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HEYITSKYLEE = infected with GOTIS
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Among the plenty shitholes that is the interwebs, new Jewfags find ways to troll like any other dick wad. Kyle S., aka HEYITSKYLEE, began his trolling on the shitty music/movie/pr0n site http://www.strikegently.com only to annoy the fuck out of you

the penis is so ugly


HEYITSKYLEE from his twitter

Strike What?

StrikeGently is a newfag site where everyone waits around all day to scream first post and request shitty albums and porn. In reality, strikegently leaks random albums, pointless porn, and unfunny images. This generally consists of making a royal fuckton posts of juggalos, Blood on the Dance Floor, and boobs. At its core SG trolls its self and users in generally b ways. (for example [1] or [2])

AKA it's a site for Computer Science users who don't know about "this" or "that".


Like most anon users, HEYITSKYLEE tried to stand his dick above the rest and as such, he was the first to add his gayfag image with his gf after strike gently upgraded. With that, Kyle spent countless hours posting on every fucking post possible.

With his comments that tried to boost his self-esteem, he constantly tried to act like a BAMF while troll'n the several anon regulars.

As such, SG began to troll his twitter in really retarded ways by claiming he was a jew like he was. [3] [4]

request: more bangbus. that shit is tighter than a 5 year old’s asshole.




And so great joy and reasonable doubt was felt when SG posted another death post in vain of their troll post of BrokeNCYDE's car accident [5] and the lulz to follow [6]

This time, it was the Troll itself proclaiming its leave with a failed suicide. SG responded with a post mocking his death. Of course the comments were bursting with confusion and white knights that proclaimed the death was real.

If you really think he’s trolling, why don’t you take a look at his obituary? http://bit.ly/clBrbn


MarcSavesLives - gay fag

You guys have no souls if you aren’t feeling the least bit sorry or respectful towards him. Even if you think he was a douche or a cunt, he still deserves some respect. How would you feel if people said they were glad your friend or family member died?



hahha so many heyitskylee posers….I happen to know he is alive and well. i saw him yesterday while I was shopping at Baby Gap


Selena Gomez - no joke

Loss of Boner

After hibernating for a few days, the troll returned to see if anyone had thought about him.

@matrocksteady i meant to milk it a little longer, but i couldn't. got some interesting feedback though. http://tweetphoto.com/39492334


—to another SG fag

Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

As an epic fail, he continues to run rampart on SG until someone helps us all.


UPDATEz He has formed a formspring to rake in all his new friends [7]


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