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If you see anyone bearing this voluntarily, lol at them for being gay.
German version of the Heartagram; extremely popular with Jewish youth.

The Heartagram is the universal symbol of emos and goths which you will find splattered all over every emo MySpace page in existence. In truth, is it a scientific diagram of the emo path of activity most of the time. The three points on the lower half represent activities such as "crying to Fall Out Boy", "drawing anime faggotry", and "attempting to not suck at bass guitar". The upper two points represent "finally becoming an hero" and "dropping these bullshit values", in which emos will always curve their path away from and go to something else because of the gutless cowards that they are.


The heartagram is the official logo of the band HIM. In fact, heartagram.com is the official HIM website, and the band goes so far as to hold a day in honour of the heartagram, where they encouraged fans to vandalise public property in exchange for the chance to win a shitty signed guitar. Only members of their "Heartagram Club" could enter, meanings that the 13 year olds who couldn't steal Mom's credit card before the big event missed out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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