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Okay seriously, what's the difference between these two worthless fucks? They might as well be identical twins.
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Actually this might be a more accurate comparison.
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Tara Strong giving David Vincenzetti what he deserves

Hacking Team (also known as Hacked Team, Fucking Team, Fucked Team, Failing Team, Failed Team, Faggot Team or Mussolini 2: Reloaded S. r. l) is a shitty computer "security" company that, like HBGary Federal, bills itself as the national guard of the internets. They basically sell their own fake and gay version of SubSeven called Galileo RCS, which is supposedly used to cyberstalk criminals and terrorists, but it was found out that its main use was to stalk and harass journalists. HT is 100 per cent Italy-based which means that most of its staff and engineers are anti-Semitic and racist against black people and support Adolf Hitler for president. Last Thursday HT got 400 gigabytes of their internal data leaked by Phineas Fisher, and holy fucking shit was this leak an epic win.

Birth of Snake Oil Salesmen

So basically these two Italian retards called Alberto Ornaghi and Marco Valleri wrote a network sniffer and the Italian cops were impressed by it (because Italians, like aspies, in general are so retarded and have such low standards that they'll be impressed by anything). Italian cops asked Ornaghi and Valleri to extend their sniffer to also record Skype calls and lo and behold, the rat bastard "security" company known as Hacking Team was born. God help us all.

Hacking Team Theme Song


Fucking Team Gains Momentum

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Why? You dipshits got hacked!

Shit for brains and all-in-all failure of a human being David Vincenzetti became the CEO of HT and begins promoting the hell out of it. He came up with the "brilliant" idea of a ub3r-l33t hacking kit called Galileo RCS that he could sell to governments that are too stupid to download Metasploit for free. David, being the shameless self-promoting piece of shit that he is, pays The Telegraph $5 to write a fluff piece (Archive today-ico.png archive) about his dumbass hacking kit. Apparently, RCS "could prove deadlier than any missile" and "[it's] so powerful it could bring a country to its knees". The article also mentions that David is "a law-abiding businessman", that he "isn’t your typical arms dealer" and that "he follows strict ethical guidelines". Uh, David, paying The Telegraph to suck your dick isn't exactly following strict ethical guidelines. Oh, and hijacking IP address ranges that you don't own isn't really the behavior of a law-abiding businessman. Also, plagiarizing other programmers code isn't really helping your case for following strict ethical guidelines. Yeah, this "article", if you even want to call it that, is more than enough proof that David Vincenzetti is the Italian version of Brett Keane.

CitizenLab Investigates

In October 2012, the hipster hackers over at CitizenLab finally realize that Fucking Team is trying to rip-off Masters of Deception and CitizenLab simply ain't gonna have it. So they began tracking Fucking Team's shitty spyware and published their findings here. Fucking Team claims that RCS is "untraceable" when ex-filtrating data on your computer back to the pigs. HT says that their 7 proxies makes this possible, but as CitizenLab has demonstrated, this is complete bullshit and lusers of RCS should sue Fucking Team to the stone age for false advertising.

Our research reveals that the RCS collection infrastructure uses a proxy-chaining technique which is roughly analogous to that used by general-purpose anonymity solutions like Tor in that multiple hops are used to anonymize the destination of information. Despite this technique, we are still able to map out many of these chains and their endpoints using a specialized analysis.


—Hope you got good lawyers David :)

CitizenLab also found out that the software might be used by oppressive regimes such as Sudan, Uzbekistan, and Saudi Arabia. Analysts over at ED also have some evidence that they might be selling to North Korea and even ISIS. Dickhead David's "strict ethical guidelines" aren't really that ethical after all.

Hacking Team has made a number of statements that seem intended to reassure the public, as well as potential regulators, that they conduct effective due diligence and self-regulation regarding their clients, and the human rights impact of their products. They also market their RCS product as untraceable. Our research suggests that both of these claims ring hollow.


