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A common conversation among n00bs on the Happy Tree Friends forum. In this screenshot, we learn how to spell geese and ooh on a calculator.

The Happy Tree Friends Forum,unfortunately being HTF's life blood, is a gathering place for furries and rip-off artists alike. The forum has been abused and vandalized for at least 100 years by advertisers, as well as n00bs who range from the ages of 7 to 50.

Here is a conversation between the angsty teenage members of the HTF Forums.

Forums and shit

  • Squeak Up: Place to talk about HTF in general. People stopped posting once HTF became stupid when they realized that HTF is for faggots.
  • Cartoons & Critters: Shitland. No one posts here either.
  • Sharing Tree: This is the haven for all shitty artists posting their hentai and shitty anime.
  • Subforum: Roleplaying: Place where all faggots pretend to be animals and have gay sex.
  • Subforum: Character Showrooms: Deleted because all the Mary Sues and Flippy clones fail.
  • Raise Your Hand: No one posts here either. The moderator is going emo.
  • Global Warming: Popular hangout for the Wapanese.
  • Handle With Care: Only near active thread in there is the "Forum Suggestions", where members bitch about the forum.
  • Field Trip: The off topic forum. This is where most of the members post, because no one really gives a fuck about HTF.

In The Beginning...

In the beginning, at least 100 years ago, the Happy Tree Friends forum was unknown to many. The few that did dwell there, however, lived in fear. Three trolls by the names of Lost Number, Mobile Type-8, and Raging Tiger raped and pillaged the land. No n00b was left unpwned, no member was excused from the violent gangbang. Several members were often left butthurt at the hands of The Three. Yoshi-lord, IWP, and PsychoCrash were among their primary targets and generated countless lulz for The Three. Many people threatened to seek the wielder of the Banhammer, MondoAdmin, but he ignored their calls, and they were left to suffer the pwnage. A year went by, and no end to the lulz were in sight. However, one day, MondoAdmin woke up, feeling very unlulzy. He appointed Farallon as an admin so he wouldn't have to do his job. Farallon, in turn, appointed the first group of moderators who were among the most butthurt from The Three, including PsychoCrash and UndrBlkSunshine. Lost Number was the first to suffer the might of the banhammer, after a violent round of pwning. Mobile Type-8 saw the end was near and started pwning every member in sight until his end came. Raging Tiger, however, was kept around for a few more months due to UndrBlkSunshine's huge e-crush on him and her taste for black person penis. However, PsychoCrash did not like his wimminz swooning over some nigra, and remembering the countless pwnings at the hands of Raging Tiger, he banned the Tiger, effectively ending the reign of The Three. However, they are still remembered on the forums and are often quoted by the still-butthurt Yoshi-lord.


It was common knowledge that UndrBlkSunshine had a massive e-crush on Raging Tiger and wanted to suck his big black penis. He, however, would have nothing to do with that whore and continued to pwn her and her lover PsychoCrash relentlessly. One day, UndrBlkSunshine told Raging Tiger that she had bought some tiger panties. When Raging Tiger didn't care and stated he already had a girlfriend, UndrBlkSunshine burned the tiger panties. Coincidentally, this is around the same day when she accidentally burned her house down. Many more lulz were had one fateful day when she had managed to dig up his phone number off the intarwebz and called him several times. He, however, would not return the calls, and left her very angsty and suicidal.



Mondoadmin is a mostly inactive administrator on the Happy Tree Friends forum and serves no purpose whatsoever at Mondo Mini Shows besides updating the template every season. Any attempt to contact Mondoadmin will result it in the ultimate form of him ignoring you completely and will never reply to you.


Farallon is a 30-something-year-old on the Happy Tree Friends forum who took the responsibility of becoming an "administrator". He does not work at Mondo Mini Shows, but a technical company in San Francisco.


Kpon, also known as Ken Pontac, is the only administrator who actually does his job on the Happy Tree Friends forum. Ken Pontac (kpon) also works at Mondo Mini Shows as a co-writer along with Warren Graff for Happy Tree Friends. Ken Pontac also worked for other Cancelled shows including Gumby, and Bump In the Night.


Mondotechdude is an inactive administrator on the Happy Tree Friends forum, and has never done anything relating to his admin position whatsoever. Mondotechdude has no purpose at Mondo Mini Shows but to be the laziest ass at the office, it has also been suspected that Mondotechdude was fired ,from whatever he did at MMS, for getting caught jerking off. Either way, he hasn't been on the HTF forum since May 10, 2004.

