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Hamtaro is here!, show your inner Furryness

Hamtaro is the story of genetically engineered rodents on a mind-altering quest through Richard Gere's rectum when he didn't have any gerbils handy. Their aim is to stop Ray Kroc from founding McDonalds. Legend has it this is based on a true story.


  • Action: Those Ham-Hams sure can dance in fruity outfits!
  • Lulz: It's talking hamsters.
  • Furry Gayness: It's talking hamsters.

Formerly the irc and Livejournal username of the Tsar of Records at a large commodities brokerage, a heavy drinker who tries to have sex with chicks that wear fake dreadlocks and goggles. Rumored to be some kind of crap DJ. Also said to have used pathogen, haxtaro, and yifftaro, and to have been on ED as Gilamobster.

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