—CitizenLab pwning HT

Drama with Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

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Clearly a terrorist

While CitizenLab did a pretty decent job of making Fucking Team look like complete twats, the real lulz came from Motherboard VICE writer Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai who has been documenting their bullshit since March 2015. Lorenzo began with this article documenting how Fucking Team customer Ethiopia was abusing RCS to spy on journalists. However, shit started to get srs when he posted another article talking about how Fucking Team's spyware was probably being abused by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency to spy on random people suspected to be junkies. This article was probably enough to provoke our hero Twitter-favicon.png Phineas Fisher (who previously ass-raped Gamma Group) to go out and fuck up Fucking Team. A couple of months later, Fucking Team proposed a method of "De-anonymizing" the Tor network. Knowing that pretty much every claim that came out of Fucking Team's mouth was going to end in an epic fail, Lorenzo decided to write about it. It was here that everyone's favorite Jenny McDermott wannabe, David Vincenzetti, decided to respond:

WE ARE DELIGHTED to have among the close readers of this list, Vice Motherboard which never reports on Hacking Team without smug editorial comment," [Vincenzetti] wrote, describing this article as "hilarious reading."


—Ohh can you feel David's butthurt

IF you are a lawful user of the Internet, you have little to fear from Hacking Team," he wrote. "BUT IF you break the law or engage in terrorism (or are thinking about it), you should know that the safe haven that the DARKNET provides is beginning to be exposed to the light.



From Fucking Team to Fucked Team?

David Vincenzetti was acting like such a complete douchebag to the point that it could not be tolerated anymore. Twitter-favicon.png Phineas Fisher decided that enough was enough and that it was about time someone gave Fucking Team an ass-fucking of their own. So using his/her (wouldn't it be funny if Phineas Fisher was a girl?) ub3r-l33t ski11z, Phineas pretty much destroyed Fucked Team by dumping 400 gigabytes of their internal data onto the interwebz. Phineas was able to root Fucked Team by exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in one of their routers. Then, thanks to the incompetence of Christian Pozzi (one of Fucked Teams sysadmins) and the fact that Fucked Team could not be bothered to patch their software, Phineas was able to get access to all of their emails, infrastructure documentation, software, source code, and even pirated books on music.

It could be worse, FinFisher could be wannabe musicians

Taking The Piss out of Christian Pozzi

And how could this article be complete if we didn't shame and humiliate Chris-chan's botched clone Christian Pozzi? Yes, the man who used the genius password of "P4ssword", this alone is enough to laugh Pozzi out of the entire InfoSec community for good, and the only people who would take this faggot retard seriously is Fucked Team and VinCUNTzetti. But hey, you're encouraged to check out the Pozzi gallery of fail.

Christian-Chan Pozzi Gallery of Fail About missing Pics
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And Now The Moment You've Been Waiting For...

Fucked Team's Super Sekret Emails About missing Pics
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Failing Team Fails at Damage Control

Minutes after the leak, Fucked Team tried to stop the awesomeness that is the Internet Hate Machine. Noobvid Vinfailzetti did everything in his power, such as launching DDoS attacks and sending death threats. The DDoS was traced back to Italy and Dickvid's death threats were easily sniffed out.

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David's shitty grammar kinda gives it away

Well Thank You Captain Obvious

It turns out that the leaked Fucked Team emails prove without a shadow of a doubt that they were selling their bullshit surveillance tools to oppressive regimes like the ones mentioned above.

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Step right up folks, for the low-low price of 58 thousand euro you can get a flashy zero-day exploit
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And for the low-low price of one million euro you too can stalk your girlfriend!

Lusers of Galileo RCS

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A PSA from Encyclopedia Dramatica

David Vinconzetti and Ripoff Team did _NOT_ invent the techniques found within their shitty spyware kit "Galileo RCS". Just like how Johnny Test ripped off Dexter's Lab, Ripoff Team has pretty much been ripping off tools from real hackers. They even plagiarize other programmers code. So the security experts over at ED will be providing governments and independent researchers with this alternative DIY kit:

RCS component Free Alternative Who really invented it?
Software Implant Zeus Jynx2 Greg Hoglund
Intelligence Module Maltego Walter Harper and Douglas Harris
Tactical Network Injector Arpspoof Leslie Lamport
QR Code Hacking qrhacker.com th3j35t3r
Injection Proxy Squid Proxy William R. Cheswick
Zero-Day Exploits Metasploit 1337day Aleph One
Hacking Team Consultancy HackForums Jesse Labrocca

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David's biggest fear is that people will realize that his products are more worthless than Ms. Trunchbull's used car.

Their motives are the same as those of sensationalist writers of 150 years ago — get readers and let the truth be damned.


—Yeah David and the truth is that you're a scam artist.


