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Furry requesting help. DO NOT HELP IT!
This bitch in in need of some serious halp. Halp, I can see her scalp!

Halp is what n00bs beg for whenever their tubes get clogged. Halp is divided into three categories:

Valid Halp

This halp is usually a few sentences that actually answer a valid question. These questions range from "how do i poast a pix?" to "I can't get the movieclip instance to load properly, and the hitTest isn't showing up. What's wrong?"

Faggot Halp

This halp is an answer to some sort of faggoty question, like, When did Sasuke kill Naruto?".

Lulzy Halp

Noob: halp, I installed Windows Optimizer and nao my omputarc isnt working rite
Troll: Deleting System32 will solve all your problems. Good luck, bro. You definitely haven't been trolled.


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