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Hayley Nightmare being her whore self.

Hayley Nightmare, also known as Aaron Nightmare, is a 16 year old tranny who whores herself out on Vampire Freaks. She has said she is male, but only for the sole purpose of being an attention seeking moron that sits on her lazy ass all day. She is only 16, but knows to take proactive pictures to get anyone's attention, but cries when she is trolled for them, and tells people it's unfair that old men are perving on her. She "claims" to have fakes, but this is obviously another way of her seeking attention; no one would want to steal her ugly ass pictures.

Her sexuality is a grossness of pansexual. She claims to like all of the above: males, females, transexuals, you name it. It's obviously her whoredom wanting to fuck anything and everything in her path. Disgusting.
She has admitted to being a stoner and cutter. Speculation says it's another attention-seeking mechanism. She has posted videos on Facebook of her being "high as fuck," and later taking it down so her mommy wouldn't see. She claims her life is horrible and black, so she is a depressed fuck that cuts. She blames her depression on people who don't accept gays/trannies. Hayley is an all around gay, who has no life and likes to seek attention on the interwebs, and formspring. She was trolled on 4chan with pictures/videos of her nakedness being released to pedos. <video type="youtube" id="5Ggo7VvAM-Q" width="400" height="320" desc="She talks about discrimination, but in this YouTube video she admits she is racist." frame="true" position="center"/>

<video type="youtube" id="TCMieFNeyek" width="400" height="320" desc="Her is she is crying over being trolled and other stuff. Wait...She is pregnant!." frame="true" position="right"/>

Hayley Nightmare has now admitted she is pregnant, and a friend from her FaceBook is "highly" upset with her for stating she is getting an abortion.

*cries* i can't fucking believe you!!!!!!!!

you heartless woman!!!!!!


that is selfish.

killing a baby for your own personal gain? maybe you should stay abstinent then!!!!

  • leaves*

im too pissed to talk. ttyl


Not only did Hayley Nightmare get up in arms about this, but it caused shut the fuck up riot. Obviously she is pregnant, now the question is... "Who's the Daddy?" Because, she is obviously a whore, we will never know. The video was also a boo-hoo of I'm getting trolled, and perved on. Fact: No person would want your ugliness. She doesn't understand that she is simply too much a freak and ugly-ass it to ever be want.

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