Super Moderators


Also the creator of the show, never visits the forums anymore. One user posted an obviously fake news story about his arrest. Several members believed it, proving that the forum is populated by retards.


Also the writer of the show, he answers the questions in the Q&A topic.



Burre, also known as Wouter van Toll, is a moderator on the Happy Tree Friends forum who lives in The Netherlands. Burre joined the moderating team when he replaced EmilyDoOmSqueak, another moderator who was previously inactive for more than a year previous to that occurance. Burre has also won the first Happy Tree Friends tournament that was created by an egotistical member named GARY. Burre has been regarded as one of the smartest and most reliable moderator on the forum, after fellow moderators Damien, and Dominus. Not really a surprise because all the other moderators are unreliable idiots. But since he posts on the forums, he's a faggot.


Digitalis, also known as Goh Jun Yun is a moderator on the Happy Tree Friends forum who is known for dedicating his life to the Happy Tree Friends tournament management, as well as the Hall of Fame. Goh Jun Yun has managed to create three accounts/ names, Jun Yun, Rachmaninov, and digitalis. Digitalis is the only Asian moderator, and is estimated to be the oldest member on the forum.

Edit; Lost position of running the hall of fame, so now his life has no meaning


Dominus is one of the newest moderators on the Happy Tree Friends forum along with fellow moderator NYC_Tooothy_LA. The only reason that Dominus was given the moderating position was because the moderator he replaced didn't give a shit at all about the forum. Dominus co-moderates two sub-forums along with digitalis. A moderator who serves no purpose in his position now, since the character tournament that he managed was moved to a different section, taking away his moderating powers in the sub-forum. Dominus is most famous on the forum for creating a thread entitled "The Happy Tree Friends Season Two Petition, which was created to demand a second season of the Happy Tree Friends TV series that was most likely going to be ordered by G4 Tech TV anyway, since it is there only source of viewership. Dominus is also known for writing entries that require multiple posts to fit all of what he has to say into the thread that he is replying to, or creating. Note: It is easy to get Dominus confused with Flipping Out since they both have Giggles avatars and write in a ridicules poetic style. Dominus is suspected of being incredibly furry for Giggles and Cadpig. UPDATE: Turns out he is. He makes avatars and writes really long, yet pointless character articles, it really makes you wonder whether he has a life in reality. UPDATE: He has recently aggressively assaulted and swore at the HTF Writer because he was angry about the forum section "Squeak Up" vanishing.


G-Storm, or as some like to refer to him as, G-Spot, is very hardcore when it comes to enforcing the law of HTF Forums. He is the dictator of the forum "Field Trip" and bans anyone who looks at him wrong.

G-Storm has a blacklist, including members such as "Noname" and "Robert". He recently went apeshit and suspended Noname for bumping a 5 year old thread on books. The only reason was that he was illiterate. Is currently getting ass to mouth by those who don't want to be banned.


Damien was appointed moderator on the Happy Tree Friends forum to replace a failure of mod known as Madamluna, who couldn't handle the pressure of looking after the section known as the Sharing Tree. A section for displaying crappy artwork that users have created. Gaymien is regarded as one of the smartest users on the board, since he uses with in his posts to make a point. Damien has once been impersonated by a member with the username Nutt, who created an account with the username Damienn. Stupid members (95%) were tricked into believing that Damien had gone crazy, and was soon reported by multiple (l)users. He was then later banned and upon further investigation, Nutt's original account was permabanned. Another similar occurrence was the impersonation of another moderator who was away, just like Damien. Has recently made several posts in which he tries to look hard, although sadly he fails miserably. Thinks his knowledge grants him respect, which couldn't be further from the truth.

Note: Tried to kill himself when noname someone called his haircut silly

NYC Tooothy LA

NYC Tooothy LA is a moderator on the Happy Tree Friends forum, and is most famous for creating a fanfic that gained notability because of the context and complexity of the story. NYC Tooothy LA is was appointed as moderator to replace a pathetic moderator known as rsk423 who abandoned the forum after realizing that he was a failure at life. NYC Tooothy LA was chosen primarily because his posts taken a whole page when viewed on an 800x600 screen resolution, which is a must (in most cases) if you want to be appointed a moderator.


Tjips is a moderator on the Happy Tree Friends forum who only comes onto the forum between 1:00 AM to 5:00 AM, primarily to post in only one thread entitled What are you listening to now? because his section that he was appointed to sucks, and never gets any posts.


