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Criminal Charges Filed Today
This web site was attacked with a severe Denial of Service Attack!

The attack launched data at more than 196 MegaBits Per Second!

While the attack could not crash the server, it DID "rape" my bandwidth by costing me $1800 in data flow charges in a single day!!

My attorneys are in the United States District Court in Newark, NJ right now (12:00 noon EST on Tuesday, December 26, 2006) filing criminal charges against "John Doe(s) 1-100" for:

Violation of 18 United States Code, Sub-Section 1030
(Computer Fraud and Abuse Act)

in that they "knowingly engaged in activity" against my "protected computer" which "is used in interstate commerce" for "communication" with the intent to "deny availability" of the system and its data, AND;

"Extortion" in that the persons engaged in this attack wrote in several places they would not halt the attack until they got an apology from me and until I closed down my show, AND;

"Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization" (RICO) charges against 7Chan.org, 4Chan.org and Ebaumsworld.com in that these places enabled, aided and abetted through their sites, an ongoing criminal conspiracy to commit the crimes listed above, AND;

"Criminal Copyright Infringment" in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright ACt (DCMA), by intentionally thwarting my archive subscription system by recording and posting to MegaUpload.com an archive of my Dec. 20 show, AND;

"Transmission of threats via interstate communications" in that I, my wife, our son and my mother were REPEATEDLY telephoned and threatened with physical attack by persons using SKYPE and other internet-based communications systems. Crank calls, harassing calls and threatening calls were received all day Christmas Eve, throughout Christmas Day and continue to this very moment!!!

According the the "International Convention on Cyber Crime" The European Union will cooperate and honor U.S. Subpoenas to compel SKYPE (based in Luxemborg) to release Customer information such as originating IP addresses, and/or customer information of folks who used that service to launch the telephone acitivites. ALL of them will be caught and prosecuted.

As soon as the charges are Docketed, my lawyers will move for "Ex Parte Discovery" to issue federal subpoenas to a whole slew of companies to obtain customer names and addresses for the individuals involved in these criminal acts.

Every single individual involved in this attack will be caught, prosecuted and then sued civilly for what they have done. I will not stop until I catch them all and bring every single one of them to court.

As of this morning, a hardware packet sniffer has been installed outside my server. It is presently capturing and logging EVERY IP address being used to connect to this machine, since the Denial of Service attack is resuming! EVERY IP will be captured, EVERY ISP will be notified and EVERY compromised machine being used as an "attack bot" will be physically disconnected from the net. EVERY person involved in attacking this site will be caught, proscuted and sued no matter how old they are, no matter what country they are in.