicest things to say! Odd thing to do considering she claimed before she 'wouldn't touch her gallery with a 10-foot pole!'.

Image Fun!

Here, we have the collections of shit that is made by or refers to gooby.


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