Poonchy is a former moderator on the Happy Tree Friends forum, as well as a camera whore who is also emo. Poonchy has been known to dress up like a woman, tie his hair back and take pictures of himself in the mirror and then post them on the forum, thinking that people will think he is sexy.

Poonchy has been said to be a hermaphrodite.


PsychoCrash is a moderator on the Happy Tree Friends forum who has admitted that he is bisexual, even when he had a girlfriend who was also a co-moderator. The two eventually broke up, and UnderBlkSunshine (his girlfriend's username) abandoned him and became suicidal.


EmilyDoOmSqueak is a moderator on the Happy Tree Friends forum. Leaving twice for an extended period of time to do God knows what somehow qualifies her to become a moderator.


UndrBlkSunshine was once a co-mod along with her bi-sexual boyfriend PsychoCrash on the Happy Tree Friends forum. She usually was on the site 24/7 to delete various threads and ban tactless members, since her homo boyfriend was an inactive lazy bastard who signed on only once in every few months. she was constantly labeled as a snotty bitch, possibly because it was the truth; as all of her posts consisted of looking down at other members and giving every hint that she was better than everyone. Aside from vigorously insulting people for no reason, camwhoring her pale ugly self, constantly being a bitch and all that.. she didn't really contribute much. As of April 2006, she has been inactive and has claimed to have left for good. Reasons rumored being because she has broken up with her unfaithful boyfriend PsychoCrash, due from cheating on her and having gay affairs with hermaphrodite moderator, known as Poonchy. She also has been claimed to have gone suicidal, or has hopefully already killed herself.

Forum Fucktards and Associated Artists

Tori Sue Heck (Fatticus Annus)

Original article can be found here.

Tori Sue Heck, or TulipTori, is a bitchy, aggressive, pushy, crack-addicted drama whore who is currently a big fan of Happy Tree Friends and is overly obsessed with it.

She used to hold art threads at least 100 years ago on the forums and basically flamed, raped or tried to ban anyone who posted something that somehow pissed her off. She eventually decided to leave the forums and she moved to a Sheezyart ripoff named FanArt Central. At the time of joining the site had quite a big community of HTF fan artists. She drew many crappy pieces of MSPaint work, and half of it was Hate-Art directed at Mary-sues (despite being one herself) and MySpace (lol no wonder). She eventually got an account at DeviantART and that's when it all started.

On DeviantArt she copied a lot of her art from FAC to there. On DA she met many of the people she hated in the forums and she began flaming them once again. This resulted in much hate-art, spam spills, napalm explosions and lulz. Meanwhile, Tulip had created another account on FAC and created some more Hate-Art and some more pointless OC's. Tulip had manipulated several other stupid HTF fan artists into joining the dark side and the burnt ones could no longer stand this, so they started the Anti-Tori club to support the victims of her rampage.

She is a huge hugbox whore. She is known to take any situation, blow it way out of proportion, and then submit it to her journal so all of her friends will go "OMG! I am soooo sorri that hapend to u! I cant beleev thos basturds did tat to u!!!". She is a complete bitch and tries to attack anyone whose views are different from hers, or just anyone of whom she is jealous because their art is better than hers. She hates having her art critiqued, and if you try to give her any constructive criticism, she will go on a rampage to try (and fail} to flame your ass and all your submissions straight to hell.

She hates anyone from myspace, /b/tards, EDiots, and everybody with any discernible talent. She thinks everyone should bow down to her like she's a fucking queen, and her only real friends are people who do anything she says, kiss her ass at ever opportunity, and basically don't think for themselves at all. In fact, she even pisses some of her friends of by doing anything that pisses her off. She will not hesitate to give you a piece of her mind, and will call anyone who does not agree with her stupid, lame, retarded, or say they have no life, which is kind of ironic considering she fits all of those perfectly. She pretends not to care when someone insults her, then she whines about it all day to her "friends". Any time she is angry with someone, instead of confronting them herself she gets all of her minions to do it for them. Her only reason for doing this is because she's a fat ugly bitch with no wit or intelligence and knows that she'd get pwned by almost anyone. Even a few of her friends don't even like her, seeing as they may or may not be secret agents intending to convey her personal information to some of her enemies, such as Suzie Q and Anonymous. And recently, it's been discovered that she is a racist, after she was seen laughing at a racist comment made on her journal, but then denied it, hid the comment and deleted the journal like the sissy bitch that she is. Her most reliable friend is Ghuiado, who thinks she's hot and wants to get a piece of her fat ass. Her fat ass recently left her for another girl, who is most likely more attractive and less of a bitch took her fatass back after breaking up with his other girlfriend. It's a wonder her fat ass hasn't been banned yet from both the Happy Tree Friends forum and DeviantART.

