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Heidi Crowter is a British Down syndrome girl who, a long time ago, as a child became an Advice Dog meme. People looked at her jiggling derpy mass of a face and laughed wholeheartedly at the usual caption placed beside her dilapidated mug which read "I can count to potato."

The Internet masses lol'd for a brief nano-second before returning to their furious masturbating. Fast forward roughly three billion Internet-years to the present, where this image macro has been reposted ad infinitum, the young girl's disproportioned front-face now burned into the retina of every memefag that has spread it throughout the Interbutts and some drama has suddenly been aroused.

Heidi, now a chubby tween, was shown the image by her mother, Liz Crowter, years after she stumbled across it and immediately decided it was her, despite the fact that all Down syndrome people look the same. Suffice to say, Liz was shocked and appalled. Liz and her husband, Steve Crowter, successfully hid the images from Heidi for nearly 3 years, until they sensed an opportunity to become e-famous for fifteen minutes, so Liz showed the images to Heidi, and then promptly called in the old media.

The Reaction

BBC News smells a story

Those monsters!
Until yesterday Heidi had been shielded from the truth about the trollers, but with the parents trying to get wider support to have the pages taken off Facebook, they felt they couldn't keep it a secret any longer.


BBC, on why the parents irl trolled their own child by showing her the images

Mrs Crowter has now contacted the cyber police and they will undoubtedly track down that dribbling coward of a man who Google searched for a random Down syndrome person, slapped it on a template and made it into yet another Advice Dog spinoff. The entire internet waits with baited breath for justice to be delivered and Heidi can gain some form of closure from this horrifying ordeal.

But Who Is Responsible?

The original meme was spurted out at unfunnyJunk, but 4chan decided this would be a prime opportunity to pin the blame on cancer ridden cock-site 9gag. Thousands of 4channers flocked to the YouTube videos and created Facebook pages in an ill-advised attempt to get the old media to turn their crosshairs on the site. All across the tubes a flurry of fat giggling newfags slamming their pudgy fingers onto the keyboard, hilariously claiming that 9gag is responsible while they ejaculate into a sock.

At one point, the name Jimmy Rustles was put forward as the culprit, leading Heidi and her mother to take to the Internet, demanding that whoever Jimmy Rustles was, that he was swiftly brought to justice and made to answer for his vile hatred. Despite this, Jimmy Rustles was never apprehended and, presumably, remains at large.


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