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Hatedwerewolf was a YouTube Furry who gained attention after crusading for Otherkin civil rights and subsequent attention whoring, becoming well known for passionate arguments involving her beliefs. Because of this, she has since become one of the top targets of the YouTube Furry War, as well as being the center of some of the most YouTube drama in recent memory. See ScarredFurry for shocking revelations.

Artist's depiction.


The long, sad tale of Hatedwerewolf started with an insult directed at one of her friends by troll atscubaguysteve23. During conversation, atscubaguysteve23 came to the conclusion that said friends religion "sucked and was pure faggotory". Completely offended by the opinion, Hatedwerewolf decided it was her duty to defend her friend with well researched arguments, along the way revealing her own spiritual beliefs. Confused by the fact that someone may not be completely convinced of the fact that she was a full fledged werewolf and appalled that someone would demean her for them, Hatedwerewolf decided on a course of swift action.


Hatredwerewolf saw the movie Underworld, which she thought was cool. So she started calling werewolves "lycans", which is the stupidest fucking thing ever considering that she probably doesn't know what lycanthropy even is outside of retarded movies and shitty fanfiction. Next, she's going to play Oblivion and start calling vampires "porphyric hemophiliacs".

Fuck you, I'm a werewolf

In response to those who question her beliefs, Hatedwerewolf carefully mapped out her thoughts and responded to the skeptics with a video of unquestionable truth. As evidenced by comments below, the video was clearly a success.

Shorter version of same video.

About half right...








Being a mighty Lycan, Hatedwerewolf had an enormous amount of rage building inside of her. Whenever trolled, she made a series of clever comebacks and other means of self defense. Some examples include;


i bench more than the normal female and i got suspended last year for throwing a kid across the lunch tables last year fuck off





i am a werewolf face it im more power ful than you and if sumthing gets more power mankind trys to take it down so step off cuz you aint got a chance in a billion u loser beeyotch



how about i slice u open on satans alter and let freashly made undead drink ur virgin blood?


i speak in the name of gaia when i say go burn in the firey pits of irisis





Hatedwerewolf Asks For It

Recently, Hatedwerewolf decided to try her hand at counter-trolling. In addition to spreading her trademark wit to active trolls who comment on her videos, she issued an open challenge to anyone willing to participate.

The Evidence Revealed!

After months of well though out argument, Hatedwerewolf announced that since there is no evidence anywhere of anything she is talking about, she wins. After searching every website imaginable and still coming up empty, Hatedwerewolf could only fathom that the Lycans are so secret, that even one of their own could not find any proof of their existence at all. Thus, the complete lack of evidence is itself the evidence! Despite not finding any information of her own kind, she was able to find the true spelling and pronunciation, Lycaoen(Li-say-on), which has to be true, because no human could ever think up such a name.

However, it should also be noted that people just as stupid as Hatedwerewolf know she's full of shit, and encourage trolling her.


With every female online, there will be the inevitable rush of men ready to defend her honor, whether or not she's BBW, less than beautiful, or simply not up to society's standards. Fat goth furs are no exception. Enter FangXXV. Seeing Hated's reasoning for Lycan civil rights, Fang first greeted her with "hey babe", and was immediately greeted with;


Down, but not out, Fang decided that he would simply bide his time and wait till Hateds then boyfriend would ditch, leaving her all to himself. Fang then beguncounter-trolling those who mock Hatedwerewolf, hoping that she would accept his advances, and was quite determined in doing so. Eventually, he wised up to while he could delete whatever was said to him, his lulzy comments were public for everyone to see. Realizing he had lost, FangXXV disabled comments on his page, and no longer attempted to combat the "humens" on any videos from that point on. Since abandoning his quest for the love of Hatedwerewolf, and maintains that he had simply did it for the lulz. One down...

Just When It Couldn't Get Sadder...

Since the retreat of FangXXV, it appeared as if two more have stepped up in hopes of gaining Hatedwerewolf's favor. Playing it safer than Fang, Kain Lycan and Seth McScythe climbed the ranks as Hatedwerewolf's "brothers". Two videos were created, in hopes of intimidating the trolls, and to give the appearance that the two were in competition for the favor of Hatedwerewolf. While Seth decided to go the black route, Kain took it upon himself to politely ask trolls to refrain from bullying, while appearing to take a shot at his rival. Seth, the deep, poetic boy he is, took offense to the comment, and it seemed otherkin infighting had begun...

Shining Examples About missing Pics
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And then, MarcShadeLycaoen showed up to join the carnival of shame. Another "cousin" of Hatedwerewolf's, she had previously warned of Marc's growing anger toward the trolls. Unlike Seth and Kain, Marc is quite outspoken about his faggotry, and has advertised it at every opportunity. With his appearance, it was assumed that even more misspelled, emo-filled slideshows were sure to come. Just as expected, a video was made in an attempt to combat the trolls. What followed was an unholy collage of homoeroticism, Hawthorne Heights music, and Jack Spicer. Words cannot express the epic fail contained in this video. Still not satisfied that the faggotry had been spread far enough, "raver and 13-year-old boy "KodiBrekDanceLycaoen appeared and threatened to punch people through his computer screen.