Faraday (Furgay Faggotus)

Faraday is an azn weaboo nigger camwhore who thinks he is the shit because he won most sexiest member award twice. (It's not hard when the board is predominantly used by greasy faggots like Damien). Faraday joined in 2003 and by 2004 he realized just how fucking shit HTF is. So now he posts just say how sexy he is, or to correct someone and as most members of HTF are illiterate faggots his post count is over nine thousand. He is also known for receiving blowjobs from ExxonAmadeus to rally his evil Nazi mod campaign to overthrow emofag Dominus because everybody hates him.

IWP/IWP2 (Faggamus Furrytor)

Original article can be found here.

IWP is a 17 year old hippy who draws shitty art of himself having furry crayon sex. It is unknown if he uses Crayola, or Rose Art.

This failure, also known as Scott to some people (3,maybe 4), likes to draw shitty art of his two bisexual furry fantasies and himself, giving each other handjobs n' shit. IWP reckons he is hardcore, as he drinks beer, but really, he is just another furfag, who has nothing better to do with their life. He was known for apparently, being the biggest Petunia loving furry on the forum. He listens to metal(!!!) bands like Iron Maiden and Pantera. Recently, he was banned from the forum for hatin black person, which is kind of strange because another user called MikeFox124 was banned for being a black person. He now has a new account known as "Thunderhead".

Mikefox124 (Chubbacle Queerisil)

Mikefox124, or Michael "Mike" Crews, is a black person who pretends to be a bad ass, and usually ends up just embarrassing himself. Mike has been banned multiple times from DeviantART because he is a slob.

Coolkid (faggamus asshatius)

Coolkid (a.k.a. Gage) is a 14 year old who is so obsessed with Happy Tree Friends that he has to own every piece of merchandise known to man. It almost makes you appreciate the irony in the name, but then you figure out it's just really sad. Thinks he is hardcore, because he is on this site. He is also obsessed with Ken Pontac and jerks off to a collection of pictures he has of him. Recently he became emo and took his frustration out by writing shitty articles on this site. None of them were lulz worthy.He recently got mad at pest because he lulzed up his user page, he took out this frustration by telling pest he is a crappy artist (which is true but pest already knows), pest reacted by being a reasonable faggot, gage reacted to that by being an angsty butt.Was exposed as a corrupt, cheating bastard, and left, but came back when his cock-suckers begged for forgiveness. Should become an hero.

Fridge (Faggamus Skaterfuck)

Obsessed with skateboarding and for no reason hates Russell the Pirate from HTF, he spams the forums with his hatred for Russell and claims that he is gay. It seems he has nothing better to do than getting worked up over cartoon characters. Was banned for being a dipshit.

ElectronicPest (Emoranus Shittimus)

A.K.A Bob is an unfunny dumbass who nobody likes...no thats about it...other than the fact that everyday, he reverts every true thing thats said about himself, he stated a few times on DA that he would become an hero, this has never happened yet sadly. Did we mention he was raped in the head? And he proves it, he came back to DeviantART as Rayaprio (Rape-Through-The-Ear-Oohh!!!)

Raccoonbros665 (Dipshit. Nuff said.)

Raccoon is apparently an unbelievably miserable thirteen-year old emo girl named Anna. She is a classified lesbian and a furry. She is known to think any sentence with the word, "secks", or, "lolroftlmaobbq", is the funniest shit ever to hit the internet. She once had a three-some with Flippy and Spongebob. Married Wescravendevon once to hide the fact that she is a dyke. Failed miserably for not posting tits, so she had to GTFO. Later, people figured out nobody wanted to see them, but it didn't really matter. Once started a cam-whore career, but phailed. Although once one of the most popular members, after she openly admitted her LazyTown fetish, everyone hated her. Now claims to have a [real life].


A 43 year old raging pedophile who hates his family. He is also an aspie. He is also furry for Flaky. What the fuck was he doing on a site populated with people who haven't even hit puberty, we'll never know. Not banned, just gone. Probably had a heart attack.


