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Lover of mudkip

HelloISmileYou you is an ex-4chan camwhore, and the target of a legendary 7chan invasion. She was the creator of the "Am I ugly?" thread on 4chan. She is described as an emo and an attention whore. She has made intelligent statements such as "sex doesn't make babies" and "I'm in love. I don't NEED a STD test." She professes to be a published writer, although she hasn't accomplished anything further than some crappy internet writing.

Let it be known that she and Logan have the same exact red-and-black striped shirt seen in the first photo. The only difference is that Logan's shirt is a SMALL.

Enjoyment of Mudkipz.

The enjoyment of Mudkipz

On October 08, 2006, HelloISmileYou (DootDoot) was attacked by an army of her favorite thing. What's that, you ask? Well, isn't it obvious? Mudkips! She did take advantage of the situation and just sat there and enjoyed sex with the Mudkips for quite a long time. Wow, what a Mudkip whore. I bet she can't wait for the next time already to fuck up those Mudkips.

7chan invasion

On October 3, 2006, 7chan's /i/ initiated an attack on this carrier of internet disease. They spammed her MySpace profile and her AIM address with mudkips and aids. She apparently got pissed off and lulz ensued... She tried to retaliate and posted the following on the thread on /i/:

Ok, what the hell. I didn't do anything to any of you guys, yet you spam ME? The person who posted this stupidity has something against me, probably some idiot I insulted. First off, I've never had a book published, nor did I claim to have. Secondly, the "quotes" about me he put up are not true. Finally, i've never posted a picture of my self on any of the *chan's. Sorry, you guys are just playing into the OP's hands and looking like idiots.

Also, I CAN call the police for internet-harrasment. It is illegal you know. Whatever though, I don't really care.


Denial of being an Emo

HelloISmileYou has always been pointing and throwing insults at any emos that meet her eye. What the poor attention whore doesn't know is that she is an emo herself. As seen in her MySpace, she tends to write more boring and angsty emo blogs, mostly containing complaints about how she is ugly or she can't get sex well.

Desperate for Sex

Quoting from a chatroom she participates everyday since she has no life: "I don't care if I get raped, I want sex." That's right pædos, she is also an internet prostitute and she is hungry for sex and cyber. Feel free to IM her, she'll be waiting in a tight thong and bondage. What to fear, she will stalk boys or maybe squish them with her mutilated lips. HelloISmileYou was even desperate enough to screw a pedophile. And it is true, she masturbates to mudkips.

Examples of the /i/nsurgent rath

(00:36:38) LysdexicNadrew: Hi, I have some information about the people
           harassing you
(00:36:47) HelloISmileYou: Really now?
(00:36:51) LysdexicNadrew: Yes
(00:37:14) LysdexicNadrew: They have rallied mighty strength
(00:37:34) LysdexicNadrew: many battalions of [[mudkips]], but I herd u
           liek them so that dun matter I gess
(00:37:49) HelloISmileYou: o_O;
(00:37:52) HelloISmileYou logged out."
abcd91234: Hello.
HelloISmileYou: Hi, please go ahead and make whatever joke it is or give
           a liable reasong for contacting me.
HelloISmileYou: *reason
abcd91234: Who said anything about a joke?
HelloISmileYou: Well that's the majority of what I've been getting over
           IM recently.
abcd91234: This is your friend from a long time ago, AMrcus, remember?
abcd91234: *Marcus
HelloISmileYou: Marcus....
HelloISmileYou: Not sure if I remember, sorry.
abcd91234: What?
abcd91234: Im hurt by that.
HelloISmileYou: Was there a particular screenname you went by?
abcd91234: Nope.
HelloISmileYou: Oh.
HelloISmileYou: Sorry, I have a bad memory.
abcd91234: I heard you went emo, and started lieking Mudkips.
HelloISmileYou signed off at 5:16:36 PM
me: I heard what those fucks from /i/ were saying
me: fuckin weak
HelloISmileYou: Oh?
me: its bullshit
HelloISmileYou: It is.
HelloISmileYou: Do I know you?
me: no
me: internet harrasment is still harrasment
HelloISmileYou: Yeah.
me: its still complete bullshit
HelloISmileYou: ?
me: i mean they waste all these precious mudkips on some ugly emo slut.
me: its like what the fuck
me: !
HelloISmileYou signed off at 6:51:03 PM
BingeWinker: Hey, when is Rosh Hashannah?
BingeWinker: I'm doing a report and I need to know.
HelloISmileYou: Eh, check the calendar, I'm not Jewish, sorry.
BingeWinker: Why are you posting on the General Jewish boards on the
             Modern Hassidim website?
HelloISmileYou: I am? O_o
HelloISmileYou: Must be someone else going under my name, sorry.
BingeWinker: Why would someone do that?
BingeWinker: It's stupid when people put other people's information
             on the internet...
HelloISmileYou: My name's just been all over the internet lately,
             no big deal.
BingeWinker: What do they expect to get from it?
BingeWinker: Laughter?
BingeWinker: Pain?
BingeWinker: Hate?
BingeWinker: Mudkips?
HelloISmileYou: lol
HelloISmileYou: That was a good 'mudkips' one.
HelloISmileYou: Do another one :D

Recent Shit Storm of Her Site

Her site's bandwidth error

In recent events her website was invaded by a shit storm of DDoS. As of June 19th it is down.


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