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Haters Make Me Famous (also known as #hatersmakemefamous) is a common phrase used by people who have somehow felt wronged for being made fun of for their retarded behavior, but appreciate the attention you give them anyway. Usually a comeback against the constant trolling of their beliefs, artwork, music and so forth, classic usage was limited to Tartlets and "models", and the occasional autistic on TOW. However, the recent resurgence of HMMF has been spreading into the music community amongst the Juggalo, the Scenefag, and even the Goth as a means of protecting their shitty, shitty, HORRENDOUSLY SHITTY bands, artists, or culture that should've died ages ago.


  • i) All talented and famous people have some people who hate them.
    • ii) People hate me.
      • iii) Therefore, I am talented and famous.

Causes and Symptoms

Those who believe haters make them famous don't understand the difference between being famous and infamous. In the world of celebrity (particularly shitty IRL celebrities and shitty OL celebrities), ANY form of attention is good attention.

The need to be loved by people who live only to beat the living shit out of them is a major symptom of several severe mental disorders - namely histrionic personality disorder, Narcissistic personality disorder, psychopathy and increasingly Asperger's syndrome. Others believe they dwell more on their haters rather than their fans because their haters pay more attention to them than their fans do.

As a Form of Trolling

"Haters make me famous!" is the mantra of all successful trolls, for without haters trolls would not exist. As such trolls aim to gather haters even more than the bitchy pseudo-celebs they are trolling. A few may rightly ask why saying "Haters make me famous!" is only teh kewl when trolls say it, or what the difference is between a l33t epic troll and a shameless attention whore.

Probably none.

As Applied in Music

Other Common Phrases

Those That Have Been Made Famous

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