A nerdy tea-sucking British pansy on the Happy Tree Friends forum. He has over 9,000 posts(leading us to believe he has no life in reality), usually due to writing so many of his long-ass fanfics that no one gives half a shit about to read. He has also been claimed to have a disturbing sexual fetishism for various video game characters, such as Yoshi or Pikachu. His daily life mainly consists of the internet, and posting his shitty pictures on Deviant Art. Even though everyone knows he can't draw, they still thoroughly kiss his ass and praise his drawings, for some unknown reason. He also threw an emo fit when he realized he was still not a moderator.


Used to be a moderator, but was given freedom after he made a post telling all the foreign motherfuckers to "go home." IWP once accused him of being a Nazi mod while he still held the position. Needless to say, this resulted in drama with minor or no lulz.


Eaglewing was perhaps one of the most retarded members of this dump. He is an emo, gay, mentally troubled, furry who is obsessed with Flaky and has wet dreams of the character every night. Eaglewing has made a pact to kill Fridge (see above), for saying Flaky deserved to die. This resulted in the gayest fight of history, two fucktards having at it. Eaglewing also claimed to have had near death experiences 27 times, with every fate possible. He says he doesn't commit suicide because of Flaky, his hermaphrodite lover. But when Fridge told Eaglewing that Flaky didn't exist, he had an emo breakdown. Thus transforming himself forever into EMOWING. He was banned by Optical_Burst (see above), and seems to have disappeared before the emo could infect anybody else but Dominus. We all hope he shot himself.


Draws hentai and porn of the HTF characters. Had an unhealthy fetish for Lifty and Shifty, and drew herself in a threesome with them behind the member's back. She can't speak any language and ends up using a shitty translator. This made her posts and grammar laughable. Any person could have easily mistaken her for a fucktard. Is also a fatass French furry bitch. She once had her cock sucked by the majority of the forum, until she posted a picture of herself. Somebody said she was fat and she shat a brick. Apparently it was news to her. Riddled with humiliation, she went and got the fuck out. Now mainly hangs out on deviantart begging for people to pay for her drawings so she can have a team of over nine thousand asian midgets carry her fat ass to her bald boyfriend, (MoP) to get ploughed. MoP digs fatties so it's all good. In addition, almost her drawings' resources are MoP's pictures. Of course N copied MoP's drawing style. And, is there anyone who visited her DA account? It's full off her fuxx-ass hentai drawings. Everyone wonders what is in her brain, and I think there's nothing but some AVs.


The typical pollack furfaggot artist that has her dick sucked by a small select group of fans and furries. Her favourite hobby is to copy some good fan-chars(which we can never find) of other people. She has have copied not only chars' appearances, but also some characteristics. And she is one of the insane member of fanatic otaku anime fans. Quotations: She likes to use 'Your character is very cool^^' or 'I like this character:3'...those kinds of stupid things. She thinks that she is the best artist in forum. Almost everyone in forum with no brain wants to be friend with her. [They are some kind of her Park-sun-hee.] And she doesn't know what is English Grammar, moreover, we wonder what is her language score. EvilKenny, Spanish moron, has a sex crush on her.


elom: A fucking Aussie bitch who has shitty MS Paint art. she also has a youtube account where she spams, only because she is a ronery little cunt. She says she is 13 and 12, but people believe she is really 5. She posted every episode of HTF, and made 2 threads about the unfunny "angry German kid". She was banned a few hours after she joined for being a fucktard and making threads nonstop, she also claims to have had sex with her computer monitor while looking at her shitty art. She has a bad habit of making several alts on Deviantart and the forum. Has been banned countless times from both. The golden rule is that there is NO WOMEN ON THE INTERNET, so it's actually sick. This she-male was sent back to the kitchen for failure.

Currently on DA begging for her imaginary boyfriend's tiny cock.


A cannibalistic rapist that has recently escaped from a prison in Mexico. Now hiding in the forums, he's near permabannage from the wrath of G-Storm. His hobbies include irrelevant posting, vacuum cleaner sex, pissing off moderators, fire and Watermelon. If you ever meet him in real life, run, or hold still. His vision is based on movement. He was rumored to be Mikefox's real father.


This fucking fuckstick is best known for his shitty fan character, Peanut the Badger (which might I add, looks nothing like a badger). When he isn't busy fapping to her, he spends the majority of his time on deviantart, making shitty comics made of fail and draws even more shitty pictures of Peanut. was recently banned from the forum for saying that fags were the cause of wildfires in California, and also for making black person jokes.


