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Like I said; white as chalk skin
A typical second life playing furfag as well (the one that looks like green vomit in the middle)

Hardstylenno is another tool who tried to use ED to get revenge on an ex-lover. Hardstyle came to ED to create AIDS-ridden articles on his enemies, instantly under the impression he was a badass ED editor. What he didn't realize though is that gay furries with ADHD who typesex with other furries online in Second Life and get whiny over the furry community on Steam are not actually good editors at all.

Typical Furfaggotry of a Typical Furfag

Ever since he was born, Hardstylenno was a complete furfag. He made it his lifelong quest to squeeze the man juice out of every cawk that became available to him, earning the infamous title of "furry cumwhore of Steam".

After taking a nearly uncountable number of dicks, he tried to find a mate which flat out failed miserably, ending up in his quick internet depression. Soon after, he met a furfag named DarkFolf, who both rode out the last drops of semen out of each other, and soon ended up in what must be one of the most lulz ensuing tirade of shitspewing furfaggotry that Steam has yet seen. Even though he still can't get over DarkFolf not being his, he still tries to pathetically troll DarkFolf in any which way.

Aside from that, he changes his fursona at least once a day, picking the most stereotypical furfag avatars that he could find, and then flaunting about how he has green fur or is a snake, or some equally dumb shit. Even then, most his fursonas are stolen from someone else. Long story short, furfags with ADHD somehow manage to be even whinier than the rest of the short bus.

He's also famous for constantly spreading lies about his enemies, befriending others, convincing them the cool people are fucking lame, and breaks up internet relationships based entirely on furry secks. He once had a total of 19, NINETEEN, mates at a time.

Meanwhile on YouTube, aside from starting out and getting his account banned for uploading songs from XeRa6's account, he usually makes shitty stopmotion Garry's Mod videos which include old memes, sex jokes and shitty techno.

Hardstyle vs. DarkFolf

Recently Hardstylenno was dumped from an Internet relationship with DarkFolf after he realized how much of a whiny slut he was. Normally, Hardstylenno would used to this since most of his relationships only ever lasted a few days.

Darkfolf had turned to Daedalus's side. Daedalus spent his time making anti-furry Steam community groups in the hopes that they would actually do anything and that the world would change for the better. DarkFolf had suddenly turned anti-furry after listening to Daedalus (although he still faps to gay furry all day erry day) thus Hardstylenno went batshit crazy and tried to troll as much as he could.

Hardstyle started whining to all of DarkFolf's friends about how much butthurt he was experiencing. After getting a "wat-the-fuck-ever" response from everyone, he went ahead and made an ED article on DarkFolf which in the beginning was a shitpile as Hardstylenno lacked grammar or knowledge of Wikimarkup. He soon took his faggotry even further and began bitching and moaning about the article EVERYWHERE:

...even though everyone is tired of it already, and not interested in some butthurt furfag. The only reason his article stuck was because of everyone else's contributions (and because he put it on again after it got deleted - twice). He even called himself a "badass article writer" after being here for less than a week.

Plan backfires

Sooner or later this page appears, Hardstylenno now trying to get the page deleted using his sock accounts. Hardstyle has no idea how to psyop. Even with his sock accounts, he gives away his presence with his shitty grammar, and the fact that the accounts sign up one right after the another.

After realizing how much of a fucktard he now looked, Hardstyle went and deleted his YouTube and DevianTART accounts and made his Steam account private. Hopefully he'll never be seen again.


Realising he was not wanted on ED, Hardstyle and his closest friends set to work on a Wiki called FurDrama. They described it as a small, furry version of ED. That already exists, dipshits. Articles were written about Hardstyle's greatest enemies - people who defriended him or said something nasty about him. The Wiki was up for about a week or so until it got shut down due to leaking privacy.

Hardstyle's circlejerk thought it was a win, but any outsider will look at posts like these and wonder why they think writing large, unclear biographies is lulzy.

Where is the little cockshiner now?


Like all whining faggots do when they've had their e-penis handed to them, Hardstylenno gave into raeg and posted he was QUITTING THE INTERNETS. Of course, like all tools over the years, he couldn't live without internet attention whoring; thus, he was back a week later.


I am accualty a common ed writer by the name of cyrax i do alot of hatred articles on people on the dramatica wiki which soon stir up some badass drama.


—Hardstyle telling it like it is(n't)

Bloody parkwood looked reyt shite wen this happened apparntly pressure burst some pipes aswell i doubt to belive but omg wen i saw it on news (n i live ere it was like a 5 second :O ) alot ov things had to be repaired like street lights


Hardstylenno's reaction to a flood near his house

Oh and im not a furry my ava is an egyptian god called ra. The sun god.


—Hardstylenno bitching about how he suddenly turned anti-furry , this , in no way makes him a hypocrite since he is currently on his period from bitching about DarkFolf going anti furry.

because im administrating with a few for friends so ill be only asscioated to some if im doing a favour ill stick to ohters that lead to a point not those which brag omfg im proud to be a furry because thats just shoving it down peoples throats ill stick to those such as furry artists because i pretty much am a furry artist and since im doing a favour for key and fur chat group i really aint gunna just say bye


—His furry rage

Hey fucker im going to come get you for this you cant just steal my shit i made thos songs yes n ur just wishing u had the talen[typo!?] i had


—Hardstylenno's reaction to XeRa6 calling his stealing ass out on Newgrounds]]

Hardstylenno:my apoligies for the slight typos.



It should be noted that Hardstyle likes to point out people's grammar. Oh the irony.

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(Let it be know that when Hardstylenno found out about this article,he completely raged and deleted his youtube and deviant art page.)

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