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Hatefags are members of anonymous (PROTIP:Anonymous is not confined to the *chans) who claim to be oldfags defending 4chan's reputation as the asshole of the internet - but instead attack other anons who are busy trolling cat-killers or pedophiles. Hatefags claim to be 'true' /b/tards but in reality have only been on 4chan for 6 months and are are still desperately trying to fit in with internet culture.

Why so Hateful?

Hatefags are getting butthurt because they feel like their OMG super-sekritspecial little club of the *chans is being broken into and raped by hordes of hysterical, clueless children:

Ok, newfags, here's the news facts:

1. Anonymous is not some "awesome group of awesome people doing awesome acts of kindness and awesomely hacking things."

2. Anonymous does not care about other people.

3. Anonymous is not some avenging army.

4. Anonymous is not YOUR personal army.

6. True Anon have long since forsaken any scrap of humanity.

7. If you want to be a lovey dovey faggot, Paul Fetch's group is that way. ----->

9. If you want a cause, join greenpeace. Don't fucking call yourself Anon.

10. If you are part of the chanology cause (member of enturbulation or any of their other forums, or "*chans") again, DONT FUCKING CALL YOUSELF ANON!, WE WERE ANONYMOUS FIRST. YOU GUYS AREN'T ALLOWED IN THE TREEHOUSE.

I hope some of you faggots out there will get the message, though some will have to wait until your testicles descend, or until you little cumdumpsters get your first period.


Serious fucking business The twat skipped number 5!


A typical protest, although the cruelty of this demotivator suggets Anti-protestfags may be responsible for the caption.

Most anons and /b/tards that haven't cared about chanology have simply ignored it, leaving it up to the cancer to act like internet tough guys.

The first example of how to make a hatefag rage is by mentioning the$cientology protests.

Hatefags, also known as BAAAWfags, are the ones who get so butthurt about Chanology that they feel compelled to do something to stop what they see as the ultimate expression of cancer. This makes them hated by moralfags (for spoiling their fun) and the rest of Anonymous as well (for trying to persuade them to care when they're trying to fap to 1man1jar).

Hatefags can be found anywhere on the chans, including 7chan, 4chan, 711chan, and not420chan, etc. They think that they are the sole source of all that is good, and sneer at those who believe in PROJECT CHANOLOGY and protesting by calling them moralfags and "Not True Anonymous". Some argue that this behavior comes mainly from scifag plants and 14 year old Gaiafags that think trolling the *chans is 1337.

From The Regime:

Attempts To Stop Protests

Getting ready for the fail for losing.

Because anti-protestfags are so butthurt, tactics such as calling in a bomb threat, or yelling out names of protestfags are used, but always fail in the end. Recent attempts to DDoS the much-loved site known as Enturbulation have ended in massive failure and butthurt, giving enturb much lulz at their "1337" hacking skills.

Since most anti-protestfags haven't hit puberty, they don't actually have the balls to show up to a raid to try to unmask to discourage or otherwise stop protests from happening. No, no, the anti-protest fag just bitches and whines on YouTube or on the chans like an emo. Since chanologists don't care what the 15 year old kids talk about, chanology or anti-chanology related, the majority of their complaints fall on deaf ears. Which leads to even more BAAAAW'ing and bitching from them.


Forgetting anonymous' love of cats stems back to caturday, hatefags will often attempt to piss of those trolling cat-killers such as Kenny Glenn and Cheyenne Cherry, completely overlooking the opportunity to ruin the lives of these sick fucks.

She should've microwaved it instead. Nuke the fucker for 30 minutes. Who wants microwaved cats? Better yet-let's have some grilled cat oh nom nom nom. Skin the fucker alive first for extra flavor!



LOL that fucking ktty fried , just imagine it the kitty runing around with its fur on fire slowly its skin is melting that is so fucking funny ah man thats funny



Cheyenne Cherry is my soulmate. You all and your cats and dogs can fuck each other and die.






Fuck moralfags

Fuck newfags Fuck 13 year old pussies who cry when they see dead cats Fuck faggots who rage at animal abuse Fuck gays who come to /b/ with emotions Fuck you cat loving niggers Fuck you bunch of cock lovers Fuck you P.E.T.A loving cunts Fuck all of you fucking pussies Fuck cats. Fuck anonymous if this is what you've become, a sniveling bunch of pussies.



TL;DW - Fuck Moralfags

<video type="youtube" id="P5iTMEmt_Ew&" width="758" height="450" frame="true" position="center"/>

Trolling Hatefags

If your dick twitches upon seeing this, chances are you are a hatefag.

Hatefags have a Final Boss of the Internet complex, which means they're easy to troll the shit out of. Chanologists, who have long since removed planning and protest info from the *chans to other sites, love to troll anti-protestfags back in the *chans. Just follow these easy steps:

As many of the *chans involved some game involving users showing-off their massive cocks, it's more than likely, like all internet tough guys, they are secretly faggots. Remind them of this.

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