Back in the 90's when disco was still cool, David Vincenzetti was on the side of the good guys. Apparently David wasn't really much of a dickhead as he is today and did some pretty cool stuff like writing encryption software and giving hardcore security advices. But David let greed corrupt his penis and the Alzheimers spread to his brain. When you combine this with the fact that Julian Assange was getting laid faster than he could say "Julie, can't you share some of your gf's with me??!!", this is what enable David to turn to the dark side and begin building hacking tools for the pigs. It's at the point that even sex with Michelle Phan wont save poor David now.

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Cheer up David, I'm sure Twitter-favicon.png evacide will forgive you.

David Vincenzetti: L. Ron Hubbard Wannabe

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David really shouldn't be calling his competitors "wannabes" since he has been trying to copy Scientology ever since Phineas Fisher humiliated him. After listening to the Blame Canada song from the South Park Movie, Gayvid decided to blame six of his former employees for the leaks. And like any good cult leader, he hired private investigators to stalk said employees. Now, the levels of idiocy and fail are just off the charts. David's stupidity knows no bounds and it's at the point that even Justin Bieber and Shane Dawson looks like Einstein and Richard Feynman compared to this mentally challenged lobotomized baboon. David also might be a schizo aspie, as he believes that one of his former employees, Alberto Pelliccione left the company to develop his own company to troll his shitty company. His evidence? What evidence? Fucking Team is a cult, remember? And like any cult, empirical proof is widely frowned upon.

Hacking Team shouldn’t be a fucking religion that if you wanna leave you’re an infidel or a traitor.


A former employee talks about Vincenzetti's abuse

You shouldn’t sell to Sudan. Period. Same goes for Ethiopia. And even in other less evil countries, there were abuses.


—Yeah but how will David get the money if he doesn't sell to those countries?


2016: A New Year For Failing Team

Fucked Team's endless stream of failure and stupidity is the gift that never stops giving. Gayvid Vincenzetti managed to hire staff that made his "company" look even worse than ever before. And what better way to start the year with a malware analyst shitting on their spyware!.

(oh and by the way, to access that endless stream, Click Here)

The Italian Morons Are Back!

The ONLY reason that their OS X RCS had a 0/54 detection rate was because antiviruses in general is a piece of shit. But as our friend fG! was able to prove, a two-year old could have reversed this pathetic excuse of a piece of spyware and that Fucked Team were still the same crap morons since July 2015. Unfortunately, government agencies are still too stupid to actually fork over one million euro for RCS when they can just download the **FREE** Metasploit Framework which does the SAME FUCKING THING!!!1. Also, Fucked Team lied about their replacement RCS as they're still using the same codebase that was leaked.

The Italian Morons Think We Care About Their Opinion

Eric Rabe, Fucked Team's PR manager, apparently thinks that other people care about his asinine opinions. He even went out of his way to write Archive today-ico.png this piece of shit article on their website:

The founders of the United States were perhaps even more deeply committed than Apple to protecting the citizenry, since they had just fought a war on American soil to assure civil rights including privacy. Yet they could see the need for legal searches in pursuit of law enforcement to assure public safety. So, in the new country’s Constitution, they outlined a process for safeguarding rights while allowing searches.


—Eric Rabe fails at understanding 3rd grade social studies

The Italian Morons Are Starting To Lose Business

Okay, maybe there's some shred of hope for humanity after all. Fucked Team tried to sell their shit spyware to a South African country and ended up not making a sale due to a crappy presentation.

The presentation was crappy, their [source] code is available [online], and they have lots of technical limitations.


—Well what do you expect? It's Fucked Team after all.

Like Brett Keane and his fanbase, Fucked Team wont go away. They appear to be vampires that feast on the blood of idiots willing to fork over one million euro for their garbage products and they wont die without a fight.

Our technology is now even more invisible, and stronger than before.


—David Vincuntzetti tries to scam people.

The Italian Morons Lose Their Export Licence


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The Italian Morons Get Humiliated By Phineas Fisher Again

So Twitter-favicon.png Phineas Fisher just published Pastebinfavicon.png the rundown on how he destroyed Fucking Team and downgraded it to Fucked Team. Gayvid Vincuntzetti, being the opportunist turd-flinging mentally handicapped monkey that he is, Archive today-ico.png tried to respond looking cool but ends up looking even more retarded than if he just left it alone.

The worst of today’s news media continue their unfair and inaccurate vilification of Hacking Team. The latest comes in the wake of a self-promoting essay by someone who claims responsibility for last summer’s attack on this company. The essay writer claims to explain how he executed the attack, but inaccuracies in his story only go to show he is not really as smart as he thinks he is.


