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Yes, that is Gweeds. Yes, that is menstrual blood on his chest.

According to H2K2 staff, Gweeds is a hacker activist (not a hactivist) and wants to be your friend! This is a secret code meaning he really wants to rape your sister. Gweeds is a self-proclaimed blackhat, an employee of, and someone who has managed to piss off everyone that exists on every IRC network. He is also an admitted fan of gloryholes and gaysex.

Relationship History

Gweeds navigated from a relationship with a girl who eventually got a restraining order against him for pulling a knife on her to hepkitten. While in a supposedly monogamous relationship with hep, he cheated on her to commit rape. The victim pressed charges against Gweeds, and hep dumped him. He went crazy, and what followed was several months of obsessive stalker behavior and emo IRC logs. Just as the drama became old meme, it culminated in one final bit of lulz as Gweeds slept with some slut to make hep feel jealous and ended up catching the herpes.

Gweeds also spent time banging another winner of a woman, Mysl. Once while driving her sloppy twat in another person's home, Gweeds pulled out and gave her a pearl necklace. Having not thought to bring along any cleaning materials, they looked around the room for something. Mysl finally wiped off his spent seed with a Cub Scout uniform they found. A very proud moment for her. Congratulate her at [email protected]

Another time Gweeds was banging Mysl (who happens to smell like a dead otter "down there") when the condom failed and its content spilled into Mysl. Luckily, mutant geek-spawn was averted when Gweeds took her to the emergency room for a morning after pill.

Suicidal, depressed, and ridden with sexually transmitted diseases, Gweeds eventually settled on a fat whore of a girlfriend. Even fatter than dancerkel. Her power animal is a lard-guzzling hippo.

post-op f2m or horrid s&m fetish?


The kittens.jpg image is rumored to have been shot during h2k2. The subject is Gweeds pre-herpes contraction and post riding the red tide. It is used to troll unsuspecting ircers and often given out when ircboys ask hep for jpgz after discovering she is a girl. It's main home is at


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