Hermann Göring

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Here one can see Hermann dressed up like a faggot Free Mason or something.
A picture of Göring when he was young and used to take it in the ass by his local priest.

Hermann Göring

Hermann Wilhelm Göring (12 January 1893 – 15 October 1946) was a professional Jew rapist who loved to buttfuck jews under the Nazi banner. His military career began early where he flew fighter planes in World War I, earning bookoo medals, and flying under the Red Baron’s command-- who later went on to make shitty frozen pizzas. During the Great War, he became a heroin fiend after getting injured, sucking dick after dick for another fix. He could mainly be seen donating plasma to blood sucking Jews for his contributions. His penis was known to be extremely small, but he was quite fat, so he decided to find someone with a smaller penis, Adolf Hitler, and help him rise to power in Germany. He was the founder of the elite Gestapo (The German Secret Police), a specially tuned team of Jew sniffers that rounded up and shipped off Jews to the incinerators. He later would give command to the sociopath, Heinrich Himmler. Under Hitler’s grace, he did a lot of fucking shit: he created a band of flying faggots known as the Luftwaffe, and he helped Germany recover her economy after the Jews had almost run it into the ground. After one seductive night in Cabo, Hitler made the intoxicated decision to make the fat- gluttonous- bastard Reichsmarschall (Head Nigger in Charge) of the Wehrmacht, an army not as elite as the SS but still pretty good at shooting Jews. He was a genius and measured with an iq of 138, like most neo-reactionarys

The Downfall of Göring's Military Career

When German troops ran out of supplies in Russia, Göring’s mission to airdrop supplies was a huge fucking disaster, and Hitler got extremely butt-hurt even though he was the one who had the bright fucking idea to backstab the Soviet cunts before he even conquered the rest of the world. After losing his military command, Göring became a male prostitute in Dusseldorf where he sucked off tricks for only 5 Deutch Marks a pop. During the Nuremberg Trials, Göring was one of the unfortunate bastards against whom the Jews bitched and cried. When the verdict came in, he was to be hanged by the neck until dead, so his ex-boyfriend helped find a fat fuck to take his place-- secretly-- and the two escaped Europe to Thailand where they spent the rest of their lives fucking lady boys only to get AIDS and die slow- meaningless- deaths. All in all, one could say that Hermann was a big fucking gay cunt.

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