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Harlem Shake will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

dancinnng XD XD

The Harlem Shake is a shitty template for a dancing video, the likes of which has been seen before at least ninety fucktillion times. Many Harlem Shake videos have been made, none of which have shown any humor or originality. This faggotry is way below Gangnam Style - another well known, cookie-cutter forced meme. The majority of people react to the Harlem Shake with "omg they r dancing hahahhaha!" This proves that the Harlem Shit is not just an unfunny video, but an unfunny video with a fandom composed of mostly 13-year-old boys. Participation in a Harlem Shake video is a great way to tell if someone is a fagola that needs to be a victim of a mass-murder.



The negress witch chant used in each video was created last year. Surprisingly, the creator of the original video, Filthy Frank is like the rest of the Harlem Globeshitters, nothing but a shitty video maker with way too many subscriber, because of his unoriginal and shitty content. Some edgy kids from Australia made it into a CONFIRMED ME-ME by creating a clone of that video, which other faggots proceeded to clone, causing a cycle. The cancer is still spreading rapidly around YouTube, however it has mostly failed to spread to other websites that don't appreciate such wonderful videos. It seems that any actually-original Harlem Shit video is shot down as being "not funny" and "not Harlem Shake" by esteemed YouTube commentators.


Frank hates it.

Due to the Harlem Shit's popularity, a shitload of newfags subscribed to Filthy Frank's channel to see more of the 'lol pink guy is dancing so funni' shit. The influx of newfags rustled the collective jimmies of both Frank and his filthy Pakistani diarrhea of channel subscribers, and he sensed incoming cancer. Frank then uploaded the video 'Pussy Doe' which had Santa Claus' retarded stoner brother, curvy nigra asses and a guy in a frog hat rubbing his nipples. Newfags collectively shat bricks, gouged out their eyes, unleashed a barrage of 'WTF AM I WATCHING...UNSUBSCRIBED >:(' comments below and unsubscribed en masse. The rice fields were filthy again, free from 13-year-old 9fags, and nothing of value was lost.

and nothing of value was lost

Sadly, the Brazilian and Mexican newfags never left.


Jew the Harlem Shake. A Positive Review from a caveman.

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