13 year old boy who tries to act hard, but ultimatly fails. He also cries and whines about the troubles his family is going through, which in reality, nobody gives a shit. He claims to be german, although he's the world's worst grammer nazi.Thinks he's the funniest user on the forums, and that he's edgy cause he claims to commit account suicide. In reality, he fails at everything he does. Recently called out several shitty artists out on DA, but removed his comments when butthurt members came crying. Moral of the story; When the going gets tough, thatweirdo pisses off and cries like a bitch

Confessed that he hates niggers. Once created a thread about making threads. Shows you how fucked up this guy is.


Airplane obsessed faggot who constantly fantasises about jackalope sex. Went emo recently and tried to become an hero, but has failed four times, because God loves laughing at this failure. Argues about anything to everyone, because he is insecure about the size of his penis. He also claims to be THE GODDAMN HIGHLANDER. Has a big hardon for Nazis.

It is rumoured that he and thatweirdo are fuckbuddies brothers

Ways to get banned on the forums

Yes, someone actually got banned for posting this.


The only members on the forum who provide pathetically little (if any) lulz at times are these fucktards:

  • Baldguywithhat BANNED (Most of his posts were just idiotic, though.)
  • Optical_Burst LEFT, but would have been BANNED anyway.
  • Robert BANNED
  • Fridge BANNED (This shithead got his first strike by causing a retarded fight in a thread. Then he got his second strike in a Role Playing thread about gay HTFs,where he shot a shitload of insults against poor fags. He has just recently been providing HTF's form of lulz. He still is a skater fag, however, and his funny posts are like finding a needle in a haystack. He met his end after insulting a n00b.)
  • Noname... 2 STRIKES (Most of his posts, however, were gay and pointless. Like his girlfriend's tits.He got banned for making a flame against Runescape.)
  • IWP2 BANNED (In his final days, IWP2 started to provide the saddest form of lulz witnessed. He and Fridge had a raging altercation, which was pretty queer.
  • ExxonAmadeus BANNED (Only n00b in the history of the forum known to be near funny. Was banned by Dominius for being too funny which is clearly against the rules.)
  • Wompy BANNED (told Dominus he doesn't listen to faggot moderators, and got butt-fucked by the world's largest banstick)
  • PLuto3 BANNED (Made a massive flame against noobs, then got pwned by Dominius
  • Cellmitch27 BANNED (this 2 year old just couldn't keep his mouth shut and got buttfucked by G-Storm)
  • BlackRabbit BANNED (known as elom's other account in which got herself banned again for flamming via thePM system. That 12 year old just never learns does she?)
  • Dotario 2 STRIKES Got Coolkid to leave, but was suspended before he could make it permanent. Deleted the fan character showroom in revenge, making many members butthurt.

As you can see the list is small. As you can also see,all of them are banned. Because HAPPY TREE FRIENDS FORUM MEMBERS DO NOT TAKE KINDLY TO LULZ. They would rather just jack off to the hentai and argue over whether Fall Out Boy or My Chemical Romance is better.

HTF members and their "Fantasies"

Just when you thought these furry dumb fucks were bad, it only gets worse. As you may have guessed, a lot of the members have fantasies about the characters. The forum member H.H.T.F. has fantasies about flaky fucking him up the ass with a strap-on. The dumbass TMBGgirl wants to be raped by Disco Bear(If she even knows what the fuck rape is for that matter) And there are many others. Other forum members like Nifty take their art to a whole new level. THEY DRAW TITS ON THEIR CHARACTERS for many other fellow furries to jack off to. And the thing that startles me the most is that THE CHARACTERS WERE NOT MEANT TO LOOK ATTRACTIVE! HOW THE FUCK DO YOU GET OFF TO A RED PORCUPINE, JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!


Getting an average of fifteen members a day, the forum is filled to its limit with n00bs who continually drive forum veterans away. On the right left, you can see an interesting conversation among two n00bs, who are talking about words you can write on a calculator. Most n00bs do end up getting their asses banned, but the number steadily increases day by day.


The furry fucks that reside there About missing Pics
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The Wiki

Ever since the forums got pwn3d, the fans decided to make their own cheaper alternative. The forum itself is a husk and the only active posters are automated messages/bots trying to sell you garbage and the lonely diaper furfaggot that runs it, Deviantart-favicon.png Nemao, who makes sick fuck artwork depicting underaged animals raping each other.

Here's a few examples of his "artwork"

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