And then it all unraveled. As if identical grammar and threats weren't convincing enough to raise suspicion, Hatedwerewolfs deviantART page was discovered, and along with it, "Seth's" poetry, and even a picture... That's right. As if Hatedwerewolf couldn't get any worse, she actually sockpuppeted an entire "family" of YouTube accounts to give the illusion of support. Apparently watching this very article, Hatedwerewolf had posted a bulletin (posing as "Seth") in which she denied any use of sockpuppet accounts. In addition, after seeing a picture showing all of the "tribes" accounts to be online and offline nearly simultaneously, she has begun to use only one account a day, hoping to cover her ass. That, like everything Hatedwerewolf has ever set out to accomplish, has failed epically. No word on what she hoped to accomplish by arguing with herself through two sockpuppeted accounts...

However,the greatest surprise was yet to come, as it was later found out that Hatedwerewolf was, herself, a sockpuppet account for ScarredFurry. Deciding she didn't want to directly get involved in the YouTube Furry War, ScarredFurry actually sockpuppeted Hatedwerewolf to apparently keep her primary account safe.

End and Rebirth

As time passed, Hatedwerewolf began to spread her faggotry across YouTube less and less, and eventually stopped showing up at all. It seemed as though YouTube had lost one of the most impressive and juicy lulzcows in quite some time. However, as HWW posted less and less, ScarredFurry began to post more and more. Eventually, SF began to take on the exact mannerisms of "her sister", eventually admitting that she herself was a Lycan as well. And thus, the cycle begins a new. While it is expected that "Hatedwerewolf" will still make an appearance every now and then, the primary focus is on ScarredFurry.

Additional lulz

As if all this wasn't bad enough, it was revealed Hatedwerewolf is a writer of dark disturbing fiction, like all good spiritual kids.

A sampling of her work;

Blooded Werewolves

At Night In The Town Of Purity:


Dante: yea?

Sara: you going to school tomarrow?

Dante: idk

Sara: well u havent been in school for a week have you been skipping?

Dante: duh *suddenly dante sees the moon over head t is full and red . its a blood moon*

Dante: umm ill see ya later *runs into the woods*

Sara: DANTE ! ....y does he always run away from me after the beginning of the full moon?

Dante: DAMN Y NOW?....*falls to ground* OW DAMN WHAT TRIPPED ME!?!

*hissing noises*


Red Wolf Grunt: *snicker and laughs* hello Dante...

Her dark and insightful poem "The Empty Organ":

hark...the love less organ the sadest one yet my heart an empty valentines bag a half eaten oreo...a rusty razorblade....all of witch have no use left...hatred like the adrenal glads replace my heart...when ill love again will be in milleniums...if i could only live that long...i may not survive after dawn...for from my wrists the blood is drawn

Truly, she is the next Anne Rice, if Anne Rice was 14, mildly retarded and a furfag.

The Crocker Connection

Really, should anyone be surprised?

Hatedwerewolf had surprised many trolls with the consistency of her faggotry, updating videos regularly and continuing to offer trolls delicious lulz. While this is uncommon for most furries, who prefer to take the high road and ignore the trolls, Hatedwerewold is no ordinary furry. In addition to being the #1 Otherkin fag of YouTube, Hatedwerewolf is an admitted fan and spiritual successor of fellow YouTube fag Chris Crocker. By being an enormous attention whore and being outcasted even by her own community, Hatedwerewolf has shown herself to be one good meltdown way from total stardom.

chris croker has many valid points on life it self i understand what hes talking about


—Hatedwerewolf, shocking nobody.


ITS NOVEMBER FEASTING TIME yes what a beautiful month....then ill hibernate on weekends so the schools will leave me alone

ok look i dont hate ALL humans...im in love w/ one for gaias sake...he knows what i am...and he is just like me......he wants to run through the grassy fields as much as i do...he wants to explore my teritory...hes one of the few humans that understand me.i am a lycan...i dont get hairy or larger....i dont grow a tail and ears dont move to the top of my head....i become more sensative to smells , my eyes change , my teeth turn to fangs , i walk much differently in a crouched state, i speak in nods and barks...that is my classification.



Fuck You, I'm a werewolf


Name: Scar

im looking for ppl who understand werewolves and dont portray them as what they see in hollywood


Hatedwerewolf trying to find people who understand what the fuck shes talking about

i just lost my last baby tooth now the complete transformation will begin




the wolves cannot overpower humans, so us lycans and other creatures willing should help




i have fallen on my head plenty of times but none thats ruin my brain


—Hatedwerewolf explaining everything


it is possible you humans dont know what your talking about if they can show a furred werewolves trasformation in the newest movies then why couldnt it be possible since im not of the furred or growing beings and am only of the furless but fang,teeth,eyes,speech and stance beings then anything you say to me doesnt apply


—Hatedwerewolf on how it's totally possible


idc what religion u are if ur muslim arent you supposed to not insult....oh right thats samurai sorry global fucked up my brain


—Hatedwerewolf, showing off her learnings




—Hatedwerewolf (responding to everyone who trolls her)


i havent read any books but sacred texts




lol u ppl are so fucking sd the fail in your words is priceless


—Hatedwerewolf on fail


Gallery of Fail About missing Pics
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