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Hal Wilkerson, or Hal as he is more commonly called, is a forced meme, and a character from the TV show Malcolm in the Middle


A forced meme of a forced meme

Some butthurt newfag on /b/ had decided, for no good reason, that Hal was deserving of being a meme. Well, in his defense, more deserving than others.

He had made one thread in the early morning, around 7AM Central Time, just after Malcolm in the Middle had ended on FX. Many people had agreed Hal would make a good /b/tard, but after a while, people saw it as nothing more than the work of a newfag, and it left people's minds faster than that one time Uncle Jack brought you out behind the woods and...

Not seeing the error of his ways, he then flooded the board with production pics of Hal, posting in many "Post ending in doubles is a meme" threads, Combofag and attempting to get GETs.

It pissed many people off, eventually resulting in it dying down. But for how long...

Attempted Win

One of Hal's many GETs.

The forcing of Hal has resulted in a few GETs, but most went ignored, like some other GETS gotten by a failed meme.


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