—If failure was made out of strawberries, we would be drinking a lot of smoothies right now.

Also note how Mr. Vincenzetti assumes that Phineas Fisher is a man (Vincenzetti uses "he" in the response). This proves Vincenzetti to be a sexist pig and an over-privileged white cis gendered man who exploits his privilege to physically and sexually abuse women. I hope your happy with yourself David. Please show Vincenzetti's shit article to the nearest feminist in the room and ask him/her what s/he thinks.

The Italian Morons Try To Crack Tor Again...

....and they couldn't have failed any harder. David Vinwannabezetti once again pays a "news" organization (Archive today-ico.png archive) to pimp up his company and bullshit products that even your mom can outsmart. This time, Vincopyzetti decides to rip off Sam DeFabbia-Kane's (who hails from Wesleyan University) undergrad thesis on correlation analysis to determine users of the Tor network. Of course, Vinripoffzetti's cheap knock-off won't be as good as the original, and therefore he has to pay "news" outlets to shit out an "article" that will peddle it to unsuspecting morons.

To spies, David Vincenzetti is a salesman. To tyrants, he is a savior. How the Italian mogul built a hacking empire.


—Okay, David is BY NO MEANS a mogul

Fear This Man


Moar like " fuck this man"

“I can put a box in this room which will decode all your encrypted traffic on the fly,” he tells me. “Logins, passwords, locations, real user name, real site names…. It’s black magic.”


—My Little David, Plagiarism Is Magic

He is nothing if not militant about what he defines as justice: Julian Assange, the embattled founder of WikiLeaks, is “a criminal who by all means should be arrested, expatriated to the United States, and judged there”; whistleblower Chelsea Manning is “another lunatic”; Edward Snowden “should go to jail, absolutely.”


—David, we've been over this, noone cares about your worthless, backwards, asinine "opinions".

It's really easy to avoid Vinscamzetti's horseshit analysis program.
Step 1: Update Tor
Step 2: There is no Step 2


David has something to say to you:

Ciao bella gente. Sai, queste società di informazione sono odiare su mia azienda solo perché rendono più facile per i governi oppressivi per perseguitare persone innocenti e più facile per gli artisti pick-up per inseguire le donne casuali. Questa vergine, Phineas Fisher (che tra l'altro non potrà mai fare sesso in vita sua), aveva appena a rovinare tutto. La mia azienda è stata solo facendo un sacco di soldi e Phineas violato la mia azienda e trapelato tutte le mie email a internet. Ma ciò che la gente non sa è che io sono il numero uno al mondo degli hacker. Vendo il più avanzato di hacking toolkit nel mercato nero. Ho tutti l'uomo signore, perché non solo io sono un hacker superstar, io sono anche un ragazzo superstar di karate cintura nera e la ginnastica. Phineas è solo gelatina che ho più figa di lui. Quello che ancora mi sconcerta è che le persone sono così dio-dannati ignorante in questi giorni. Perché non può la gente semplicemente rendersi conto che abbiamo bisogno di passare ad uno stato fascista. Voglio dire, non sei d'accordo con me quando dico che Mussolni era il più grande polician mai creato dal creatore. Non vuoi vivere in una nazione in cui si ottiene gettato in prigione per avere un'opinione diversa dalla media? Una nazione in cui è possibile cagna-schiaffeggiare tua moglie e non ha in galera per la cosiddetta "violenza domestica". Una nazione in cui i servizi pubblici piccoli come "educazione" e "assistenza sanitaria" sono sostituiti con survellience di massa e una polizia segreta. Una nazione dove il governo sa tutto quello che state pensando e se anche solo pensare la cosa sbagliata, ti verrà eseguito. Una nazione dove essere un non-eterosessuale otterrà il culo caramelle gettato nella grande casa. Io sogno di vivere in un paese come questo. Hitler ... err ... voglio dire Mussolni ... err ... voglio dire Dio benedica l'America.

boia chi vende RCS

Where David will most likely be working at when Faggot Team goes out of business:

How to Troll David Vincenzetti

In mancanza Galleria Fail del team

Ricorda queste brutto come Faces Cazzo About missing Pics
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[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Hacking Team's D0x

Now David, before you get your panties in a bunch, this d0x is found within YOUR OWN FUCKING WEBSITE so it's all good in the hood.

HT S.r.l. | Via della Moscova 13, 20121 Milano, Italy

Ph. +39 02 29060603 Fax +39 02 63118946

Email: [email protected]

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