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Casual threesomes in your horror anime.

The Gyo edit is an age-old chan meme of the exploitable variety. Like many old chan memes, it has its roots in wapanese culture — in this case, taken from a horror manga entitled Gyo.

The Meme

The meme, commonly called the Gyo edit or the Gyo comic, or "that one where the guy sees something and he slams the door, you know the one," has been around since the early-mid 2000s, and was likely appropriated from 2chan at some point in the past. The meme is done by editing either of these two pages from the manga:

Gyo ch4 06.jpg Gyo ch4 16.jpg

The most popular iteration of the edit is to just do the first part, where Tadashi (the guy) sees whatever disturbing or amusing image the editor dreams up, and hurriedly slams the door before yelling to his girlfriend. However, it is also acceptable to edit the second part, where the shark breaks down the door, except replacing the shark with the object of your choosing. And of course, if you’re a truly elite internet pro, you can edit both of them for added effect. Keep it grayscale for bonus points.

Below are the templates for your shooping pleasure:

The Story

Yeah, it's pretty much this insane the entire time.

The story of Gyo begins with a young couple on a vacation going through relationship problems. Since the author knows well that nobody gives any amount of shits about this couple's relationship issues, he wastes no time in breaking out the crazy. This crazy comes in the form of land-traversing, robot zombie shark — POWERED BY FARTS. No, seriously.

Somewhere around chapter 4, a shark wanders into the couple's house and proceeds to wreck all their shit, which is from where the meme is derived. After this, a bunch of the fish die, and the robot things start taking over humans and turning them all foul-smelling and zombie-like. There's a bunch of other crazy shit as well, such as a circus where they fire fat people out of a cannon, and the protagonist's crazy scientist uncle making a robot zeppelin out of himself and then air-raiding everyone with gas bombs after raping his hot assistant.

Turns out this shit is the result of a disease developed as a weapon by the Japanese during WWII. Apparently the ship carrying it was pwnt and the disease actually built the robots out of the sunken Jap Navy and invaded Japan. Irony much?

The story is one by horror manga author Junji Ito, well known around chan culture for his epically fucked up works, such as Uzumaki and The Enigma of Amigara Fault. Due to Ito's unexplainable need to fill his stories with things like rotting, gas-powered fish robots, Gyo's "horror" elements are lessened to the point of being laughable, but this is compensated by the fact that it's still incredibly fucking awesome.

The Animu


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