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A mock religion created by Fire trucks and disseminated in Lj-favicon.png convert_me, Lj-favicon.png vaginapagina, and Lj-favicon.png religion_etc. He describes it as follows:

I would like to submit to you a religion you have perhaps not heard about. This religion, primarily practiced by the BDSM community is known as Gynaeolatry. The proposition of this belief system is that all women are Goddesses. The creed goes somewhat like this:

1. Femininity is that aspect of everything good and pure in the world, as opposed to masculinity which is the primary destructive force.

2. Because all women are the incarnation the Feminine Force, they are therefore good

3. All women are therefore Goddesses that are to be worshipped

4. Praise and obedience is required of men towards all women

Taking away the negative force of masculinity, women will create a peaceful and utopian society whose basis is love. In order to neutralize their destructive effects, men should have their wills dominated by woman. A man's nature role is to serve women and to help reproduce more women.

I am writing this because I hope to make believers of you.

The opposite of the typical woman.

Unfortunately, the origingators of this absurd belief system have failed to take into account the fact that peace leads to stagnation, and it is only through conflict that we grow and become strong - meaning that the destructiveness inherant in masculinity is essential to our survival and growth. The effect of this proselytization can be found here.

If your woman doesn't look like this, she is a witch.
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