Habbo Revisited

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Some celebrates even showed up to support the cause
That day, everyone was an hero

On 9/11/2006, the nigras did it again. Filling up the pool and many other rooms, the Habbo mods completely failed. Lines of proud, black niggers filled the pool area, creating mass havoc for all of the faggot 10 year olds playing the game. The win is attributed to AFRODUCK, the leader of all nigras, who watches over the pool at all times.

We Will Not Forget

Many /B/rothas were lost in the epic battle, many recieving a permenant IP ban from the hotel. But one thing that is known for sure, we will never stop torturing those fags. The racist mods will FAIL.


The Aftermath

Even days after the full raid, noble nigras still flooded the hotel, creating another noteable and unplanned block on the 14th. Apparently, some new faggot mod tried to stop them, only to be showered in DESUs and YOU FAILs.


It appears now that any well dressed black man is getting banned by TEH MODS. Oh noes! It appears that this will continue until the mods grow up or /b/ raids the shit out of Habbo such that the mods surrender. Unfortunately, neither has a lead. Disguises to avoid a ban include lolicons, furries (lol), and white wimmenz. Stay tuned for more details.

Habbo Revisited Revisited

In honor of past glorious raids, a new raid has been organized on 7/12/11.

This will be the biggest raid in the history of Habbo, one to end Modfaggotry once and for all.

The raid will start at 2 P.M. EST

/B/lackup is expected to arrive around 4-5 P.M. EST

The plan is to fill up the pools in America, France and Germany to once again distract the mods from other floors where the nigras will be.

When /b/lackup arrives, all hell will ensue as nigras make their alt accounts, get on as many servers as possible, and maybe take over the Habbo world!

The goal is at least 20+ nigras in every room.


Habbo Revisited Revisited Revisited

Habbo Revisited Revisited will take place on October 30th, right before Halloween.

It's after the epic Ebaums raid

It's before Halloween.

/B/lackup is on its way.

On the 30th, a pixelated version of infamous jew Wierd Al will be at the, "Teen People Terrace", at 3PM PST/ 6PM EST to answer questions. Ruination of his stay is mandatory.